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That bastard was so smug... But I broke his precious little sister with my own two hands!
~ Zhu Shaoyan, on her rape of Kong Ruili

Zhu Shaoyan is a villain in Gen Urobuchi's dark visual novel Kikokugai: The Cyber Slayer. Zhu is a high ranking member of the Triads in a dark futuristic Shanghai where the streets are ruled by gangsters armed with illegal cybernetic weapons. Zhu, all of the ranking Triads is a cyborg, armed with metallic claws, as well as an arm-mounted flail in addition of the usual augmentations allowing for superhuman speed and strength.


Zhu is known to be extremely sociopathic, violent, and sadistic, taking particular pleasure in raping and murdering young women, to the point that she had cybernetic male genitalia installed specifically for the purposes of violating her victims.


Zhu is one of five people ranking Triads who brutally raped and murdered Kong Ruili, the sister of former Triad assassin and skilled martial artist Kong Taoluo. After she was raped, the members of the Triads copied Ruili's conscience on to four "gynoids", female androids used mostly for sexual purposes in a highly traumatic procedure that killed Ruili's biological body, but left her consciousness divided into five parts.

Zhu owned and regularly abused the one of the "gynoids" that contained part of Ruili's consciousness. Zhu is killed by Kong Taoluo after a protracted battle, in which Taoluo severs her arm, uses the built-in flail against her, binding her legs and finishing her off with using a specialized kung-fu technique with uses the body's natural bio-electricity to generate an EMP, destroying Zhu's cybernetic life support systems. Taoluo then copies the portion of Ruili's consciousness from Zhu's gynoid onto one he used.   

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