The zombie was a minor villain in the TV movie Cast a Deadly Spell. He was played by Jaime Cardriche.


Zombies were common in 1948 Los Angeles, mostly as cheap labor imported from foreign countries. They didn't speak or disobey orders, and were often immensely strong. The only problem was that being walking dead people, they tended to simply decay to the point of being incapable of moving, and fall over. They needed to replaced every so often as a result.

Criminals employed them as enforcers and bodyguards. Harry Bordon was one such criminal. With the exception of his assassin Tugwell, Bordon didn't like using living henchmen because he had to pay them, and they "got ideas." So, he used a zombie.

The zombie was a gigantic man in a suit and tie, with blank eyes and an emotionless face. He was incredibly strong. He could crush human bones with his bare hands and grind a gun into bits underfoot. He primarily served as Bordon's bodyguard and chauffeur, but also sometimes assisted Tugwell on missions.

He went with Bordon to Vista Bonita to meet with Amos Hackshaw. After Bordon was shot and killed by the duplicitous Connie Stone, she pointed the gun at Lovecraft and explained that she wanted in on Hackshaw's deal in Bordon's place. Hackshaw didn't want her to kill Lovecraft; he wanted him to be alive to witness the coming of the Great Old Ones, so he used his own power to take control of the zombie, who disarmed Connie.

Now working for Hackshaw, the zombie protected the warlock during the ritual and prevented Lovecraft from interfering, often violently. He simply stood to the side during the coming of Yog-Sothoth, and, after the ritual went wrong and the Old One ate Hackshaw, the zombie, whose "expiration date" had finally arrived, simply fell over dead.

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