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Zhe Yun Wong also known as "Mr. Wong", is an antagonist in the 2011 videogame Mafia II. He serves as the primary antagonist in Chapter 13, Exit The Dragon.

Role in Mafia II

In Chapter 12, Sea Gift, Henry Tomasino established a business deal with the Empire Bay Triads and wanted Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro to join him. They met Mr. Wong who was suspicious of the Italian Mafia at first. They eventually came to an agreement. They borrowed $50,000 from a loan shark named Bruno Levine. They then began selling drugs and made a lot of money.


Your friend was a government informer. (Joe Barbaro: That's a f--kin' lie!)
~ Mr. Wong explaining why he had Henry killed

Unfortunately, in Chapter 13, Exit The Dragon, Mr. Wong and his men discovered that Henry was a federal informant. They butchered him with meat cleavers at Lincoln Park. Unfortunately for them, Vito and Joe arrived, witnessing Henry's death. They killed some Chinese gangsters and approached Henry's corpse. Outraged, Joe insisted that Vito and himself search for answers. Vito discovered that Mr.Wong was nearby, and probably responsible. They followed Mr. Wong's car to a Chinese restaurant in Chinatown. They stormed the restaurant, and killed all of Mr. Wong's guards. They fought their way and eventually reached Mr. Wong's office. Joe then put a gun to Mr. Wong's head, demanding to know why they had Henry killed. Wong explained that Henry was actually a federal government informant. Joe however, did not believe him, and Vito wasn't convinced either. Wong then explained that the Triads had problems with the Italian Mafia from the very beginning. Joe then immediately had Mr. Wong executed. Vito didn't like that, claiming Mr. Wong could've had more information. Joe disagreed, saying that the Triads are a tough, nasty bunch. Then they left Chinatown.

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