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Zogu, also referred to as Angel Zogu, is the final antagonist of Ultraman Gaia. She is the most powerful agent of the Radical Destruction Bringer who arrives on Earth to defeat Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul and finally destroy humanity.

Her vocal effect was provided by Motoko Nagino, who was also the suit actress of Zogo's first form and Camearra in Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey, and in addition portrayed the unnamed A-Squad Pink Ranger in Power Rangers S.P.DGiranbo's witch form and Yukina Hazuki in Ultraman Tiga, and Alien Naltis in Ultraman Dyna.


With Zebub's destruction and failure to recruit Ultraman Agul to fight them, the Bringer of Radical Destruction decided to carry out his master plan. Sent one of the strongest agents, Zogu and his Dobishi army. Dobishis were sent first to surround the Earth blocking sunlight and instilling fear in mankind, then they attacked Earth's guardians from land and sea. Zogu then destroyed three Kaiser Dobishi who had fought two Ultras, before descending from the wormhole above the fight in a long beam of light in his angelic appearance, and restored Ultraman Gaia and Ultraman Agul to their full strength, seemingly appearing as Angels coming from heaven to save. Earth.

However Zogu was quick to point out his true motive. He made Agul in a trance to come towards him, Zogu then used a shockwave ball to send him flying across the city and then turned his attention to Gaia. But then Agul tried to endure it himself, but it cost him his life. Zogu then shoots Agul back at Gaia making them both finished, he takes their energy to prevent them from returning. Just before he can kill the human heroes, Gamu Takayama and Hiroya Fujimiya, Team Hercules XIG and EX Gamu Fighters ridden by A.I. PAL, distracted Zogu long enough for the two hosts to flee. However Zogu destroys the EX Fighter along with PAL and returns to his wormhole as his Dobishi army spreads darkness across Earth's skies, and as a result he destroys humanity's will to win against the Brings of Radical Destruction.

However XIG refuses to give and with help from Guard America, XIG uses the Earth Kaiju's energy and converts it into light energy for Gamu and Hiroya to transform back into Earth guardians. As the two heroes are about to eliminate Dobishi's army, Zogu attempts to ambush them, but the two of them are well prepared for him, becoming stronger than ever with the energy they receive. The two of them began launching a barrage of attacks at Zogu. Due to pain and irritation, Zogu changed into his original form.

The original form of Zogu, the demon who became herself during the final episode of Ultraman Gaia. After being crushed by Agul and Gaia's attacks, Zogu releases her angelic appearance to reveal the true demon she is. The enormous beast crushed the building beneath its massive feet and was immediately attacked with a ball of energy, only for the two of them to combine their shields to defend themselves. The Gaia Supreme flew to Zogu, only to be rammed and smashed beneath his feet. Agul frees his allies, then together smashes Zogu's horns, only to annoy the titanic ruler M91, who smacks them to the ground and flattens them with his energy ball.

As the two recovered, the legendary Dragon Mizunoeno arrived at the scene and attacked him with all he had, but it was like a mosquito attacking a demon, resulting in nothing but disturbance. Root of Destruction unleashed another ball of energy, striking the brave guard with enough force to take him out of battle. However, Agul and Gaia had recovered from the attack and flew straight through his throat, erupting out from his back. But even this is nothing more than angering the tyrant, who is chasing after them and destroying everything behind him. But the two Earth heroes managed to get far enough to charge and fire their Photonic Stream and Agul Stream together, forming a burst of energy that tore apart Zogu's massive body. Roaring in pain, Zogu's massive form exploded into a rain of flesh, ending Zogu's reign of terror and the Bringer of Radical Destruction.

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