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I came into being to save you all.
~ Zero's belief.

Zero is a villainous protagonist in Shotgun Boy. He is a monster experimented on by the MM Corporation and believed to be the father of all monsters appearing in the sequel Sweet Home.


Despite his looks, he is actually a male, according to the MM Corporation and shown in flashbacks. He appears as a young androgynous boy and wears a bloody Beaver Movers shirt.

In the past, however, he had much shorter hair, giving him a more male appearance.


Zero appears to be emotionless, constructively thoughtless, and as if a new born entity. He is unaware of his surroundings or situation, and cannot fluently speak.

Zero does seem to show kind a soft side for people like the protagonist. He is also willing to heal people he sees getting attacked. Unfortunately, however, he sees most humans as warped and corrupted, likely due to hid dark background.

He is shown to be very mission-focused. He believes he came into being to "save" humanity. He wishes to remove evil, as shown when he tells Seongbin his soul is diseased and that he will save him. He seemingly saves him by placing a Monsterization tumor on Seongbin and forcing him to relive his horrible past.


Zero's first memory is waking up naked in a barren alleyway naked. While walking around outside, he was given clothes by a woman who invited him to her house. He noticed that her soul was diseased and wondered why. Then, her husband came in and beat her for bringing in another stray child, so Zero brutally murdered the man, which he thought was the right thing to do. The woman instead cried and forced him to leave.

With nowhere to go, Zero was approached by a group of gang members who would offer him food and shelter, but only if he helped them in return. While living in their base, he was subjected to horrible abuse, one instance being a woman who used him as a punching bag to deal with her stress. This was Zero decided humanity was corrupted and proceded to kill all of the gang members.

He was eventually experimented on by the MM Corporation, who considered him to be a massive threat. He escaped when agent Kim failed to deliver him to a different sector.

Powers and Abilities

Zero is probably the most powerful monster in existence. He is described to be "god like."


Zero can see into someone's past with bodily contact.


Zero has the ability to handle materials without physical interaction. Additionally, he is able to barricade himself this way.

Enhance Biomechanical Regeneration

As per most "monsters", Zero can recover from fatal wounds without consequence.

Radio wave Interference

Zero passively emits blockades which prevents any electromagnetic wave within the radio spectrum to pass, effectively blocking all cellular connection or long distance communication within a 100 meter radius. However this ability is only active when zero is awake when he's asleep it becomes inactive.


Zero can heal people within his range, he can only heal people if they are severely hurt or near-death he cannot heal someone if they're already dead.

Monsterization Tumor Infection

He can awaken something in the human genome turning it into a tumor-like origin with one of these powers or with having contact with any person.



  • Gyuhwan Han
  • Shinyeong Kang
  • Jongpil Shin
  • Jayden
  • Chayeong Park
  • Suyeon Kim
  • Seonyeob



  • An abusive husband
  • At least 7 gang members
  • At least 6 unnamed variants
  • Three (caused)
  • Four (indirectly caused)

Infections caused


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