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Zoltar is an antagonist from the Street Fighter series, being the secondary antagonist in the second half of the anime series Street Fighter II V. He is a scientist and M. Bison's second in command.

He was voiced by Matsuo Matsuo in Japanese and Milton James in English.


Zoltar is a very skilled scientist and a high ranking member of the crime syndicate known as Shadaloo. He is also M. Bison's right hand man and closest minion. After Shadaloo's sub-division known as Ashura was destroyed and their leader Zochi captured, he along with his boss started to plan how to eliminated the Hong Kong police officer Dorai who was the main responsible for this and had started to investigate further in order to find who backed Ashura. Zoltar himself ordered one of his most trusted spies named Balrog who was acting like an agent close to Dorai to hire a mercenary in order to kill Dorai once and for all.

At the same time, Zoltar traveled with his boss to Barcelona where one of their bases was. They were both invited to a supposed dance party in which a famous Spanish fighter named Vega fought Ken Masters in a brutal and bloody cage fight. On their way to the place where the party would take place they saw Ryu training on a beach in order to master the Hadou. During the cage fight, Zoltar informed M. Bison that Dorai's daughter Chun-Li as well that Ken Masters son of the ownwer of a huge corporation were both present much to Bison's delight. Zoltar was then ordered to kidnap both Ken and Chun-Li as well as Ryu and move them to their base in a nearby island. With Ken brutally wounded from his fight with Vega, Chun-Li was left alone to fight and managed to easily knock out Zoltar with a kick to the face but was easily beaten and nearly chocked to death by M. Bison.

After moving all three fighters to their base, Zoltar stared to experiment on them in order to brainwash them and make them loyal minions of Shadaloo. He succeeded with Chun-Li and Ryu, but Ken, whom they used as a hostage in order for his father to pay, managed to escape and eventually fight Ryu. Unknown to them, Ken's father sent two skilled American commandos Guile and Charlie Nash to save his son and his friends. Charlie was the first to enter the command room but was quickly killed by M. Bison. Then Guile approached the room and Zoltar tried to lock the doors but was quickly knocked down with a flash-kick. After recovering, he was ordered to take the rest of their men and move to their base in Cambodia. His fate after that is unknown.


Zoltar was very a intelligent person looking at the bigger picture but also very cowardly as many times he looked scared every time he had to report to M. Bison and also feared that the damage from the fight between the possessed Ryu and Ken might kill them. Even though he was cowardly, his fear most of the times was justified and many of his warnings were falsely ignored by his boss, such as when he warned him about the eventual destruction of their base. He also seemed to dislike violence as he looked a bit disgusted when Charlie Nash was getting choked to death.



  • Guile
  • Charlie Nash
  • Ken Masters
  • Chun Li
  • Ryu
  • Dorai
  • Fei Long


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