Zmaj (In translation: Dragon), is the main antagonist of the music video O Kralju (About the King) by the Serbian rap artist Wikluh Sky.


In the video, a father tells his daughter a story about a King. The story goes on that there's a king which has three sons and a palace-like heaven. As a dragon out of nowhere appears in the palace, giving children drugs and making there parents slaves. As one parent asked for help from the King to murder the dragon for his crimes.

As the King said he is too busy, while the dragon kept giving the people and kids drugs. The time went by and all people of his Kingdom became drug-addicts making robberies. The king then told one of his sons to go and murder the dragon. The son went and died from not having condition, because the dragon drugged the whole kingdom as said. King then sends his second son on the same mission, which died the same way as the first one did.

The king then murders his third son, as the dragon became the leader of the kingdom, and the king became a prostitute to try and earn money in anyway possible since all of his privileges got taken by the dragon. At the end a picture shows of the king before and after the dragon becoming a part of the kingdom. As the message of the video is do not do drugs.


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