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Villain Overview

…an evil warlock, Zhan Tiri, had a deep hatred for Corona, and cast a spell which caused the blizzard to sweep across the land.
~ Xavier describing Zhan Tiri.
A friend… or at least I'd like to be.
~ Zhan Tiri (as the Enchanted Girl) to Cassandra and later, Varian.
Let the age of Zhan Tiri begin!
~ Zhan Tiri preparing the destruction of Corona - her most famous quote.

Zhan Tiri is the main antagonist of Disney's Tangled franchise.

She first served as the unseen overarching antagonist of Tangled, Tangled: Before Ever After, and the Hair-Raising Adventures comics, and reappears as the main antagonist of Tangled: The Series.

She is an ancient demon from another realm who was first mentioned by Xavier in the episode "Queen for a Day" and made her first appearance in the episode "Painter's Block". Later on, during Season 3, it's revealed that Zhan Tiri was the Enchanted Girl, having pulled the strings from behind the scenes so that the Sundrop and Moonstone would clash, thus freeing Zhan Tiri from her prison so that she can destroy Corona.

It is also revealed that she was once a human sorceress and the former partner of Lord Demanitus before betraying him to gain access to the Sundrop and Moonstone's powers for herself, thus becoming Demanitus's archenemy. She is also the master of Mother Gothel, Sugracha the Eternal, and Tromus, who were Demanitus' pupils who betrayed him in favor of Zhan Tiri. She is considered the most powerful and dangerous character in the entire Tangled franchise and is also the arch-nemesis of Rapunzel and Lord Demanitus (second arch-nemesis to Rapunzel after Mother Gothel's death).

She was voiced by Tara Fitzgerald in her true form, who also plays Selyse Florent in Season 3-5 of Game of Thrones and Jennifer Veal in her Enchanted Girl form.


You see, over the centuries, I've taken a form of whatever suits my needs. A warlock, a demon, even a blizzard.
~ Zhan Tiri describing her shapeshifting abilities.

Since Zhan Tiri is a shapeshifter, she has taken on many different forms.

When disguising herself as the Enchanted Girl, she is a light blue spirit with a blue and white dress. She also has braided hair with a head strap across her head with a gem in the middle, and she also has blue eyes. After she gains a physical form, her outfit turns black, and her eyes turn purple. It is later revealed that she was once a sorceress who retains much of her physical form, but taller and older, as her cheekbones have wrinkles while her hair is longer, implying that her appearance after being released is what she looked like as a child.

When she disguises herself as Calliope, she looks exactly the same as her: a small and slightly chubby woman with buck teeth. She also has a yellow peasant dress with a robe tied around her, orange-ish brown hair slicked back into a ponytail through a couple of strands stick out, and giant owl glasses that go over her greyish-blue eyes.

In her demon form, Zhan Tiri is an extremely tall and muscular monster with black skin, sharp teeth, curled ram-like horns, long arms with claws on each finger and a torso full of squid-like tentacles. She retains her head strap and gem. Plus, both of her eyes are in different colors due to obtaining the powers of the Moonstone and Sundrop: her right eye retains the Sundrop's yellow color, while her left eye retains the Moonstone's blue color.


Cassandra knows only what I want her to know. I'm playing her, Rapunzel. She has no idea, but she is under my complete control.
~ Zhan Tiri revealing how she is manipulating Cassandra.

Zhan Tiri is known in Corona legend as an extremely sadistic, malevolent, and sinister person who won't hesitate to destroy absolutely everything in her path because of some ancient grudge against the kingdom due to Lord Demanitus defeating and imprisoning her. In the past, she attempted to destroy the entire kingdom before being stopped by Lord Demanitus. Zhan Tiri is shown to go to any lengths necessary to escape, such as when she has two of her minions each concoct a plan to free her. When both of those failed, she decided to take the matter into her own hands involving Cassandra.

When Zhan Tiri presents herself as the Enchanted Girl, she pretends to be a kind, friendly, and caring person who wants to be Cassandra's friend and wants to do what's best for her. At first, the Enchanted Girl seems like a neutral character, but things start to change.

As the season progress, she shows the audience her true evil nature, as she is trying to corrupt Cassandra's mind. Zhan Tiri begins using Cassandra for her ultimate plan of freeing herself from her imprisonment.

Zhan Tiri's most defining characteristic is not her magical abilities, but her mastery of manipulation. She is successfully able to convince Cassandra to turn against Rapunzel simply by showing her past as Mother Gothel's daughter, and later, through the first half of Season Three, it's shown that she can tell people exactly what they want to hear and later admits this, and is also a master liar.

Later on, once she is released, even after tricking and lying to Cassandra in front of her, she is still somehow able to convince Cassandra, presumably, that she is still a good person and keeps Cassandra under her control. Despite Cassandra later finding out about her true nature, she is still able to keep Cassandra on her side after Cassandra finds out she lied about her mother caring about her by manipulating one of Gothel's mirrors, and that she is Zhan Tiri. Zhan Tiri is still able to keep Cassandra under control by making it seem like Rapunzel is trying to destroy her.

When Zhan Tiri is closer to finishing her plans, she constantly becomes even crazier while giving sadistic smiles, and later invades Varian's mind to sadistically taunt him while giving him the clue to opening the fourth incantation to set up a chain of events that enable her to accomplish her goal. She also expresses joy at the idea of Cassandra breaking Rapunzel's spirit, as well as demoralizing Cassandra after betraying her to get her hands on the Moonstone and Sundrop.

Zhan Tiri is also shown to not only understand right and wrong, but loves being evil and takes delight in so. For example, she doesn't deny it when people call her a villain or evil, and views certain good traits, like compassion, as a weakness, and taunts Rapunzel over it in "Race to the Spire". However, in that same episode, she actually managed to prove compassion is a weakness.

Zhan Tiri is also shown to be somewhat arrogant, such as when she kept giving sadistic smiles that could give her away to Cassandra assuming she has already won. The biggest example is in "Race to the Spire" when she tells Rapunzel everything about herself, assuming that Rapunzel won't be able to do anything and that Cassandra is under her complete control. However, she may be doing this as a part of her plan.

Zhan Tiri is also shown to be power-hungry. Even Lord Demanitus comments on this, as her main and only reason for betraying Demanitus was that she wanted the power of both the Sundrop and Moonstone all to herself. She is later shown to go to any lengths to get them, which is what causes her to do everything she did.

After finally obtaining the Sundrop and Moonstone to restore her true demon form, Zhan Tiri becomes more sadistic, arrogant, and callous as she makes good on her promise to doom Corona to an era of darkness that would put everyone (both her enemies and allies) in danger; she even taunted Cassandra for suffering her mother's fate by letting her ego overwhelm her mind. Ironically, it was Zhan Tiri's arrogance that proved to be her downfall as she underestimated both Rapunzel and Cassandra, who tricked the demon into fusing both stones, causing a horrified Zhan Tiri to perish thanks to the stones' powers.

It should be noted that unlike other villains from the Tangled franchise, who had some level of morality and redeeming qualities, Zhan Tiri has no redeeming qualities whatsoever (or at the very least, she long since abandoned any she once had in her pursuit of power) and her actions were taken completely seriously. She also shows no morality and was willing to kill everyone in Corona without hesitation or remorse.

Powers and Abilities

Magic Powers

  • Nigh-invulnerability: When at her full power, Zhan Tiri is shown to be unable to even be scratched by any conventional means. The only thing that harms her is a frying pan, which only temporarily knocks her out. It takes the Sundrop and Moonstone, the two most powerful objects in the Tangled universe, to be united for her to be killed.
  • Super strength: In her true demonic form, Zhan Tiri possesses terrifying levels of strength, being able to break solid stone walls and floors, and lift a full-grown person up with a single hand or tentacle, all with great ease.
  • Immortality: Zhan Tiri has been alive for at least 1,000 years and possibly more, and has been stated in-universe to be immortal and nearly invincible.
  • Shapeshifting: Zhan Tiri stated she can change into anything, some of which have been a warlock, demon, a blizzard, and a small ghost girl.
  • Levitation: As the Enchanted Girl, before being released, Zhan Tiri was able to levitate.
  • Nightmare manipulation: Zhan Tiri gave Varian a nightmare that gave him the clue to uncovering the fourth incantation as part of her plan.
  • Curse creating: After her second defeat, she placed a curse on Corona ready to strike when it was at its weakest.
  • Elemental powers: In flashbacks, Zhan Tiri is stated to have the ability to control numerous elements. For example:
    • Cryomancy: Zhan Tiri summoned a blizzard that nearly wiped out all of Corona.
    • Chlorokinesis: In a flashback, Zhan Tiri is shown to be able to control vines and used them to wipe out an entire army at one point.
    • Electrokinesis: When her minion Sugracha was trying to summon her, she summoned a few lightning bolts.
    • Geokinesis: In that same scene, Zhan Tiri also summoned an earthquake.
  • Sundrop and Moonstone powers: When Zhan Tiri gains access to the Sundrop and Moonstone, she has all of their powers combined. She is also shown to use rocks as an offensive weapon and uses the Decay Incantation to nearly destroy and murder everyone in Corona.

Former Powers

  • Control over the Great Tree: Zhan Tiri took over the Great Tree and had full control of it until Lord Deminitus put a spear in it. However, Zhan Tiri left some magic behind, but after that was destroyed, she completely lost control over it.


  • Telepathy: Zhan Tiri's ability to know exactly what people are thinking sometimes seems like she has telepathy.
  • Nigh-omnipotence: It's heavily implied from a few characters, including Demanitus, that Zhan Tiri would have nearly unlimited power at her full potential.


  • High intelligence: It's possible that Zhan Tiri is even smarter than that, but what is confirmed is that she is extremely smart. She has a lot of knowledge about magical artifacts, and is a master of understanding and manipulating people.
  • Master manipulator: Zhan Tiri is a master of manipulation and has many skills catered to it, such as:
    • Charm: She is able to convince Cassandra she is her friend, and Cassandra has no idea that Zhan Tiri is playing her.
    • Lying: Zhan Tiri can quickly come up with a lie and do it extremely convincingly, like how she lied to Cassandra about her true intentions.


  • A boomerang: During the episode "Race to the Spire", Zhan Tiri uses a Boomerang and seems to be extremely good at using it. It's later revealed she even had it in the past.


  • Things more powerful: While Zhan Tiri is nearly invincible, she is not completely so, as when the Sundrop and Moonstone clashed, that was enough to kill her.
  • Arrogance: Zhan Tiri's arrogance was proven to be her biggest weakness. The biggest example is when she leaves Rapunzel and Cassandra alive when they are defenseless because she thinks they can't do anything to stop her, but this ultimately proves to be her downfall as she underestimates Rapunzel and Cassandra, and their strengths.

Former Weaknesses

  • Limited existence: When Zhan Tiri was locked in her prison, she seemed to have very limited interaction with the real world, as she couldn't touch anyone and couldn't be seen by a majority of people. This changes after she is released.
  • Limited powers: After Zhan Tiri was released from her prison, she seems to have lost most of the powers mentioned above. This is likely due to having been trapped in the Lost Realm for so long. Once Zhan Tiri gains the Sundrop and Moonstone, this disappears.




  • Lord Demanitus (archenemy)
  • Rapunzel (second archenemy)
  • Flynn Rider/Eugene Fitzherbert
  • Lance Strongbow
  • Pascal
  • Maximus
  • Varian
  • Cassandra
  • Calliope
  • King Frederic
  • Queen Arianna
  • Shorty
  • Kiera and Catalina
  • Pete and Stan
  • Monty
  • Feldspar
  • Old Lady Crowley
  • Quirin
  • Adira
  • Hector
  • King Edmund
  • Domino
  • Xavier
  • Owl
  • Hamuel
  • Attila
  • Big Nose
  • Ulf
  • Vladimir
  • Fidella
  • Ruddiger


Episode Appearances

Season 1

  • "Queen for a Day" (debut; flashback)
  • "Painter's Block"

Season 2

  • "Keeper of the Spire" (figurine)
  • "Rapunzel and the Great Tree" (statue, flashback)
  • "You're Kidding Me!" (sigil)
  • "Rapunzeltopia" (statue)
  • "Lost and Found" (flashback)

Season 3

  • "Rapunzel's Return" (flashback)
  • "Who's Afraid of the Big, Bad Wolf?"
  • "Beginnings"
  • "Be Very Afraid!"
  • "Islands Apart"
  • "Cassandra's Revenge"
  • "Race to the Spire"
  • "A Tale of Two Sisters"
  • "Once a Handmaiden"
  • "Plus Est En Vous" (fuses with Sundrop and Moonstone; death)


Zhan Tiri: This quest for the Sundrop and Moonstone was BOTH of ours!
Lord Demanitus: It was… until you made it about something darker! You made it about gaining power for yourself. You turned your back on what was RIGHT!
Zhan Tiri: And YOU turned your back on ME! So long as I live, I will
never stop until I have that power!
~ Zhan Tiri's chronologically first lines as she becomes Demanitus' archenemy.
This is far from over! I will have that power! And when I do, I will destroy your beloved Corona! I PROMISE YOU!
~ Zhan Tiri threatening Demanitus as she's being imprisoned.
I'm here to help you learn how to master the Moonstone's power. It responds to hatred and anger. If you truly want to wield the Moonstone, you mustn't be afraid to tap into the depths of your deepest rage. Remember what she put you through, and use that fury, Cassandra.
~ Zhan Tiri telling Cassandra how to use the Moonstone.
Those incantations were our only hope of unlocking the power of the Moonstone aside from the Demantius Scroll, but that was destroyed millennia ago.
~ Zhan Tiri expressing frustration over the fact the scroll was destroyed, not knowing it was rebuilt.
I don't need to remind you that defeat is not an option, and when Rapunzel comes for you, you must be prepared to protect what is rightfully yours.
~ Zhan Tiri criticizing Cassandra.
Defeating her is not enough. You must take away who she is, force her to fight you, break her spirit. You've held back long enough.
~ Zhan Tiri wanting Cassandra to destroy Rapunzel.
Break her spirit.
~ Zhan Tiri expressing joy at the idea of Cassandra breaking Rapunzel's spirit.
Never mind that! You are more powerful! Finish this!
~ Zhan Tiri trying to deflect suspicion.
Cassandra, the Brotherhood of the Dark Kingdom is now yours to command!
~ Zhan Tiri after Cassandra gets the mind-trap.
I believe Cassandra promised a proper introduction, but she failed to deliver, didn't she?
~ Zhan Tiri introducing herself.
Frankly, I'm surprised you haven't guessed who I am, seeing as how we've already met—in a way.
~ Zhan Tiri.
You poor thing. And now that you know, that knowledge will only make you stronger.
~ Zhan Tiri pretending to feel sorry for Cassandra.
Oh, quit pretending you're horrified. We're not so different, you and I. We were both cheated out of our destinies! In fact, we're more like sisters than you and Rapunzel ever were! We both want the same thing, and we can get it if you continue to let me help you.
~ Zhan Tiri after Cassandra discovers the truth.
Run, Cassandra, but you can't run from who you are!
~ Zhan Tiri taunting Cassandra.
You didn't really think your plan to make things right would work, did you?
~ Zhan Tiri taunting Cassandra.
Zhan Tiri: I don't understand. You could have just gone up to her and apologized, face to face.
Cassandra: I said get away from me.
Zhan Tiri: You made more than a few opportunities and even still, you haven't done it. Why is that? I think.
Cassandra: Because I'm scared she won't forgive me.
Zhan Tiri: You're right to be scared. I'm guessing she hasn't told you about Project Obsidian, a weapon that was designed to destroy you. Rapunzel just authorized it yesterday.
Cassandra: What! No. I don't believe you.
Zhan Tiri: You can ask her yourself if you don't believe me. Here. You might want something to defend yourself against her. This potion may be your only protection against the Princess when she inevitably turns on you.
~ Zhan Tiri continuing to manipulate Cassandra.
Zhan Tiri: Looking for someone? That old fool, Demanitus, would be proud at how far you've come, Princess.
Rapunzel: To be clear, we are talking about the same old fool who outsmarted you and trapped in oblivion for over two millennia, right?
Zhan Tiri: Joke all you want, but the eclipse is upon us.
~ Zhan Tiri confronting and taunting Rapunzel.
I've been in far worse prisons.
~ Zhan Tiri recalls her imprisonment in the Lost Realm after Cassandra cages her.
Finally… they're mine! I'd like to thank you both for taking care of what rightfully belongs to me. At long last, THEY ARE MINE!
~ Zhan Tiri betraying Cassandra before taunting her and Rapunzel by taking the Moonstone and Sundrop for herself to reveal her true demon form.
At last, the power is mine!! I've dreamt of wielding the power of the Sundrop and Moonstone for CENTURIES!!!
~ Zhan Tiri having accomplished her goal in obtaining the Sundrop and Moonstone to gain her demon form.
Zhan Tiri: You may have been a worthy adversary once, Princess, but now, YOU ARE NOTHING!! And you… you lost before you even began, girl. Just like your mother… felled by your own ego!
Rapunzel: Leave her alone!
Zhan Tiri: I'm sorry if I gave the impression we were having a conversation.
Rapunzel: Cass!
Zhan Tiri: Now watch as I finally deliver on a promise I made LONG AGO!!! Time to destroy Corona!
~ Zhan Tiri demoralizing both Rapunzel and Cassandra before trapping them and seeking out to wreak destruction on Corona.
Have you come to watch me obliterate your kingdom?
~ Zhan Tiri taunting the Coronans as she destroys their kingdom.
Coronans have always been the same… pathetic!
~ Zhan Tiri mocking Coronans.
You're only prolonging your own demise.
~ Zhan Tiri threatening Varian.
I am fulfilling my promise to Demanitus by destroying Corona.
~ Zhan Tiri admitting her actions of revenge.
Do you honestly think you can stand up to my power!!?
~ Zhan Tiri underestimating Rapunzel and Cassandra.
~ Zhan Tiri being restrained by Rapunzel and Cassandra before they forced her to fuse the Sundrop and Moonstone together.
NO! No! No, no, no! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
~ Zhan Tiri's final words as she is destroyed by the combined powers of the Sundrop and Moonstone thanks to Rapunzel and Cassandra.


  • She is the first wizard/warlock and demon to appear in the Tangled universe.
  • Zhan Tiri is referred to as a male in the first 2 seasons, but in season 3, it's revealed that the demon is a female. It's possible that Zhan Tiri's misgendering was a result of her shape-shifting abilities which gave her a warlock form that was eventually accepted as the real Zhan Tiri by legend until her escape.
  • A small model of Zhan Tiri is seen in the second season's episode "Keeper of the Spire", as one of the museum exhibits.
  • It has been suspected that Zhan Tiri is the one who created the Healing and Reverse Incantation since she is the one who took over the tree, and the Reverse Incantation was inside the tree. This would also explain how Mother Gothel managed to get her hands on the Healing Incantation, as she was once a servant of Zhan Tiri.
    • This has caused further suspicions that Zhan Tiri is somehow connected to the Sundrop and Moonstone.
    • This is implied even further by the fact that when she uses the Decay Incantation, she just knows what the words are without looking, thus showing that she knows it by memory.
  • Taking her actions into account, she could be considered as the Greater-Scope Villain, being responsible for everything that happens in the entire Tangled franchise. Her actions in "Queen For a Day" lead to Varian's fall to evil and status as an arc villain, leading to Rapunzel travelling to the dark kingdom, making her indirectly responsible for everything that happens in Season 2. Her manipulation of Cassandra leads to her betrayal of Rapunzel, and causes every event in Season 3 before later becoming the main antagonist herself. Additionally, Mother Gothel was once one of her minions and she was the reason Gothel learned about the Healing Incantation, leading to the kidnapping of Rapunzel, which provoked King Frederic into incriminating Lady Caine's father and executing him, leading to Caine's fall to evil, altogether making her responsible for the franchise's very existence due to Gothel's actions.
  • It's heavily implied that Zhan Tiri was the one who gave Tromus and Sugracha the Eternal their powers when they betrayed Demanitus, which suggests there might have been some deal involved. However, it is unknown why Mother Gothel does not have any of these powers by the time of the movie.
  • Zhan Tiri and Mother Gothel are the only villains in the Tangled franchise to succeed in murdering someone. Zhan Tiri also has the highest body count in the franchise, killing several in the past with her storm, massacring an entire army in a flashback, as well as being the only villain to have a permanent murder, though in the past.
  • As the Enchanted Girl, Zhan Tiri is voiced by Jennifer Veal in her second villainous role.
  • The Zhan in Zhan Tiri's name has been pronounced two different ways: Zhan and Zahn.
  • The episode "Cassandra's Revenge" reveals that the Enchanted Girl is Zhan Tiri in a different form.
  • Zhan Tiri is the second main antagonist from a Disney Animated Canon franchise to not feature in the original film of their property (though being the unseen overarching antagonist) and only appear in sequel media. The first was Dr. Hämsterviel of the Lilo & Stitch franchise.
  • Zhan Tiri showing Cassandra the shadows of her forgotten past as the Enchanted Girl is somewhat similar to the actions of the Ghost of Christmas Past from A Christmas Carol.
  • Zhan Tiri is mentioned in the non-canon comic book series Hair-Raising Adventures Issues #1 and #2, where two of her minions serve as the main antagonists.
  • It is unknown what her relationship with Demanitus was like before she betrayed him, though it is speculated that they used to be friends or maybe even lovers, or that she was just using him to get the Sundrop and Moonstone. However, given her statement that the journey to find the Moonstone and Sundrop was meant to be both her and Demanitus', her calling him "dear Demanitus", and Demanitus' sorrowful expression as he was forced to banish her to the Lost Realm, it's more than likely that they had some type of close relationship prior to their fallout. It is also possible that the power of the Sundrop and Moonstone drove her into becoming a power-hungry obsessed villain which she betrayed Demanitus.
  • Zhan Tiri ironically played a part in Cassandra's redemption. Had Cassandra taken the Sundrop for herself, she would've become all powerful and would not have regretted her actions, nor made amends with Rapunzel or Corona.

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