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I never spend one single penny! Everything is here! My family is a family of farmers through generations, so we're scraed of poverty!
~ Zhao Dehan trying to excuse his crime

Zhao Dehan (赵德汉) is a minor antagonist of Chinese crime novel, In the Name of People and its 2017 TV series adaptation. He is a former division director from an ministry of Handong Province, who was accused of corruption by grafting 230 million RMB of public property cash.

He is portrayed by the Chinese veteran actor, Hou Yong, in his very first portrayl of a villainous character.


Initially believed to be an incorruptible official, who only eat noodles with fried sauce per day, Zhao Dehan first appeared as one of the top-listed targets of Hou Liangping, who ambushed his apartment and discovered his massive saving grafted from public property, 230 million RMB of them, piled on his bed, his fridge and even his wall.

While facing Hou Liangping, Zhao Dehan initially pretended to be calm and stoic, but he was insecure and horrified. As soon as the cashes hiding on his apartment wall was discovered by prosecutors, Zhao Dehan broke down crying, trying to justify his crimes and begging for forgiveness. All he wanted was to take the blame by himself rather than making the life of his family miserable, showing a rather honorable side. He was later arrested for his crimes.

In spite of grafting money, however, Zhao Dehan is one of the most sympathetic and complicated characters in the story. He cares a lot for his family, sending his mother 300 yuan per month, though it cannot justify his criminal activity.



  • He has no biological relations to Zhao Lichun or the latter's son, Zhao Ruilong, in spite of sharing the same surname.
  • Zhao Dehan is based on Wei Pengyuan (魏鹏远), known to the public as the "Subministry Department Chief worth of 100,000,000 Yuan", who is the former vice chief of Coal Suministry Department from the National Energy Administration of People's Republic of China.
    • In 2014, Wei Pengyuan was discovered of bribery and had illegal properties with 200,000,000 yuan RMB. While making counts, four money counters infamously broke down due to the mass amount of money. In 2016 on court, Wei Pengyuan was later received a death sentence with a two-year period of reprieve, before it became life-long imprisonment after the reprieve expired.
  • Being a veteran actor who previously protrayed honorable men and heroic milliants, Hou Yong's groundbreaking performance of Zhao Dehan received acclaim from critics and fans alike.


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