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Zeon is the main antagonist in the video game Shining Force II. He is the king of the devils that was once sealed away 1000 years ago, but was unintentionally freed by Slade.

In the game, although he wasn't seen much, he was often mentioned as the biggest threat in the land even for another powerful being. His henchmen consisted of Zalbard, Camella, Red Baron (Lemon, whom was possessed by a devil), Geshp, Odd Eye, and King Galem (possessed by a devil). At one point, he was seen for the first time demanding that Bowie, Peter, and Sir Astral would return the Jewel of Evil so he would return Princess Elis to them. It was pointed out by Camella that Zeon lied about it. He ordered Geshp to kill the heroes or else. When Geshp was spared and tried to run away, Zeon killed him with a few fireballs.

Later, after the final battle, Zeon took the form of Galem and took Elis hostage by choking her and demanded Bowie to give him the Jewel of Evil. Shortly afterwards, Zeon formed a dark cloud over the princess and put her in a 2-year coma. Bowie slapped the jewel from his hand as Zeon kept using special fire on Lemon. It failed due to the power of the Jewel of Light. In the end, Lemon dragged Zeon back into the abyss where he was once sealed shouting, "NOOOOOOOOO!"  He was sealed away one again with the Jewels of Light and Evil.


  • Zeon's defeat was kinda similar to Maximilian's from the 2008 game Valkyria Chronicles: They both got dragged by someone to fall down through a deep gap. However, while Zeon was sealed away, Maximilian died just as the Marmota exploded.

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