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Unlike you, I will lead from a throne, not from the shadows. Every human, including the woman you love, will kneel before Zod!
~ Zod to Clark.

General Dru-Zod is a major antagonist in Smallville, appearing as the main antagonist of Season 9, and a minor antagonist in Seasons 5, 6, and 10.

He is a ruthless and violent Kryptonian, responsible for the destruction of Krypton and setting the events of the series in motion. He was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Jor-El, and again by Clark Kent after being released briefly by Brainiac.

A younger clone, "Major Zod", attempted to manipulate a refugee Kryptonian colony into conquering Earth before being exposed by Clark and banished to the Phantom Zone.

General Zod was portrayed by Michael Rosenbaum, who also portrayed Lex Luthor in the same series, and Major Zod was portrayed by Callum Blue.


Born on the planet Krypton into the House of Zod, Dru-Zod grew up to join the planet's military. Twenty years before the planet's destruction, he had attained the rank of Major and commanded the Kandorian Army. He was also best friends with the scientist Jor-El of the House of El.

In 1966, Zod was leading his soldiers on the border of Kandor during a war against Black Zero. He then witnessed Black Zero's destruction of Kandor which claimed the lives of its residents, including his wife and young son. He tried to run toward the devastated city as the shockwave from the explosion reached the Kandorian border and had to be restrained by Jor-El.

Later, just as Jor-El was sentenced to death by the Ruling Council for stopping an experiment on the battlefield outside Kandor, Zod interrupted the session and made a plea to the Council to spare Jor-El's life.

The Council agreed on the condition that Zod and Jor-El donate their blood so that clones of the Kandorian Army could be led by the two men, who were considered by the Council to be two of Krypton's greatest heroes.

Sometime after that, Zod approached Jor-El as he placed the blood samples into an Orb while showing him the Stones of Power, and begged his friend to use his cloning technology to resurrect his deceased son, but Jor-El refused, fearing there would be adverse effects from the procedure; this angered Zod so intensely that he declared that Jor-El was dead to him as his son.

Twenty years later, Zod had risen to the rank of General and married one of his soldiers, Faora. He then began a war to conquer Krypton and gathered a number of devoted followers who came to be known as his "disciples" (two of whom were Nam-Ek and Aethyr).

When Jor-El created the Brain InterActive Construct to help the Ruling Council fight against Zod and his forces, Zod corrupted the supercomputer's programming to serve his own ends.

Unable to have children, Zod and Faora genetically engineered a son by mixing their DNA with genetic material taken from Krypton's strongest and dangerous life-forms, creating the "Ultimate Destroyer" known as Doomsday, whom they intended to destroy Earth so Zod and Faora could rule the planet.

The couple somehow attached their "son's" genetic matter to Kal-El's spaceship prior to its departure from Krypton.

Zod was eventually captured and sentenced to the Phantom Zone by Jor-El. He was then stripped of his physical body while his spirit was imprisoned in the Phantom Zone; the only way he could ever escape was for him to inhabit a human vessel on Earth.

Although Zod was captured and imprisoned, his war resulted in the destruction of Krypton and the deaths of most of its inhabitants.

Season Five

In 2005, during the second meteor shower that hit Smallville, the Disciples of Zod, Nam-Ek and Aethyr, arrived on Earth along with Brainiac, who had taken the form of a black Kryptonian spaceship. After wreaking havoc in search of Kal-El/Clark Kent, the two disciples were defeated and imprisoned in the Phantom Zone by Clark.

Following Nam-Ek and Aethyr's defeat, Brainiac assumed a human form and set out to free Zod from the Phantom Zone. Posing as a college professor named Milton Fine, Brainiac befriended Clark and manipulated him into using the Fortress of Solitude to open a portal for Zod. Zod almost escaped, but was thwarted when Clark closed the portal.

Zod was finally freed when Brainiac tricked Clark into stabbing him with a Kryptonian dagger given to him by Jor-El to kill Lex Luthor, whom Brainiac had earlier transformed into Zod's vessel by altering his body so that he can possess Kryptonian powers through a vaccine.

After being impaled with the dagger, Brainiac used the dagger to gain control of the Fortress, which he then used to open a portal to the Phantom Zone, allowing Zod to escape and possess Lex. Zod recognized Clark as the son of his friend-turned-enemy Jor-El and offered for him to join him in conquering Earth. When Clark refused, Zod imprisoned Clark in the Phantom Zone.

Season Six

Later, Zod kidnapped Lana Lang, intending to use her to sire an heir for his new Kryptonian empire, and retrieved Brainiac's hard drive, causing the Black Ship to disappear. When Lana tried to oppose him, he impaled her hand to a wall with a fire poker and left to retrieve some equipment from the Pentagon.

Later, Zod began using the stolen Pentagon equipment and Brainiac's hard drive and satellites to transform Earth into a new Krypton when Clark, who managed to escape from the Phantom Zone, arrived and thwarted his plan by destroying Brainiac's hard drive with a burst of heat vision.

Enraged at what Clark had done, Zod rushed at Clark, tackled him, and flew out of the Luthor Mansion window and through the air. The two landed in a forest where Zod brutally beat Clark and demanded that he kneel before him.

Clark, however, tricked Zod into taking hold of a Kryptonian crystal that removed Zod's essence from Lex's body and sent him back to the Phantom Zone.

Season Eight

In the final scene of the season finale "Doomsday", Tess Mercer watches as the Kryptonian Orb glows and hovers in the courtyard of the Luthor Mansion. A naked man then appears and takes hold of the Orb as disembodied voices chant "Zod!" and the Orb itself burns Zod's Kryptonian symbol onto the ground.

Season Nine

In "Savior", Zod's younger clone tries to maintain order among his troops, who were also produced by the Orb. Two of his soldiers, a younger Faora and Basqat, revolt against him and relieve Zod of his command, imprisoning him with a captive Tess Mercer. Later, Zod is brought before his army, but he re-takes leadership by promising to find answers as to why they appeared on Earth without their native Kryptonian powers.

In "Rabid", after one of the Kandorian soldiers,Coats, unleashes a virus to force The Blur (Clark) to reveal himself by donating his blood to create a cure, Zod confronts and chastises him for endangering the Kandorians' safety, but takes interest when Coats shows him evidence that Jor-El made it to Earth. Zod commands Coats to kneel before him before beheading him with a sword as punishment.

In "Salvation", Zod meets with Lois and falsely claims he's The Blur. He then asks Lois to help him find the Book of Rao. Later, Zod's soldiers execute their attack on Earth, with the Kandorians burning Zod's mark on several of the world's monuments.

Zod himself travels to the Fortress of Solitude and finds Tess there. After a tense conversation, Zod is beaten by Tess using Kryptonite brass knuckles.

In retaliation, Zod burns half of Tess's body with heat vision. When Clark arrives at the Fortress and finds the console destroyed, Zod appears and admits his culpability. The two Kryptonians have a tense stand-off before parting ways.

Zod meets with Lois, who has retrieved the Book of Rao but also determines that Zod isn't The Blur. His ruse exposed, Zod tries to kill Lois, only for Clark to arrive and punch him, sending him flying miles away. Moments later, Zod, accompanied by his troops, arrives at the crow's nest. Clark tricks Zod into revealing the truth about Faora's murder, causing his soldiers to turn against him.

After Clark uses the Book of Rao to open a portal to a new world and the Kandorians are teleported there, Zod draws a Blue Kryptonite dagger, nullifying his and Clark's powers. The two then engage in a brutal battle in the rain. Clark ends the fight by stabbing the Blue Kryptonite dagger into his side and falling off the building; this causes Zod's powers to return, and he is teleported to the new world, letting out an angry yell as he is taken away. They sent Zod in the Phantom Zone.

Merging with his Original Self

After the Kandorians send Zod to the Phantom Zone because of his crimes, he met with his original self's phantom wraith and the two soldiers merged into one entity with full memories of both. Darkseid came to Zod's fusion with a offer, he will kill Kal-El and in return for that he will rule the Phantom zone which Zod agreed.

Because Zod's Doppelganger has Kal-El's blood he gained the power to activate the gateway and sent Slade Wilson back to Earth knowing that Clark will follow and so he can finish him off.

Powers and Abilities


  • Solar Battery: Zod can absorb, store and metabolize solar energy.
  • Telekinesis: Zod was able to influence the movement of Kryptonian objects with his mind.
  • Flight: Zod could easily defy the laws of gravity, enabling him to move, levitate, or even hover, through the air without assistance.
  • Healing Factor: Zod's body could heal from any injury almost instantly and was immune to all human diseases, unless he is exposed to blue, gold or green Kryptonite.
  • Super Hearing: Zod's heightened sense of hearing allowed him to hear indirect whispers, pitches, frequencies and other volumes of sound from vast distances away. He was able to overhear the citizens of Metropolis praising the Blur for his role in fighting crime.
  • Super Strength: Zod was extremely strong, able to easily overpower metahumans and even other Kryptonians, making him one of the strongest beings ever shown. Zod's original self easily pummeled a 19 years old Kal-El with his bare hands to the point of causing him to bleed, splitting a boulder in two in the process in Zod. Zod's clone was able to toss Amanda Waller into a car windshield with immense force and accuracy in Sacrifice and demonstrated this same ability when he threw Lois Lane into a phone booth in Salvation.
  • Super Speed: Zod could move and or exercise at incredible speeds that exceeded the sound barrier and made him appear invisible to the human eye. His speed like with his strength is shown to be a class of his own among Kryptonians, as he was able to easily outpace a 19 years old Clark and his clone could keep up with the 22 years old Clark quite well. His reflexes and perceptions were also accelerated, allowing him to perceive speeding bullets in slow motion, as shown by how he easily caught Tess's bullet.
  • Invulnerability: Zod's superpowered body was almost indestructible. He was completely unharmed when he and Kal-El hit a tree at high speeds in and Zod's clone could likewise take blows from the also superhumanly strong Clark with ease. He was impervious to gunfire and could swat away the bullets with his hand as if they were a mere annoyance.
  • Heat vision: Zod could emit extreme pulses and waves of heat along with beams from his eyes. His clone was able to use this power to decimate a full-size truck with John Corben inside in a single blast and also displayed commendable control, as he burned his family crest into Oliver Queen's chest in and burned half of Tess's face without killing them.
  • Arctic Breath: Zod could freeze objects or people with simply his breath. His clone froze John Corben to the point of turning him into ice.


  • Master Combatant: Zod was an extremely skilled and well-trained combatant, having been one of greatest fighters in Krypton considering his high rank on the military, with Jor-El even acknowledging Zod's skills made him a formidable foe even without powers or weapons, making him one of the deadliest foes Clark ever encountered. This is shown by how Zod's original self effortlessly defeated the untrained Clark while his clone effortlessly bested Tess Mencer and though not without considerable effort in his part, was able to best the now fully trained Clark in hand-to-hand combat. He was also an accomplished swordsman, capable of using blades with lethal skill. He effortlessly cut off Coats head with a single stroke and could wield a Blue Kryptonian knife against Clark, cutting him twice before being disarmed and swiftly holding him in knife point upon regaining the weapon.
  • Genius-level Intellect: In addition to his combat skills, Zod has proven himself to be an extremely intelligent individual, ranking as one of the most intelligent individuals in the series.
    • Master Strategist/Leader: Zod was an exceptionally talented and experienced strategist and leader, having been able to quickly rise to the rank of major with numerous successes in the field of battle and his dedication to Krypton, eventually reaching the rank of general. After Jor-El refused to resurrect his son, despite his newfound ruthlessness and coldness, Zod was successfully able to amass a massive army to start a rebellion against Krypton's ruling council and even gain the upper hand during the war for prolonged periods of time upon corrupting Jor-El's version of Dax-Ur's Brain InterActive Construct and turning Zor-El against the Council, allowing him knowledge of the Council's plans, eventually culminating in the destruction of Krypton, which he had helped Zor-El orchestrate, despite being ultimately defeated by his foes. After possessing Lex, he quickly caught Clark off-guard by banishing him to the Phantom Zone and swiftly devised a plan to turn Earth into New Krypton, which only failed due to Clark's unexpected return. Zod's clone was quickly able to regain the trust of his men when they questioned his leadership as they didn't have their powers and swiftly plan to restore his and his men's powers, creating and allowing R.A.O Corporation to be taken over by Tess to create solar towers as well as organizing his forces to integrate with the human society to do so. Despite the failure of this plan, upon regaining his powers and doing the same to the others anyway, he was quickly able to come up with a plan to frame humanity for the murder of Faora to override Clark's influence over his men, correctly anticipating he would defend the humans, which successfully turned them against Clark.
    • Master Deceiver/Manipulator: Zod is an exceptional liar and manipulator, having been able to convince many to join him in his civil war with Krypton, including Zor-El, and his clone was likewise able to deceive Tess and Clark for prolonged periods of time into seeing him as an ally and trick his men into believing it was humanity who killed Faora while it was actually Zod himself, which they only found out when he accidentally revealed it.
    • Master Polymath: Zod displayed a keen understanding of science and technology, as he was able to fuse his and Faora's DNA with other violent Kryptonian life-forms to create their son, "the ultimate destroyer", which lead to the birth of Doomsday, whose power vastly exceeded any other Kryptonian, and corrupt the system of Braniac created by Jor-El as well as accurately calculate that heating Krypton's core would lead to it's destruction. Upon possessing Lex, he was effortlessly able to hack into and gain control over Earth's satellites and arrange it to alter Earth into a planet similar to Krypton, which only failed due to Clark's interference. His clone was able to swiftly master the arts of business enough to found the R.A.O Corporation and was a key helper to the development of the extremely advanced solar towers.



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