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Zerah is the main antagonist of the action-RPG, Lagoon, being a powerful and evil warlock determined to awaken the Evil Spirit and bring ruin to the world of Lakeland - using the hero known as Thor to unleash the power of Darkness and unleash armies of demons while also turning all the water of the land muddy and undrinkable (as well as a host of other cataclysms such as pestilence that plagues entire villages and diabolical reshaping of reality).



Powers and Abilities

Zerah is a powerful but ultimately evil wizard (called a warlock in-game) who can teleport, cast various spells and enslave others to his will - with the power of Darkness he was able to unleash many powerful demons upon Lakeland as well as ultimately unleash the Evil Spirit, in his final battle he gained sufficient power to transform into a monstrous demon but was not able to defeat Nasir, who slayed the monster and proceeded to defeat the Evil Spirit, ending Zerah once and for all.


Zerah is the traditional cackling madman and an evil villain who cares nothing for the lives of others, delighting in misery and ruin - he is ruthless and wants nothing less than to summon the Evil Spirit and have it destroy the world so he may gain unlimited power over Darkness : Zerah is sufficiently wicked that he enslaved Thor and had him fight his own brother to the death, among many other atrocities.


  • Zerah goes as far as lifting the Castle of Lakeland into the air (using a torrent of water) - this is similar to when Jafar used his power over the Genie to reshape Agrabah to his whim, which included lifting the Sultan's Palace into the sky.

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