Zombears, also known as "The Living Ted" or "Un-Ted", these bears have awakened to torment the living inhabitants of Perfection Island.

Powers and Abilities

Zombears are tough enemies. They have incredible fortitude and strength. While they can be driven to insanity, they are not usually deterred by Naughty Bear's scare tactics. They have allegiance only amongst themselves. Any living bear they find, they will pursue until either ends up dead. When a Zombear is killed, another will rise until there are none left in the area. They are some of the few bears able to find Naughty Bear in the woods.

Appearances in Naughty Bear

Zombears are most prominent in Episode 4: Night of the Living Ted. Nibbles mistakenly chooses a black book between his cookbooks and reads from the pages. When the book explodes and the pages scatter, the Zombears rise from their graves, hellbent on taking out the living. The Army Bears are called to fight them, but they cannot succeed without Naughty to help them and defluff Nibbles and the undead horde.

Zombears also make an appearance in Episode 7: When Aliens Attack. Because of the tin foil hats on their heads, the normally indiscriminate Zombears become subservient under the Alien Bears' influence, thus, they will not harm another living bear except Naughty Bear.

In Episode 10: The Horrible Vampiricorn, the Zombears are called Ghouls and are used by the Vampire Bears and won't attack them for the most part. However, if the Vampire Bears attack first, they will defend themselves. This can be triggered in two ways: the first if Naughty dresses as Oodoo or Zombear Naughty and attacks the Vampires so they defend themselves, or if he dresses as a Vampire and hits the Ghouls. When Stardust is killed, he comes back as a Ghoul.

Oddly, they will attempt to repair objects that have been damaged by Naughty, similar to normal bears. Also when scared, may also attempt to escape via boat or car which is rather strange on how they know how to drive or boat.

List of Zombears

  • King Oodoo, leader of the Zombears
  • Zombear Charlie
  • Zombear Mayday, one of the first zombears in the last zone to die
  • Zombear Ryan, instigator of attack groups
  • Zombear Vincent


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