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The Zombie Eggs are a cannibalistic race of green monster eggs and the supporting antagonists in the 2009 Mexican animated film Another Egg and a Chicken Movie. This army consists of about 612 zombies. They are the Egg Witch's army.


The Zombie Eggs are raised by the Egg Witch, Toto and his friends prepare for battle in the distance that anyone would see the Egg Witch commanding his new army of zombies, Bacon, and Chocolate were trying to ignite the match, the monsters approached even more and at the last moment, they managed to set the fire to step of the zombies, realizing that the creatures have never affected them, so they prepared to do the catapults with rocks and other elements, destroying several in the majority, though the effort were in vain because the zombies were too many for the group of heroes and was when then intervened Scorpion Eggs, who were destroying all of the zombie eggs in the process.


The Zombie Eggs are green eggs with different zombie traits.


The Zombie Eggs are very slow, dreadful, bloodthirsty, anthropophagous, flesh-eating, grotesque and harmful.



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