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Zest is the former secondary antagonist of the first season of The Testament of Sister New Devil and acts as an enforcer to her creator/father Marquis Zolgear.


Zest is a beautiful tall tanned skin white-haired young woman with a slim yet shapely figure and gold-green eyes. She has a rabbit tail and rabbit-ear-shaped horns (in her human form she has neither of these). Zolgear had created her from all of his tastes of women such as both a shapely and sturdy figure. Basara noted that after serving Shella, Zest's breast size has grown considerably.

Zest's battle attire consists of a tight black dress that reveals her middle chest, black shoulder pads and gold lining, white stockings, and black long boots that has a golden lining, this served as her main clothing until she came to serve Shella, who replaced it with a modest-looking maid attire.


Zest is known to be fiercely loyal to her master. Cold and calculating, she never goes against her master's wishes. She, however, does not practice blind obedience and would advise her master should she feels that her master's decisions would result in undesirable consequences. This trait was exemplified as she advised Zolgear to refrain from raping Mio Naruse before her powers are completely extracted, as this will result to the loss of her powers which was essential if Zolgear were to overthrow the current Demon Lord, Leohart. This life that she had previously led makes her quite naive in morals, save for the servitude she was taught by Zolgear. This also quite often puts her in the crosshairs of Maria's succubus antics.

Cold as she is, nonetheless, it did not mean that she did not have the capacity of having and feeling emotions. This was first implied when she scouted the Toujou Residence during Basara's subjugation of Mio and Yuki Nonaka, wondering if Zolgear would love her as Basara would to his servants, or what if Basara were her master instead, although she asserted that she felt "no jealousy whatsoever". Her emotions became even clearer as she served Shella, and later, Basara. It appeared that she has a complex and constantly wonders whether she is useful enough to her master.

She is also revealed to have a humble and meek personality when she is not fighting her master's enemies and is the only one amongst those bounded by the Master-Servant contract with him to address Basara with the honorific "-sama".


At some point she is created by Zolgear as an enforcer and is created in a way that she'd lose all her powers the moment she lost her virginity and she was sent by the Current Demon Lord faction to act as scout alongside Lars to survey the conditions of the Tojo Residence she witnessed the subjugation of Mio and Yuki by Basara which made her, for the first time, imply that she has the capacity to feel and wonders if Zolgear could love her as Basara did to his servants or if Basara were her master instead, but later disregarded this idea as a fantasy and Zolgear has an ultimate plan as she orchestrated the plan to kidnap Mio, unbeknownst to the other members of the Current Demon Lord Faction eventually a Puppet Copy of Lars infiltrated the mansion with Basara unconscious and confronted Zest who at the time had no idea that the Lars she met is a decoy and the decoy mentioned his purpose was to drop off the defeated Basara, which was also an object of Zolgear's interest as he was able to control the sword Brunhilde. the decoy asked her whether Zolgear was responsible for the kidnapping of Mio, which was deemed illegal as Zolgear did not let anyone from the Current Demon Lord faction learn that fact.

Zest denied this as Lars's decoy pressed her to allow her to search the mansion, during which Zest deemed Lars as a threat to her master and killed the decoy without knowing that the real Lars is not killed then Basara was struggling against a deluded Maria, Zest came into conflict with Yuki who managed her way in by herself and Yuki freed Mio from her chains and the combined effort of Yuki and Mio proved too much for Zest and she was tied and was originally supposed to act as a hostage for the Moderates Faction, during which she may be able to spill the Current Demon Lord's secret. She, however, resorted to silence as Mio and Yuki planned their next move however Zolgear returns from his trip and was not pleased by the fact that Mio was freed from her chains and that he lusted to have Yuukiin his collection and deemed Zest as incompetent and was set to kill her, only to have his spell interrupted by Basara who has just sorted things out with Maria.

After Zolgear's defeated later by Mio's powers, she was in a state of shock, losing her original purpose as Zolgear's aide, she gave in to Basara's proposal to temporarily move into the Tojo Household along with Sheera (which was revealed to be Maria's mother instead of the alleged 'sister') until the Moderate Faction pick them up. She'd still address Basara with his full name as the members of the household is constantly vigilant against her. Lars, who supposed to be dead, was alive and well, and later finished the affairs with Zolgear who managed to escape the fight after being injured by Mio's powers, as Lars ultimately killed him, effectively ending the life of Zest's first master.

Later, she left the household with Sheera to Wilbert Castle. Before she left, Basara told her that she'd always be welcomed if she wanted to return to the house, in contrast to how the other girls think.

Powers and Abilities

Zest is a powerful demon that Zolgear made by using forbidden magic in an attempt to bring the woman he loved and lost back to life. She was powerful enough to be classified as an S-Rank Demon giving Yuki and Mio trouble despite them working in unison. Like Zolgear, she can unleash killing intent able to bind demon soldiers who tried to kill Basara. After forming a Master-Servant Pact with Basara, Zest's power increased to where she could fight against several Heroic Spirits alone. In volume 10, Zest is later shown to be able to fight against one of the Four Gods, Genbu who was considered to be the most powerful among them. Having formed a Master-Servant Vow with Basara, she is stated to have surpassed that of Zolgear.

  • Claws: Zest has sharp claws akin to that of swords and combined with her speed, she is extremely deadly in close-quarters combat. It is shown in volume 3 when she was able to kill Lars' doppelganger in an instant. Her claws were also sharp enough to cut the Heroic Spirits that attacked Wilbert Castle.
  • Flight: Zest can use her wings to fly.

Magic Master: Zest is well-versed in the use of various forms of magic, displaying great skill and versatility. She is able to act as either a supporter or an attacker in battle. She could control humans from far away distances.

  • Earth Magic: From her unique connection with the Virgo constellation, Zest carries a natural affinity with the earth element. She can control the concrete and terrain all around her almost without limit, as well as create marble and steel. Zest is also mostly seen using this magic to create powerful golems, which are able to act independently of each other.

Master-Servant Contract (Servant): Zest soon formed a master-servant pact with Basara in volume 5, thus she became his third servant. Like Yuki, she has much greater loyalty and trust as his maid and was able to attain far greater power from their contract. Zest later progress it into a Master-Servant Vow to transfer her Earth Element and was the quickest one to do so compared to the other girls.

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