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Zera is an antagonist in the Spawn series. She is one of heaven's most powerful warriors and is the queen of the Seraphs.


Zera was sealed away by Heaven due to her insanity and only realeased when the aplocalypse happens. Then after he apparance Serves god again and later fights spawn nearly killing him until he gained divine powers and reduced her to a mere head and then was eater by dogs.

She had returned because she had been granted immortality, and so is unable to die, even though she no longer has the rest of her body. She attempts to possess Nyx, but Spawn interferes after being summoned by the Voodoo priestess Mambo Suzanne. She was the queen of the Seraphs thus making her a high ranking deiteis and was feared by heaven and even god himself to the point they had to seal her away in the first place due to her insanity.Despite this she is very loyal to god and respects his descions.

Powers and ablites

As an angelic warrior, Zera posses superhuman strength, speed, stamina, and flight.

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