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Zombies are recurring antagonists of the video game franchise Dead Rising and are found in every level of the games, they are slow-moving and mindless creatures driven by a hunger for human flesh and are thus quite similar to the zombies found in Night Of The Living Dead.


Like most zombies, they were once innocent people infected with a plague that made them into undead. A bite from a zombie will cause the infection to spread and their primary weak spot is the head.

The zombie plague in the "Dead Rising" Franchise are caused by genetically altered wasps that were created in an experiment that was meant to reduce the cost of breeding cows. Killing a wasp queen is somehow able to cause every zombie in a radius to have their heads explode and are required to produce Zombrex, a drug that suppresses zombie infection.

When bitten by a zombie it takes on average around 24 hours to become one, though it varies greatly from person to person, and can sometimes depend on where the person is bit (for example, a person bit in the neck will transform within seconds and this is shown in Dead Rising 2, while a bite on an arm or on a leg may take longer). However, if a person is bitten by more than one zombie multiple times, then this may quicken the process.

The only exceptions are perhaps Chuck Greene and Frank West, who both sustained many bites from zombies over the course of games and never became zombies. This is meant for gameplay purposes, but Isabela notes that Frank does have a high resistance to the infection. Gretchen Peregrine explained that a bite needs to be somewhat deep to infect a person.

In Dead Rising, zombies become more aggressive at night. This can easily be observed in any zombies due to their glowing red eyes or by looking at zombies near a Queen that has its eyes red as well in darkness. Zombies can also endure much more punishment at night: for example a Level 50 Frank can jump kick a normal zombie, killing it in one hit. At night, however, it takes two kicks. Between 7 PM to around 7 AM daily, zombies are aggressive with more durability and their red eyes brighter and additionaly they are faster. If Frank stays on one load screen, the zombies never lose their red eyes and evening aggression.

However, this is not consistent throughout the series: unlike Dead Rising, zombies in Chop Till You Drop are weaker at night.



  • Evolved zombies
  • Bowler zombies - fat male zombies wielding bowling balls inside Grumpy Dog Bowling Alley.
  • Carrier zombies - both male and female zombies that are carrying the Queen on their backs.
  • Fat zombies - stronger zombies that appear both male and female.
  • Hairdresser zombies - young female zombies wielding scissors inside Ed's Friendly Barber Shop.
  • Mechanic zombies - fat male zombies found on Still Creek streets wielding large wrenches.
  • Military zombies - male zombies found after failed rescue mission carrying assault rifles.
  • Waitress zombies - young female zombies wielding frying pans inside Momma's Dinner.
  • Cop zombies - strong male zombies wielding handguns or nightsticks.
  • Shopping cart zombies - fat female zombies that push around shopping carts ignoring survivors.
  • Rusher and fat rusher zombies - as the name says those zombies slowly run towards the player
  • Gas Zombies - mutated version of carrier zombie that has been mutated by gases from the underground laboratory.
  • Handbag-wielding zombies - young female zombies wielding handbags.
  • Protester Zombies - young male and female zombies wearing C.U.R.E. clothes and wielding protester signs.
  • Cocktail Dress Zombies - young female zombies wearing a dress.
  • Kitty zombies - young female zombies found around some bars in Fortune City wearing kitty ears and short skirts.
  • Dealer Zombies
  • Showgirl zombies - young female zombies in showgirl attires found in Atlantica and Yucatan Casinos.
  • Bride zombie - a young female zombie wearing a wedding dress that has been killed by Randall Tugman and reanimated as a zombie that latter kills him.
  • Massager zombies - young female zombies wielding massagers.
  • Fanboy zombies - young male zombies wearing fanboy shirts inside the Fortune City Arena.
  • Security zombies
  • Researcher zombies
  • Wrestler zombies - strong fat male zombies found in the Fortune City Arena.
  • Uranus Zone zombies - young female zombies wielding futuristic outfits.
  • Knife-wielding zombies - male zombies wielding hunting knives
  • Scare zombies - these zombies usually lie down only to jump onto the protagonist without a warning. They can also hide in the restroom stalls.
  • Mad zombies
  • Construction worker zombies
  • Propane tank zombies
  • Male and female zombies - the most common type of zombies.
  • Zombie survivors
  • Zombie animals
  • Firefighter zombie
  • Prisoner zombie
  • Football Player zombie
  • King zombie
  • Special Ops zombie
  • Bonzo zombies
  • Twin zombies


  • Brad Garrison
  • Maggie
  • Jesse Miller
  • Calder
  • Tyrone King
  • Jessica McCarney
  • Frank West
  • Russell Barnaby
  • Andrea Brenser (non-canon)
  • Charlie (Protester)
  • Jared Davis (non-canon)
  • Robin Bowers (non-canon)
  • Han (non-canon)
  • Berg (comic-canon)
  • Haverman (non-canon)
  • Hancock (non-canon)
  • Emily
  • Shin
  • Adrian Lee (non-canon)
  • McKenzie (non-canon)
  • Leroy McKenna (non-canon)
  • Greg Simpson (non-canon)
  • Madonna (dog) (non-canon)
  • Calvin Philpot (non-canon)
  • Gordon Stalworth (non-canon)
  • Rodriguez (non-canon)
  • Tucson (non-canon)
  • Heather Tompkins (non-canon)
  • Jolie Wu (non-canon)
  • Pam Greene (comic-canon)
  • Leah Stein (non-canon)
  • Rachel Decker (non-canon)
  • Susan Walsh (non-canon)
  • Wayne Blackwell (non-canon)
  • Cheryl Jones (non-canon)
  • Jonathan Picardsen (non-canon)
  • Sharon Riesinger (non-canon)
  • Jefferson (non-canon)
  • Wakowski (non-canon)
  • Brady (non-canon)
  • Dickson (non-canon)
  • Cherry (non-canon)
  • Ronald Shiner (non-canon)
  • Simone Ravendark (non-canon)
  • Freddie May (possibly)
  • Burt Thompson (non-canon)
  • James Ramsey
  • Collins (non-canon)
  • Mabel Louise (non-canon)
  • Sonya Paddock
  • Barbara Patterson (non-canon)
  • Kathy Peterson (possibly)
  • Ryan LaRosa (non-canon)
  • Aaron Swoop (non-canon)
  • Floyd Sanders (non-canon)
  • Sally Mills (non-canon)



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