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Zippy the Koala

Zippy (also known as The World's Most Fastest Koala) is a recurring antagonist of the Disney XD show Milo Murphy's Law, serving as the main antagonist of the episodes "Picture Day" and "Ride Along Little Doggie".


Picture Day

Zippy was first seen locked inside a crate at the Danville Airport. It wasn't until two teenagers named Chad and Mort assumed that Milo Murphy turned into a vampire, so they hold up a mirror to prove to everyone about their claim. However, the mirror created a flash, which scared two employees into crashing their cart into the crate, freeing Zippy in the process. Taking the opportunity, Zippy causes some trouble in the airport by destroying property and hijacking the cart to drive away.

Eventually, Zippy ends up being caught by the police, and he ends up being fingered by Milo and his friends since they witnessed the event. However, an old lady (who was initially thought to be a suspect) brought her cat, which brought the attention of several police dogs to create havoc in the police station. Zippy took advantage of all the chaos and manage to escape while riding on one of the police dogs named Rex.

Ride Along Little Doggie

It was told that Zippy took hostage of Rex following his escape, and sent a letter to the Danville Police demanding 478 pounds of eucalyptus leaves in exchange for Rex's life. However, the police refuses to oblige to this demand so they sent over Officers Fuller and Hastings to track down Zippy.

To that end, Fuller and Hastings borrowed Diogee to track down Zippy, who was reported to have stolen a motorcycle while taking Rex hostage. The officers and Diogee managed to track down Zippy to an abandoned warehouse next to a donut shop. There, the officers and Diogee found out that Zippy has stolen more motorcycles and recruited several squirrels to separate the parts and sell it for profit.

With that in mind, Fuller and Hastings put Zippy in handcuffs while freeing Rex from his cage, but while they thank Diogee for helping them out, Zippy took the opportunity to escape along with the squirrels.


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