Zero Girls are the secondary antagonists in Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan. They are a quartet of female spies numbered 01 through 04 working for Machine Empire Black Magma and acting as the personal assassins of Fuhrer Hell Saturn. 01 is red and wields throwing knives, 02 is black and wields cards, 03 is green and wields a double sword and 04 is purple and wields yo-yos.


They first appear in episode 1 to ambush each of the Sun Vulcan candidates, but they all manage to evade the Zero Girls' attacks.

01 later fights VulEagle to death in a cave in episode 22 and ultimately meets her fate when the cave collapses, screaming for the glory of Black Magma before dying.

The rest of the Zero Girls last until the final episode where they pilot the King Magma giant robot against Sun Vulcan's Sun Vulcan Robo. Initially, they have an advantage due to a solar eclipse cutting off Sun Vulcan Robo's energy supply. However, the Robo manages to last until the eclipse is over and recharge its energy using an aurora.

With its energy recharged, Sun Vulcan Robo is able to destroy King Magmar, taking the Zero Girls along with it.



  • They are all numbered 01 through 04.


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