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~ Zombie Warrior

The Zombie Warrior is the titular main protagonist of the online flash game, Zombie Warrior Man. He is an ex-soldier and one of the test subjects of the Doctor.



The Zombie Warrior is a human-mutated-zombie who is tortured and experimented by the Doctor. He has a dark-brown skin (white in the game), red eyes, and brown hairs. His body is covered with scars and bloods. He wears a purple shorts and his arms and head are covered with bandages, also he has a medical collar who covers his neck.


It seems the Zombie Warrior is extremely misanthrope, after he is tortured by the humans. He kills every human who confronts him.



The man is a war soldier who is called by his country to the battle. He and his companions are killed but the doctors take him and bring to the hospital for the Doctor's callous experimentations. They tortured him for days, with scalpels, while the man is screaming with pain, and they transformed him into a monster.

One day, a nurse's carelessness give the man a chance to escape. The man forgets everything, except the doctor. And he seeks the vengeance by killing the doctor.

Zombie Warrior Man

The zombie leaves from the elevator and saws a metal table off, with his chainsaw. Later, he confronts a janitor and a doctor, and stabs them on the back, kills them. He confronts a nurse who holds a wheelchair, with a man who completely covered with bandages, and stabs the nurse too. The wheelchair moves on a few steps, and the zombie cuts the wheelchair, while he is cutting, he stabs the man's back of the head, kills him instantly. He cuts a table off and encounters a elderly patient and stabs him on the back. After he kills the old man, he sees a patient who lies on a stretcher down, and he cuts the patient and the strecther in half, and enters a elevator.

Later, he finds a pistol and takes cover behind a half of strecher, and kills a nurse, who throws bottles at him. He keeps on walking and takes cover behind a armchair and kills a man who shoots at the zombie with his pistol, and takes cover a small cabinet. And kills the two men who handle a revolver, and a shotgun, and enters the elevator.

He finds an axe this tame and leaves from elevator. He breaks a ladder and makes a janitor fall, later decapitates him. After he kills janitor, he approaches a sitting man who reads a newspaper, and cuts his both arms, while the man is screaming with pain, the zombie immediately decapitates him. The zombie sees an elderly woman who sits on a wheelchair, and hits her back of the head, kills her, and breaks the wheelchair. An elderly doctor confronts the zombie and warns him about his axe, but zombie decapitates him too. He keeps walking on and sees a nurse and a child. He hits the nurse on his back and kills her, and the child girl says the zombie that she wants a candy, but zombie doesn't listen her and decapitates her. Later, he confronts a obese woman, and cuts his stomach. The woman kneels, and the zombie decapitates her. The zombie destroys a hospital property and enters the elevator.

This time, the zombie finds a shotgun. He kills a doctor who throws knives at the zombie, a cowboy with a disabled right arm, handling a pistol on his left arm, a man who handles a machine gun and a soldier who handles a heavy machine gun, and enters the elevator.

He comes to a room with his chainsaw, and confronts an elderly doctor, who asks for the zombie to sitting down. However, zombie doesn't listen him too and stabs him on the stomach. The doctor kneels, and the zombie decapitates him.

Zombie Warrior Man 2


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