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That Crypter, Kirschtaria Wodime, is not merely an ordinary human. In the Proper Human History, the mammals known as humans are compared to sentient reeds. Indeed, Kirschtaria is among them, but... but to think he's such a stoic reed.
~ Zeus expressing his impression on Kirschtaria
Proper Human History, all the sentient reeds... Now it's time... to rest in peace.
~ Zeus in his boss battle intro

Zeus in the Nasuverse and Fate franchise, is a Divine Spirit and deity based on his mythology counterpart. His Lostbelt version is one of the seven Lostbelt Kings, being a major antagonist of Fate/Grand Order: Cosmos in the Lostbelt. He is the overarching antagonist of Atlantis: Ocean in the Age of Titans and the secondary antagonist of Olympus: Interstellar City Mountains, both being parts of the two-part fifth chapter.

He is voiced by Hiroyuki Kinoshita.


Proper Human History Version

Like other Gods of Olympus, Zeus in Nasuverse is depicted as alien nanomachines that originated from the deep space. Among them, Zeus is a machine called the Space Combat Annihilator-Type Mobile Fortress, one of many machines created to prepare the Earth for a lost, alien civilization.

Their arrival to the Greek civilization upon Earth had earned worshipping from humanity and made them gods with human forms. Nevertheless, in the Pan-Human History, the Olympians was defeated by Sefar around 12,000 B.C. after they deserted their mechanical forms to become more humane.

After the humanity defeated Sefar, Zeus peacefully acknowledged the humanity's power and decided to retreat from godhood alongside other Olympiams, thus ending the Age of Gods in Greece. The remnants of the Twelve Machine Gods would soon gain human forms and became whom humanity known as the Twelve Olympians.

According to Europa after she arrived in Chaldea, even after Olympians had retired from being worshipped deities, the Proper Human History version of Zeus still shows concern over Ritsuka and Mash, and view humanity as his grandchildren. Through Europa, Zeus delivered his best wishes to Chaldea crew on their quest to save humanity.

Lostbelt Version

Nevertheless, in the Lostbelt version of Olympus, the Olympians survived after Zeus and other Gods of Olympus fused together to defeat Sefar, allowing them to keep their machine bodies and improve themselves and the world.

After Sefar's defeat, the Gods of Olympus began to vote for keeping the Age of God active and expand or else. Zeus attempts to expand the Age of God, but was opposed by other Gods of Olympus. As a result, Zeus had brainwashed Demeter, Hera and Aphrodite to agree with him, defeat and destroyed Athena, Hades, Hepheastus, Hestia, Apollo and Ares that opposed him, and banished Poseidon to keep guarding the gate of Atlantis as a punishment to turn against him.

Afterwards, the Olympus became advanced for another 14,000 years, with humanity had become immortalized and the mystics became superior to the physics. However, the gods' own advancement soon caused them to reach a dead end and be pruned, only to be brought back by the Alien God.

Despite seeing humanity from Proper Human History as sentient reeds, Zeus holds some surprise to Kirschtaria Wodime (the only human he shows respect to) due to the latter's stoicism, saying that was an unexpected quality, especially for a "reed". Eventually, Zeus has some respect and friendship towards Kirschtaria, and vice versa.




  • It is mentioned by Europa that Zeus from the Proper Human History still overwatches the world, and he actually sees humanity as his grandchildren and even shows concern about Ritsuka's adventure.
  • It's comfirmed that the Lostbel Zeus' final plan of evacuating Olympus into Outer Space was under Chaos' influence.
  • Zeus is the first Lostbelt King who befriends the Crypter in his Lostbelt, whilst previous Crypters before Kirschtaria holds different types and rages of grudge against the previous Lostbelt Kings.
  • Zeus is mentioned by Nicolas Tesla in his monologue, with the latter freaquently stating he had surpassed Zeus. However, it became ironic when Tesla had became one of the first casualities obliterated by the Olympus army in Lostbelt No. 5. It had spawned memes and mockery to Tesla, which stated, "Boasting has consequences."
  • Zeus is the first Lostbelt King who hasn't been made playable yet after the initial release his corresponding chapter, with all four Lostbelt Kings become playable and summonable one week after their chapter's release.
    • Considering that there was already a deity (Artemis through the hijacking of Orion's Saint Graph) being made playable without taking a human host, as well as the Olympians' nature in this version, it is speculated that Zeus is going to be made playable in future. As the result, whether the playable version is closer to his Lostbelt counterpart or his Proper Human History counterpart remains uncertain.
    • It was originally speculated by some fans that Zeus would have been summonable as the main Servant of an event story based on 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic Games (considering the ancient Olympic Games was originated from Ancient Greece and was meant to be a event tributing to Zeus and the gods), but was cancelled after the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games was postponed to Summer 2021 because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Such speculation remains unproven yet, even though Nasu hinted in an interview that there are events that are postponed because of the pandemic.
  • Story and characterization-wise, Zeus is currently the most powerful Lostbelt King as of his presence, and the first one to be truly a deity inside out (even with his mechanical true form). All other Lostbelt Kings are associated with human beings directlt, with Ivan the Terrible is a monster transformed from a human, Scathach-Skadi is a deity taking a human host, Qin Shi Huang's humanoid form is more like a human-turned-mystic instead of a god, and Arjuna Alter is more like a hybrid between Arjuna and most of the Hindu deities, being a former human ascended into godhood.


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