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We bots die just like humans do. That "death" is exactly what teaches us to appreciate life. We don't have the same lifespan as humans, and the values we attach to life might be different. But even so, we have life just like you, and that means...we have hearts.
~ Ziggy sharing his view on life with Shiki.
Shiki... I was wrong. I should never have raised you. Or have sent you into the skies. Humans are an eyesore. Such foolish creatures... Now is the age of mechanical life-forms. We will rule over all humankind.
~ Ziggy revealing his true nature to his former friends and family.

Ziggy is the main antagonist of the manga/anime series Edens Zero. He was the original Demon King of the Sakura Cosmos, ruling over the Granbell Kingdom as its king. He was also the captain of the warship, the Edens Zero and the creator of the Four Shining Stars. Originally a kind and compassionate robot, Ziggy raised Shiki under his care as his grandson and taught him his philosophical views of the universe around them, to form and value strong friendships with others.

Believed to have been long deceased, he was later revived by unknown means and has remained in the deserted Granbell Kingdom. However, instead of being the kind man he once was, he became a cold-hearted man that has abandoned his views and the people that considered him his family. He is now determined on destroying humanity and to create a universe ruled by mechanical life forms. He now captains the newly established Edens One, with the Four Dark Stars replacing his original crew.

He was voiced by Hōchū Ōtsuka in Japanese and John Eric Bentley in English.


Ziggy's appearance following his resurrection.

Ziggy is a tall robot, built with a demonic appearance, fitting to his title. The majority of his body appears to be depicted in a silver, metallic coating, as well as black in certain areas on his body. He appears to have a skeleton-like face with a green jewel on the center of his forehead and has large, golden horns. He also wears a red cape that covers the majority of his body. This cape of his also has golden shoulder pads depicted as skulls. His chest appears to have large opening with sharp spikes sticking, depicting a mouth of sorts. On the back of his cape has the crest of the Edens One.

Following his resurrection, much of his appearance remains relatively the same, but he has become more battered looking and has grown moss on certain parts of his body. He appears to have lost a chunk of his left horn and his cape has been torn a bit at the bottom ends. He is later restored back to his original appearance after he rejoined the Edens One crew.

Ziggy later gets a new appearance, using his Ether Gear to create a new form. He has a more demonic appearance, with his horns being more defined and intimidating.


Ziggy was a robot that loved those around him, be they machines or humans, as shown when he raised Shiki as his grandson. He appeared to possess a vast knowledge of the world beyond the Sakura Cosmos and shared that knowledge with Shiki. Ziggy was the one that taught Shiki how he'll meet lots of people in various kingdoms and how important friendship was, believing it was the most important thing in the world. Ziggy believed that friends will support you when you need them and that it's important to treasure them forever. Ziggy's knowledge of the universe gave him a reputation among others, who believed him to be a wise and intelligent being.

However, all of this was because he had forgotten his old memories and therefore his original purpose. Once he had regained his memories, he remembered what his purpose was and that was to destroy humanity. He has become a ruthless tyrant that is determined to conquer and destroy humanity, placing the machines above everything else. Despite this, Ziggy has found some use of having humans as his allies, such as Connor, who pilots his warship.

Though Ziggy believes machines to be the far superior race in the world, he doesn't actually appear to value his kind either, despite what his goals may suggest, specifically towards his creations. He believes his creations have no free will of their own and tells them they are to obey their programming and his orders. When Pino resists his orders, he abandons her without hesitation and tells her to rot along with the humans. This suggests that Ziggy doesn't see anything beyond his creations and are nothing more but tools for him to use and manipulate.

Powers and Abilities

Ziggy's display of Satan Gravity.

Ziggy is an Ether Gear user and is perhaps one of the most powerful ones to exist. Having been trained under Xenolith's teaching, Ziggy wields the Satan Gravity and has passed his teachings onto Shiki, in turn. It is later revealed that Ziggy as of now is stronger than Xenolith, as Xenolith himself stated his power could not compare to Ziggy's current state, meaning Ziggy has long surpassed him.

Outside of his strength and power, he has proven to be a very talented and gifted individual with exceptional skill, as he was able to master every technique of Satan Gravity in one day.


  • Satan Gravity: Ziggy is a master in the arts of Satan Gravity, which allows him to control and manipulate gravity itself. He has shown to level the entire Granbell Kingdom before eventually destroying the planet entirely from a mere flex of his power. He can also use his Ether Gear to levitate himself into the air, as well as objects, using them as projectiles. Shiki has mentioned that all of the techniques he's utilized come from Ziggy's teachings, meaning that Ziggy could very well pull off the same techniques as him.
  • Shapeshifting: Using his Ether Gear, Ziggy is able to shapeshift himself and transform into a form stronger than his previous one.


  • Heat Resistance: Ziggy's body armor has an very strong resistance to intense heat as he was able to travel through the flames within the Red Cave without any harm done to him.
  • Mechanical Engineering: Outside of his powers and skill, Ziggy is talented at mechanical engineering as he created various machines and weaponry such as the Four Shining Stars and the Four Dark Stars, as well as his warships the Edens Zero and Edens One.


  • Ziggy was featured on the cover of Chapter 8 of Mashimas Hero's alongside Lucia Raregrove from Rave Master and Zeref Dragneel from Fairy Tail. This cover is a reference to how they are each an antagonist with a personal connection to the main hero of the series which Ziggy continues that tradition. This is due to the fact Lucia is a member of the Raregrove Family, which is are destined to be the rivals of the Glory family as their fathers who are both named Gale are also rivals and Zeref is Natsu's older brother.
    • This chapter was released before Ziggy's villainous role was revealed in a later Edens Zero manga chapter.

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