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Zochi is a major antagonist in the 1995 Street fighter II V anime series. He is the overarching antagonist of the episodes "The Revenge of Ashura – The Attacking Muai Thai Assassin" , "Trap Prison and the Scream of Truth – Proud Ryu" and the main antagonist of "The Superstar of Muay Thai – The Grand Prison Battle Symphony" and "Dark Omen – The Veiled Rightful Ruler".

He was voiced by Shigezo Sasaoka in Japanese and Richard Epcar in English.


Zochi is a ruthless crime lord and the leader of the crime syndicate known as Ashura which is a sub-division of Shadaloo stationed in Thailand being involved with drug dealings around the rest of Asia. He personally has ties with M. Bison and reports to him.

His business in Hong Kong where he was operating a drug shipment, put him and his henchmen against police officer Dorai, the father of Chun Li who wanted to capture them for a long time. That eventually turn him against Ryu and Ken, two young friends of Dorai's daughter who were in Hong Kong at the time. Zochi personally ordered his top henchman Donu to lead an attack with trained Muay Thai fighters against Dorai. However they were beaten by the combined forces of Ryu ,Ken, Fei Long, Chun-Li, and Dorai, as well as some of his students.

As an act of revenge against the Ryu and Ken, Zochi ordered Donu to set up Ryu by putting drugs in his bag during his visit to Thailand. Ryu was arrested and moved to a prison with a brutal Warden named Nuchi who often tortured him. There, Ryu met an inmate named Sagat who was also falsely charged with drug involvement because of Ashura because he didn't want to work with them. Meanwhile, Ken tried to find evidence for Ryu's innocence and personally hunted down Zochi. Both Ryu and Sagat were soon proved innocent and left the prison. Then Ryu and Ken, with help of Dorai went after Zochi's men. They were both soon captured by Zochi who tortured them (even attempting to chop them to pieces with a chainsaw) but they were soon saved by Dora's men and after beating Zochi they escaped and Zochi was captured by the police. Those events were noticed by M. Bison who decided to take matters on his own hands and eliminate Dorai.



  • Dorai
  • Ryu
  • Ken Masters
  • Chun Li
  • Fei Long
  • Sagat



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