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Zeus is a minor antagonist in the 2017 DuckTales reboot series. He is the King of the Greek gods, who possesses an unrelenting desire to prove his superiority over Scrooge McDuck. For an almighty God, Zeus is very petty and spoiled especially when it comes to beating Scrooge McDuck.

He was voiced by Michael Chiklis, who notably portrayed Nathaniel Barnes in the TV show Gotham.


As the god of hospitality, Zeus, according to himself, was renowned on Ithiquack, a vacationing spot for gods and heroes, for his kindness and generosity. However, Scrooge McDuck eventually visited the island and proved himself better than Zeus at virtually everything, enraging the latter, who developed a bitter hatred and obsessive desire to prove his superiority over Scrooge. Scrooge and his nephew Donald Duck eventually stopped vacationing at Ithiquack because of Zeus' constant rivalry with the former.

One day, thanks to both Dewey and Webby (who wanted to investigate the Spear of Selene), Launchpad crashes their plane, the Sunchaser, into Ithiquack, to the shock of both Scrooge and Donald, who both desire to get off the island as soon as possible. However, Zeus discovers that Scrooge and Donald have returned and is greatly angered, detailing his story of why he despises McDuck to them, Huey, Louie and his son, Storkules. He further states that all the other gods moved away from Ithiquack because he was bested by a lowly mortal, although Scrooge discovers an urn depicting Zeus terrorizing his own people, and he explains that "there may have also been a year lightning storm". Despite his father's petty anger, Storkules manages to convince Zeus to throw a party for his guests.

Soon enough, however, Zeus becomes enraged at Scrooge again, leading to the latter suggesting that the gods left Ithiquack not because they liked him, but because they didn't like Zeus. Because of this, Zeus challenges Scrooge's family to a contest to prove who's family is superior, and surrounds the island in a lightning force field to prevent them from leaving. Following this, Zeus continues to rage as Scrooge's family beats Storkules at every contest. For the final challenge, Zeus tells the contestants to steal some fleece from a small child, something which Storkules finds himself unable to do, as he could not consider himself a hero if he did so. However, it turns out that the small child is actually a mind controlling siren who takes control of Storkules, and Zeus then orders his brainwashed son to destroy the McDucks.

Before Storkules can destroy the McDucks, Donald returns and helps Scrooge hold Storkules off long enough for Huey to get the siren to stop singing. Zeus yells at his son to stop hugging Donald, but Scrooge states that they are best friends, and that he and Zeus have been letting their pride hurt their family for decades. Scrooge offers a truce, but Zeus denies him, unable to accept not beating Scrooge, who offers one final contest. Scrooge then looses said contest purposefully, and the prideful Zeus releases the force field while gloating about his victory. The McDucks prepare to leave the island, however, Dewey accidentally beats Zeus out using the Sphere of Selene, encoring his wrath once more. The McDucks rush to escape the island, only to find that Launchpad has completely destroyed the Sunchaser.


  • Zeus is the sky and thunder god in ancient Greek religion, who rules as king of the gods of Mount Olympus.


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