Practitioner of HARSH-al arts!
~ Zen Sensei's splash screen description.

Zen Sensei is one of the secondary antagonists of the third player shooter game series of Plants vs. Zombies. He is a zombie martial artist who takes part in fighting plants.


Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

Zen Sensei appeared in Ancient Knowledge to help the zombie players to find the Scroll of Instruction.

In Garden Ops mode, Zen Sensei appeared as one of the major bosses during the boss waves. During his battle, Zen Sensei continuously attacks the plant players by punching them and firing energy balls. When his health reaches half, he summons three clones to attack the plants. After he is defeated, Zen Sensei falls down and accepts his defeat.

Zen Sensei also appeared in Infinity Time as one of the enemies during Nemeis Waves.

Super Zen Sensei Boss Wave

When the slot machine hits all three Zen Sensei's icons, three Zen Senseis will spawn alongside Karate Zombies and a Champion Karate Zombie.

Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville

In Fight Zentrification, after the players reach Uno Taco, Zen Sensei pauses his meditation and starts attacking the plant players. When the first phase of the fight is complete, Zen Sensei starts to meditate, which the players have to summon potted plants to defend Uno Taco from his clones.

After Zen Sensei's meditation was disrupted, he once again attacks the players by firing more energy balls and uses a dash punch. When the Zen Master starts his meditation once more, the players have to defend Uno Taco from more powerful clones.

When Zen Sensei's meditation was interrupted once again, he continuously attacks the players before his final moments. After he is defeated, he slowly fades and leaves behind his goatee.

Elite Zen Sensei Boss Wave

When the slot machine hits a Zen Sensei with a green and white background, Zen Sensei will spawn, alongside Browncoats, TV Heads, Heal Zombies, Imps, and Foot Soldiers.

When Zen Sensei loses a quarter of his health, Zen Sensei enters meditation, which makes him floating and invulnerable to all attacks. He also kicks plants in his way. To knock him out of it, the plants must destroy his clones, who perform weaker attacks from the original. The number of clones increases consecutively for each quarter of health he loses.


  • According to the quest Vanquisher of Roses, Zen Sensei does not have a good sense of smell, which makes him sad.
  • One of his quotes, May Brains be with you, is the reference to the famous line from Star Wars, May the force be with you.
  • He is one of the very few zombies who are martial artists, the other being Karate Zombie, Space Ninja, Mini-Ninja, and possibly the Zomb-ichi.
  • Additionally, he is the first zombie that can create clones, the second is Impfinity.



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