You see, after one figures out space and time there isn't much left to fill the void but entertainment. Otherwise, I'd sit here, bored in my boudoir.
~ Zizzy Balloobba

Zizzy Balloobba is the main villain and final boss from MDK 2.


Zizzy Balloobba is the emperor of Swizzle Firma and ruler of the Streamriders. As he himself claims, he has mastered space and time, and thus became incredibly bored as a result, so he decided to use his vast knowledge to invade other planets and conquer them merely for the fun of it. He's a large green alien with no legs who sports a large grin and wers a crown.

Zizzy only appears at the final mission in the game, serving as the final confrontation. The three heroes discuss with him and get enraged that his only reason for invading Earth was for his own amusement, deciding to fight him. Zizzy ends defeated, the ending differing between the three characters. In Max's ending it is shown that after Zizzy's defeat Max decided to take over Swizzle Firma, becoming it's new emperor and making a peace agreement between the humans of Earth and the Streamriders.

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