Zero is the secondary  antagonist of the Zero Escape series.  There are 5 Zeroes in total. The first Zero is Gentarou Hongou, better known by his code name "Ace", the main antagonist of the first game and so far the only zero with no redeeming qualities. He was the one to create the First Nonary Game, kidnapping eighteen children and forcing them to commit numerous tasks with their lives on the line, for the sake of curing his prosopagnosia (inability to recognize faces). He personally shoves the young Akane in an incinerator after an unsuccessful escape attempt where she burns alive, because she was to frightened and clueless to solve the sudoku puzzle required to escape. In the Second Nonary Game, this time as a participant himself, he intends to betray and murder everyone in exchange for their bracelets, succeeding in the Submarine Ending. First, he successfully murders his three colleagues in order to hide his identity and keep his crimes from never reaching the court. He also murders Clover in the alternate Safe Ending, later taunting her brother Light Field  also know as Snake on how he loved the sensation  he was arrested by the end of the game and the only Zero to be punish by the law.  The 2end Zero is Akane she is the Tragic Villain of the first game  she was the one that created the 2end  Nonary Game to get revage on  Gentarou she kidnaps her own love interest and other people that had nothing to do with the first   Nonary Game expected for Clover and her brother Light Field witch  where also victim's of the first  Nonary Game. her action's also cose Junpei her love interest to see the same people to get killed over and over again in different time lines. Akane becomes a anti hero in the 2end game. the third Zero is Zero Sr. this Zero is  a anti hero that plans to make a new future were the virus that is killing every living being  was never release on to the world the way he goes about this is kidnaping people even his younger self and put their lives on the line. the 4th Zero is Zero jr. he is a ai rabbit that was made by Zero sr.  he Kills G-OLM after he talks to much and he kills Luna because she betrayed him by helping her friends. he also lets Dio kills 4 people and does not  care when bombs are planted he also does not care about who lives and who dies even if  it is his own createer past self that dies the 5th Zero is in the third game of the series this Zero main goals are still unknown.

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