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Allow me to introductory myself. I am Zevon, son of Yzma and your worst nightmare!
~ Zevon's most famous quote.
Well if it isn't the Evil Isle twins. KA POW! Or should I say the formerly Evil Isle twins now that Auradon has made you soft
~ Zevon to Mal and Evie.

Zevon is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel animated series Descendants: Wicked World. He is the son of Yzma, a hegemonic chemist trying to take over Auradon and formerly had a one sided crush on Mal. It is unknown if he will appear in anything outside of the show such as the live action sequels or books although he most likely will.

He was voiced by Bradley Steven Perry.


Early Life

Zevon's life and upbringing is rather unknown before his appearance in Wicked World but it can be assumed that he was one of the lesser known Vks since CJ, Jay, Mal and Evie were the only ones who actually knew who he was before introducing himself and CJ being his only real ally and friend.

This is also evident when Carlos and Freddie didn't take his plot seriously at all and when Zevon refers to CJ as his friend when explaining how he came to Auradon. It can also be assumed that he didn't receive a very good childhood much like the other Vks and that he may have received ridicule for his crush on Mal and was possibly punished by Maleficent for it like Evie was punished for not inviting Mal to her birthday party when they were only 6. He was also most likely friends with CJ and on at least good terms with Jay before his appearance in the series, and he may have had a decent relationship with his mother who probably encouraged him to take over Auradon and most likely taught him potion-making skills although he does mention that he wishes to rival her in villainy.

In Wicked World

Zevon first appears in the episode when he is seen watching Mal and Freddie from an alleyway while the two wander into Dr. Facilier's old shop to attempt to find Mal's jewel. He then follows them after they leave the Isle Of The Lost and swam halfway to Auradon, before getting a lift from CJ Hook. Upon arrival he is seen watching on as Mal walks away in sadness after not finding her jewel and watches Evie from underneath bleachers with his boots still wet.

After drying off he is seen walking into the chemistry lab and hastily stealing equipment and various liquids and potions,at this point in time Zevon began controlling Mal with her jewel and forced her to do his bidding with her completely unaware of when his influence took over her mind. After Audrey banishes Mal from the Jewel -bilee he sends Mal off to fetch him Jafar's staff, he later appears breaking into Geppetto's Workshop shortly after.

The following morning Jay, Carlos, Freddie and Jane notice him messing around near the jewels. Jay demands that he show himself and Zevon does in a very dramatic way. In "Options Are Shrinking" he reveals most of his power with the staff and shrinks Jay, Carlos, Freddie and Jane then puts them inside Jordan's lamp. He then crashes the jewel bilee, taking all of the jewels for himself and demonstrating his powerful magic by freezing Ben in a block of ice and pinning Jordan to the wall. He later appears walking over to the tourney field, beginning his uprising by casting a powerful spell in the night sky. Upon being found he fights against Mal and Evie and overpowers the two with enchanted puppets. He continues to overpower oncoming attacks with his potions and through use of his puppet army however Mal flies up towards him and the two engage in combat before Mal steals Jafar's staff from him, Zevon gains the upper hand once again however by brainwashing Mal with her jewel. In a moment of haste Evie throws her tiara in Zevon's direction knocking Mal's jewel out of his hands much to his shock before Mal uses his own potions against him by freezing him solid. Zevon was then sent back to the Isle again and presumably unfrozen although that remains unconfirmed.

Descendants 2

While not directly appearing in the movie there is a reference to Zevon's potions with Mal, Evie, Jay and Carlos using various potions which have similar effects and animations to his own during the final battle. This appears as one of the many Easter Eggs towards Wicked World shown in the movie.


Zevon is quite cunning, arrogant, narcissistic, intelligent, manipulative and villainous, always seeming to be melodramatic over everything he does. He is very opprobrious, argumentative, sarcastic and rude towards the AKs and redeemed VKs with the only people he seems to respect and speak fondly being his mother and CJ. He has a one sided crush on Mal of whom he now despises saying that she blew her chances with him. He sees causing random chaos as a sport and really enjoys himself whenever he causes anyone pain using magic or just when he is thinking about it or using magic in general. He also is very sly, intelligent and sneaky, being able to successfully create various potions and steal plenty of lab equipment right under everyone's noses. He is very cocky and confident with his plans and shows extreme excitement when using his potions. His main motivation for taking over Auradon was finally achieving his family's goal of ruling an empire with an iron fist with his reasoning being he was sick of being unrecognized and constantly overshadowed by his peers. He also has a knack for chemistry and making potions which his mother possibly taught him to do. Zevon also has a very odd way of talking with him often using very large, fancy, made up words most likely in an attempt to make himself appear more intelligent.


Zevon is a handsome, tall, slim, Hispanic teenager with thick short black hair with a blue streak in it. He wears a long black, leather trench coat with blue stripes and detailing on it and a spiked upturned collar with a blue interior (most likely inspired from his mother's fashion style). He also wears a cyan shirt, dark purple skinny jeans with a black belt and black boots that have teal laces.


~ Zevon's first line.
No, I'd like to think she came back for me I always imagined there was a spark between us...
~ Zevon hinting that he may still have feelings for Mal.
Zevon: No doubt you've heard of my mother Yzma but today my evil maculations will rival her own!
Freddie: I think you mean machinations.
Zevon: Don't be so condecendinating!
~ Zevon arguing with Freddie.
Zevon: So two days ago when Mal came to the Isle. She opened the protective dome for a few precious seconds. I was watching. NOT THAT I sit around and watch Mal it's just uh. Anyway when she finally left the Isle I boldly slipped out as the dome was opened.
Carlos: And you swam all the way here?
Zevon: No just part of the way! Then I got a ride with a friend...
Jay, Carlos, Freddie and Jane: CJ?
CJ: Hey guys! did I tell you I got my own ship? Well more of a rowboat actually but it's a start! Hey cutie. I gave Zevon a ride in exchange for a full fifty foot schooner when he takes over Auradon.
Carlos: Takes over? you? Please! Wait why?
~ Zevon and CJ explaining how he got to Auradon and his plan.
It belongs in the hands of KING ZEVON!
~ Zevon after Jay confronted him about having his father's staff.
The school's chemistry lab had merely all the ingredients I desired!
~ Zevon about how he created so many potions in Auradon.
As fun as this is I have a kingdom to take over so KA BOW!
~ Zevon before shrinking Jay, Carlos, Jane and Freddie.
Now for the the jewels.. WHAT? GONE! Looks like I'll have to crash the jewel BiLee...
~ Zevon before crashing the Jewel BiLee.
~ Zevon crashing the Jewel Bi-Lee.
Oh I didn't realize it's so hard to see from outside... You know to time it just right is really just a roll of the dice. I'm sure it's gonna be a great little song and dance your folks would be proud.
~ Zevon to Audrey.
The good news however is that you all have front row seats for the coming REVOLTOLUTION!
~ Zevon to the AKs at the Jewel- BiLee.
PA POW! Let's agree to disagree
~ Zevon after freezing Ben after the latter's failed attempt to stop him from stealing the jewels.
For those of you who are still confused, I don't mind making this crystal clear! Once I fuse all the stones together this staff will be more powerful than a magic wand!
~ Zevon explaining how the jewels affect the staff's magical abilities.
Kablooey! That's just one jewel once I've combined them all I will rule all of Auradon!
~ Zevon after pinning Jordan to the wall using magic.
~ Zevon before leaving the Jewel BiLee to begin his takeover.
My how times have changed, Mal wants to talk to me? I have to admit there was a time when I held on to your every word.
~ Zevon to Mal.
You always were the clever one. Clever, enchanting and DOOMED!
~ Zevon to Mal after he used the effects of her spell to his advantage.
Don't force me to destroy you,Mal! KASLICE!
~ Zevon threatening Mal
I knew I might need backup so I broke into Geppetto's workshop.
~ Zevon before revealing the first of many in his puppet army.
Who's pulling the strings now?
~ Zevon after he sends an army of puppets after Mal and Evie.
Oh here they come to save the day...
~ Zevon addressing a cliché as the AKs come to assist the VKs.
While you guys work out your differences I am going to take over Auradon!
~ Zevon to the AKs and VKs during their fight with the puppets.
Once I add the last jewel, I will be unstoppable!
~ Zevon shortly before his defeat.
No! No! No! No!
~ Zevon before getting frozen by Mal.
~ Zevon's defeat and final line in season 2.


  • He is the first male character in the Descendants franchise to be a main antagonist.
  • He is the second VK to be a main antagonist (the first being CJ)
  • Zevon could possibly be the cousin of Zim and Zam Yzma's nephews however it has been unconfirmed if Zim and Zam are part of the Descendants canon.
  • In the Descendants novels "Isle Of The Lost" and "Return to the Isle of the Lost", Yzma has a daughter named Yzla however it is unconfirmed if she is part of the main Descendants canon and no one working on the show has mentioned anything about this being true or if she has any connection to Zevon
  • He was voiced by Bradley Steven Perry (who is best known for portraying Gabe Duncan on the Disney Channel series Good Luck Charlie) in his first villainous role.
  • He has been the most evil villain seen in the series so far and is by far the most evil VK as he is completely irredeemable unlike CJ Hook who is a much more friendly figure despite her evil nature, is deeply disturbed with the main form of love he feels being completely possessive and despite his tragic backstory has very few reasons for his actions unlike other VKs such as Uma, Harry and Gil.
  • Despite being Yzma's son he bears very little resemblance to her apart from a reference to her fashion choices with blue and black being his main colour scheme for clothing and since his coat's collar looks similar to one of Yzma's. This makes him look more unique compared to the other VKs (despite his more simple clothing design) who have blatantly obvious resemblances in fashion to their parents.
  • He is the third male villain to appear in the franchise (the first and second being Jafar and Chad Charming respectively).
  • It is implied that he and his mother are currently rivaling each other in an evil scheme, however this was most likely just a throw away line.
  • Zevon is one of the most evil, dangerous and intimidating villains from a Disney Channel series along with Creepy Connie Thompson from Jessie and Toffee from Star Vs. The Forces of Evil.
  • Zevon is a much more competent villain than his mother, since he is never clumsy or dimwitted at all and had much less of a comedic intent.
  • He is expected to make a comeback by appearing as the main antagonist once again if a later season of Wicked World happens, or in one of the sequels to the books or movies.
  • It is debatable if Zevon is a Karma Houdini or not since he was rather tamely punished considering his actions and can easily escape the Isle again should the AKs or reformed VKs return there for whatever reason.
  • Zevon has an odd habit of saying phrases such as "BA BAM!" whenever he uses one of his potions.
  • Zevon is the only VK so far to be more evil than their parent.
  • He may have been inspired by Mozenrath from the Aladdin TV spinoff due to the characters sharing several traits.
  • He looks somewhat similar to another Disney Channel villain, Kal from Halloweentown 2.


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