If one stone can give me such power, imagine what all six will do.
~ Zok

Zok is the main antagonist in the 1993 American-British-French animated TV series Stone Protectors.


Zok is a green alien with red eyes, purple hair, and a purple chest. He also wears a blue cape. On his chest, he wears a gold chain and a belt with a skull on it.


At the beginning of the first episode "Forged in Fire", he and his minions were attacking the crystal palace on a distant planet called Mythrandir where they were after the Great Crystal. Empress Opal sent the stones of the Great Crystal to find protectors for it before Zok and his right hand, Zink, could get to her. However, Zok was able to get on the crystals, which was a black onyx. He forces Opal to tell where she sent the other crystals, but she refused, making Zok use the Onyx to create a giant lava monster to kill her. Just then, the Stone Protectors arrived in their flying car, but they accidentally flew into the gut of the lava monster, trapping them. The Stone Protectors began to play rock and roll, hurting Zok's ears and causing the lava monster to fall apart. Zok and his men broke into battle with the stone protectors. While fighting, the Stone Protectors freed Opal who explained to them that Zok was once after the great crystal a thousand years ago, but was stopped by the Stone Protectors. Empress Opal then escaped with the Stone Protectors on their flying vehicles. As they flew away, Zink was heard having a discussion with Zok, saying they will reclaim the stones for themselves, but Zok said it was for him.

In the next episode "Stranded in Mythrandir", he was at the crystal palace being tortured from hearing loud rock music, which Zink pointed out that it was coming from a hidden mountain location, played by two of the Stone Protectors, Angus and Cornelius. As they made their way up the mountain, Zink was enjoying their music, but Zok hated it, vowing to have classical music during his reign once he takes over Mythrandir. Angus and Cornelius, only paying attention to their music, were floating in midair in a desperate attempt to return to Earth, until they fell down as Zok and Zink destroyed their speakers and captured them. At the Crystal palace, Zok chained Cornelius and Angus and used a drilling machine to remove their stones, but exploded as it tried. Zok ordered Zink to use a device called a stone extractor

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