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Professor A. Zemph, simply known by his surname Zemph, is a minor antagonist in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. He was a scientist of the SS Special Projects Division working with the SS Paranormal Division.

He has a journal which must be picked up and optionally read by the player.


Serving under Helga von Bulow, Zemph was charged with performing the extraction process on the Dark Knights to convert them into undead soldiers of the German Army.

Zemph accompanied Helga to the Tomb of Olaric, but was shocked to learn that Helga desired to obtain the Dagger of Warding. Zemph warned her that taking the dagger would unleash something far worse than zombies and threatened to report her to the SS High Court of Inquiry. In response, Helga shot and killed Zemph before taking the dagger, only to unleash Olaric and be brutally killed.


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