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Meow, Meow!

The Zombie Kittens, are the main villainous protagonists of the 2009 gore music-video MEOW, which was produced and animated by the legendary Cyriak Harris.

The cats were illustrated by Sarah Brown.


In the middle of the night, a toxic-waist gets released into a lake, which wake up decreased-zombie kittens from their graves. The kittens end up getting out of their graves and start dancing. All the zombie kittens end up entering the nearest city to murder all the alive kitten citizens of it. Instantly the zombie kittens started attacking the kittens to the point of murdering them.

As expected once they kill the kittens, the zombie kittens would start eating on their flesh. The zombies would end up starting to get into buildings and murdering every kitty inside of it. All the killed kittens would end up losing their souls, and getting awake, becoming members of the zombie kittens.

Kitty soldiers end up getting into the city, starting to shoot the zombie kittens, trying to kill them. Two of the soldiers get cannibalized by the zombie-kittens, while the third soldier end up committing suicide. The zombie kittens end up making a consort, which motivated alive-kittens to jump off their buildings to commit suicide and become members of the zombie kittens.

The music-video ends with the city becoming totally destroyed and owned by the zombie-kittens.


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