No second chances.
~ Ziggy's catchphrase

Ziggy, also referred to as The Garbage King, is the main antagonist in the Regular Show episode "California King". He is a local bin collector, the arch enemy of Rigby and the self proclaimed king of the landfill.

He was voiced by Jemaine Clement, who also played Nigel in Rio, Tamatoa in Moana and Fleshlumpeater in The BFG, and Boris the Animal in Men in Black III.



When he was younger Ziggy was dared to spend one night in a landfill, however after his friends never returned to the landfill he decided to stay in the landfill and eventually got used to it.

California King

During his normal bin collecting business he takes away Rigby's trampoline (bed) which the latter had previously thrown out due to him getting a proper bed which he later regretted. Rigby and Mordecai in an attempt to get the trampoline back follow Ziggy through the landfill which he made into his own fortress; unknown to them Ziggy watches on as they do this. When the true reach Ziggy's trampoline throne room he and Rigby decide to challenge each other to a trampoline jumping race with Rigby's trampoline as the winner's prize. Ziggy attacks Rigby numerous times in an attempt to make him fall into the lava below however Rigby's determination to win causes him to remain unharmed and finish the race, Ziggy watches on impressed before tripping over a railing and falling into the lava.

Somehow surviving this Ziggy appears before Rigby after the latter's victory and explains his backstory to Rigby and uses Mordecai as an attempt to make Rigby give up his trampoline however a friend Mordecai and Rigby made in the landfill earlier known as Corny drops himself on top of Ziggy knocking him unconscious. Ziggy is then banished from the landfill.

He was last seen when a pile of used wigs were dropped over him.



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