Zita is a skoolchild and a semi-antagonist in Invader Zim.


Zita is a popular skoolchild who attends Zim and Dib's class, notably being the girl who sits behind Zim. While Zita is not truly a villain and has shown kindness to others (e.g. Pigboy), along with defending Zim, she has antagonistic nature and can sometimes be a bully, as well as being the one who calls Dib, who ironically has a crush on her, "crazy" the most, going as far as to using a crazy card to send him to a mental institution. Due to sitting behind Zim, she serves as one of the more prominent skoolchildren in the show.

Villainous Acts

  • Bolognius Maximus: After Dib throws a piece of meat at Zim's head which sticks on to him, Zita, along with the other kids, bully Zim by calling him "Baloney Boy", although this would end after Zim infects Dib with condition that turns him into Baloney, which causes Zita, along with the rest of the class, to kick Dib out.
  • Lice: After Dib finishes a presentation based on Galileo, Zita calls him crazy for it and mocks him by sticking her tongue at him, causing Miss Bitters to give her an A.
  • Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom: In probably her most evil act yet, Zita uses one of her "crazy cards" to send Dib to a mental institution just to get rid of him. This act leaves an opening for the Halloweenies to abduct Dib, arguably causing Zita to cross the MEH.
  • A Room with a Moose: When Dib attempts to save the class from being sent into a dimension with a moose in it, Zita and the others repeatedly taunt Dib, believing he is being crazy until Dib goes to sit on the side of the bus where the kids are on so they would move to the other side to get away from him.
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