Zephyros is the true antagonist in the video game Evoland. He is the one who is responsible for the spread of all of the evil throughout the land of Evoland.



According to Zephyros, him and his people use to rule the land of Evoland. But they were all killed and slaughter because others wanted his species' horns. as a result, Zephyros was the only one to survive, and was the last of his kind. And since then, Zephyros has been seeking revenge for the death of his people.

While Zephyros was exacting his revenge, he recruited a handful of other dark entities including; Kefka's Ghost, a doppelganger of Clink, and a dark skeletal creature.


When Clink and Kaeris managed to reach the Black Citadel, they came across Zephyros. Zephyros told the two that he was the one responsible for the chaos that has been spreading throughout the land. to prevent the evil from spreading even further, Clink and Kaeris confronted Zephyros. Despite their best efforts, Zephyros proved to be too powerful. But growing tired of the two, Zephyros generated a Kamehameha, nearly killing the two. However, Clink and Kaeris refused to quit and continued on fighting. But Zephyros processed by attacking Kaeris with a fatal strike. As Kaeris dies in Clink's hand, Clink unlocked his true power. With his new power, Clink was able to push back Zephyros. But Zephyros managed to retreat to the Mana Tree.

After discovering the location of the Mana Tree, Clink traveled to the tree to finish off Zephyros, once and for all. As soon as Clink entered the Mana Tree, Zephyros appeared, wearing a Stone Armor, and attacked Clink. After a long battle, Clink was able to destroy the Stone Armor, however Zephyros survived and continued his onslaught towards Clink. After another long and intense battle, Clink was able to defeat Zephyros, and his reign of terror. Before he died, Zephyros proclaimed that he's seen many amazing things, and it was time to be with his people.



  • Zephyros is a complete parody towards various characters.
    • Zephyros is a parody towards Sephiroth from Final Fantasy VII.
    • Zephyros bears a strong resemblance towards Ghirahim from the Legend of Zelda; Skyward Sword.
    • And Zephyros can perform the Kamehameha Wave, which parodies Goku from the Dragon Ball Series.
  • It's possible that Zephyros' name is based on the Greek God of the West Wind; Zephyrus.
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