The great Zerbino Circus is proud to present it's audience - with a savage killer!
~ Zerbino

Zerbino is a circus ringmaster and trainer. He is the main antagonist in the 2004 family film, Two Brothers.

He was portrayed by Vincent Scarito. 


Zerbino is the world's famous animal tamer and director of the great Zerbino Circus. He also has a wife, Madame Zerbino and she was pregnant with there son. He first appeared after the delivery of a lost tiger cub. He opens the box, and introduces himself and named him "Kumal". He keeps him in a cage where he is to be the star attraction. Later in the movie, an unscrupulous explorer, big-game hunter and temple looter named Aidan McRory, was interrupted by Zerbino and the circus crew. McRory wanted a tiger skin, so he pay them 1000 Piasters and they killed off there old tiger, Bloody Caesar. A year later, when Kumal is now fully grown, he is trained by Zerbino, to do tricks, such as jumping through a flaming hoop. Zerbino and the fearsome fire-eating sword swallower Saladin, learned that another savage tiger named Sangha will come to be the opponent to Kumal. In exchange to pay them 5000 Piasters, they agree and the prince decides to hold a festival in which a battle between two great beasts. McRory visits Kumal again, only to again be interrupted by Zerbino and Saladin. He takes the key and said that he will buy Kumal from them. However they told him they can't afford it and threaten him to give back the key. The two brothers, Sangha and Kumal do not immediately recognize each other, and Kumal is afraid to fight. However, when the brothers finally recognize each other they begin to play together instead of fighting, and the audience likes this but the trainers don't. Saladin and the trainers tried to get them to fight again, but the mighty beast bites Saladin's arm. Frightened, Zerbino opens the cage to shoot it with a gun, but Sangha jump on him and drops his gun. After that, the two brothers escaped and Zerbino was never seen again in the movie.

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