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The Zetsumates are antagonists in Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger. They are the trio of Ancient Debo Monsters who are infamous for causing the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event that wiped out the Dinosaurs.


Initially introduced, fought Kyoryugers and died at their hands separately, the Zetsumates are resurrected by Chaos to stop Plezuon's return while getting revenge on the Kyoryugers. From that point on the three monsters coordinated to defeat Kyoryugers. Though Debo Nagareboshi is destroyed, Debo Hyogakki and Debo Viruson offer their services to wreck Plezuon Lab.

Debo Viruson creates Debo Computer Viruson to destroy Plezuon Lab, Kyoryugers' undersea lab and their base of operation. As his clones sabotages the lab, Viruson is then drafted by Raging Knight Dogold, a general of Deboth Army, to aid in reviving Deboth. Debo Hyogakki decides to exact revenge on humanity with his Freeze-cry Tactic - the ability in which he turns peoples' tears into a freezing agent to turn Japan into the epicenter of a new ice age. Still, Debo Hyogakki is defeated by the Kyoryugers before being enlarged. Debo Viruson gets enlarged after fulfilling his mission, and Viruson, along with Debo Computer Viruson both cease to exist when they were absorbed by the reawakened Deboth.

The revived Zetsumates' signature attack is the Deboss MetsuBall, each member adding his power into a ball before launching it at an opponent.


  • Debo Hyogakki
  • Debo Viruson
  • Debo Nagareboshi


  • Their role call in their return episode, as well as their group attack, is reminiscent of Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan.
  • It was never revealed who originally created the Zetsumates or what kind of emotional energy they are supposed to gather. It is presumed that Deboss himself created them as they have no visible totem mask anywhere on their body and only the Debo Monsters created by Deboss lack this feature.


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