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Zile Zazic is a major antagonist in the NickToons animated series Speed Racer: The Next Generation. He is a corrupt businessman who desires to destroy the designs to the Mach 6 so that no one can rival his company. He often works through his daughter, Annalise, and his faithful but dumb underling Stan.


Zile Zazic is the leader of Zazic industries, one of the world's largest companies and the creator of the racer academy. Although he seems nice to others, he is actually ruthless and selfish. He has a daughter named Annalise who attends the racer academy and whom he sometimes uses to conduct his schemes.


  • Zile was supposedly revealed in a later episode to be Captain Terror, one of Speed Racer's old enemies.
  • Zile seems to resemble Lex Luthor.
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