Lieutenant Zofia is a Soviet intelligence officer and a major character in the Soviet campaign of Command & Conquer: Red Alert.

She was portrayed by Aleksandra Kaniak.


Soviet Campaign

Lieutenant Zofia provided support for the Soviet Commander in his campaigns to conquer the USA and Europe and defend the Soviet Union from attacks. After Yuri took over the Soviets, Zofia joined the resistance against him and delivered a video tape from the deceased premier Alexander Romanov telling the Commander, the leader of the resistance, to avenge him and stop Yuri.

Yuri's Revenge

After the Allied Forces defeated the Soviets, Zofia was among the few who did not surrender to them. She made contact with the premier Romanov, who was imprisoned by the Allies. Romanov informed Zofia and the Commander of an Allied time machine in San Francisco. Zofia thus assisting the Commander in obtaining the time machine for the Soviets. After the conflict was over and Yuri was defeated, Zofia unprofessionally propositioned the Commander.


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