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Richards (also known as Zeus) is the main antagonist in the 2021 Zack Snyder's Army of The Dead. He is a monster from an unknown origin who was being transported by the army but was released during an accident near Las Vegas. He then invaded with several other zombies the lavish city, turning it into his "kingdom".

He was portrayed by Richard Cetrone.


Before the outbreak

Not much is known about Zeus' past life, although it is speculated that he worked at Area 51 and became infected with a virus of unknown origins, turning him into a zombie with superhuman strength that retained some intelligence.

Start of the Reign of Terror

While he was transported by a convoy of the US Army, a driver from the opposite direction lost control of his car and crashed into the truck that was transporting Zeus. The latter left unscathed from his containment cell that broke open on the road and quickly overpowered and turned into zombies the surviving soldiers, then set his sights (along with the zombie soldiers) into Las Vegas who was only miles ahead. Turning many people into zombies, the number of undeads in Las Vegas grew exponentially, quickly overwhelming the city in spite of reinforcements from the army and bombings. The authorities still managed to confine the outbreak within the city, walling off the lost zone and putting the survivors in camps outside.

Zeus then established some sort of primitive society within what remained of Las Vegas, with him leading the hordes. He also became infatuated with an undead woman who became his "queen" and even "conceived" an undead child with her. At one point, he also kidnapped a woman named Geeta, seeking to sacrifice her (turning her into an Alpha zombie) later for unknown reasons.

During the Heist

At some point after the city was quarantined, Bly Tanaka, a billionaire who owned a casino in Las Vegas, and his associate Martin, asked Scott Ward, a retired mercenary who successfully rescued many people from the zombie's invasion but had to kill his infected wife, to assemble a team composed from the finest gunmen and retrieve the money from his own casino, stashed in his underground vault. Ward hesitates at first but eventually agrees, as Tanaka promises him more than $50 million for a well-done job. When his daughter Kate learned that Geeta, whom she looked over, returned into the city in an attempt to retrieve some money for her and her family, she forced her father to take her along in the heist despite Scott's reluctance, so that she can find Geeta.

At one point during the heist, the teammates went into separate ways. Martin found the "zombie queen" and managed to cut her head off (which was still alive); he intended to sell her head to the government so that he and Tanaka can become much richer than they were prior to the outbreak. Soon after, Zeus found the queen's corpse, bought her into his tower, and ripped her belly open, revealing that she was somehow pregnant, almost crying in despair. He then went outside, riding his horse, and angrily shouted some sort of vocalizations, seemingly swearing to make the humans pay. Knowing that Scott and his team were inside Tanaka's casino, he along with dozens of zombies stormed the place.

Zeus then found two of Ward's men, Vanderohe and Dieter, while they were robbing the vault. Vanderohe who was the stronger of the two attempted to fight Zeus off, but the latter easily overpowers the former, and even bites his arm, though Vanderohe didn't realize that Zeus infected him. Dieter then manages to save Vanderohe by pushing him into the safe and closing the vault's door, though Zeus kills Dieter off-screen presumably by snapping his neck.

Then Zeus chases Scott and his associate Lily, who attempt to take off in a helicopter. However, while Scott managed to climb in the helicopter, Lily is impaled by Zeus. Lily, who had swapped her bag with Martin's so that she bought the Queen's head with her, then throws the head into the ground dozens of feet below, which splattered on impact, so to spite Zeus, who was left confused and shocked, allowing Scott and the helicopter's pilot to escape.

Scott ordered the pilot to drop him on the ground so that he can look for Kate. After a few minutes, he manages to find her along with Geeta. The trio then attempts to get on the building's roof as Scott told the pilot to wait for them, but they are cornered by Zeus. Scott then uses a grenade launcher which manages to temporarily knock Zeus out, allowing the trio to escape. However, as they are about to depart, Zeus runs and leaps aboard the helicopter. A brief scuffle ensues, during which Zeus bites Scott, but Kate manages to hit the zombie with an extinguisher, allowing Scott to literally blow Zeus' head off as the nuclear bomb is dropped on the city, killing off all zombies, and also causing the helicopter to crash, killing the pilot in the process (who was already grievously wounded by a shot accidentally fired by Scott as he was attempting to kill Zeus). Kate and Scott survived, but Kate is forced to kill her father who was infected.


It is later revealed that Vanderohe survived the blast, comfortably hidden in the vault and now crazy rich thanks to the millions he stole from Tanaka. However, while he was flying to Mexico City aboard a private plane, he discovers that he has been bitten in the arm. While the movie stops there, it can be assumed that Vanderohe turned into an Alpha zombie, thus extending Zeus' legacy.


Unlike stereotypical zombies, Zeus was much more intelligent, even able to organize some sort of primitive society, although he still remained a feral monster who was out for human blood, as showed in the beginning when he brutally slaughters several soldiers, and kidnapped living humans that he sacrificed for unknown reasons. He was in love with his queen and was seriously distressed and angered when he discovered her beheaded body, ordering his undead minions to massacre any human they find within the city. He was also visibly saddened to see a zombie burning alive in the casino. By the end of the movie, he was completely focused on killing Ward and his team by any mean necessary, going as far as to risk his "life" jumping into the rescue helicopter. He also displayed some sadism with his victims, toying a few moments with them before finishing them off as seen with Lily.

Powers and Abilities

Zeus is the leader of the zombie horde and can order his zombies as he pleases. He is also a formidable threat by himself, displaying superhuman speed, strength, and agility, allowing him to easily overpower very well-built men such as Vanderohe or Ward with little effort. Lastly, his bite can turn any infected into another Alpha zombie, who are the elite zombies that retained some intelligence (though not as much as Zeus) and are also much faster and stronger than regular zombies. Thus, he managed to create an army of Alpha who were his elite henchmen.


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