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Zombies are hostle enemies in the videogame Lollipop Chainsaw. Unlike the zombies in most video games; these Zombies can talk, and some zombies are intelligent.


They were once humans, infected by a miasma from Rotten World, the homeworld of the undeads. The miasma is highly contagious and can spread from person to person. Once that human transforms into a zombie, they develop the lust for human flesh and cause mayhem with their destructive nature and life threatening, zombie-causing agents. As Morikawa stated there is no changing back once humans turn into zombies. All that can be done is to kill them, kill them quickly and pray for their unfortunate souls.

It seems that once humans become zombies they no longer contain their vulgar desires they hid from others in life and proceed to brag expressively and act on them.

Type of Zombies

  • Jock Zombies
  • Fire Fighting Zombies
  • Workout Room Zombies

Known Zombies

In the game, there are multiple zombies that are far stronger than the regular zombies. These are the mini-bosses.

  • Alexander
  • Anastasia
  • Bill
  • Brett
  • Chat
  • Christina
  • Danielle
  • David
  • George
  • Hazmat
  • Jack
  • Jay
  • Jerry
  • Josephine
  • Juan
  • Lucid
  • Marie
  • Mark
  • Mikaela
  • Mr. Fitzgibbon
  • Paul
  • Peter
  • Roberta
  • Ryu
  • Samantha
  • Stephanie
  • Steven
  • Tobe
  • Uwe
  • Wesley

Intelligent Zombies

Zombie of Zombies


  • There are three different methods to transform a human into a zombie, some of which may be exclusive to Lollipop Chainsaw:
    • The spread of hazardous fumes that originate from the Rotten World.
    • Spreading an agent through lethal bites on the host's body - Typical zombie infection method.
    • Attacking a target until the victim succumbs to death, then into reanimation - Another typical zombie infection
  • On certain concept arts of Lollipop Chainsaw in Japanese magazines, there appears to be two African-American zombies noted for their prominent Afros and white cut-outs. It appears that they were meant to take part in the Zombie Album, but were possibly removed for unknown reasons.
  • In the censored version of the game exclusive to Japan, the blood of the zombies will be replaced with Sparkles and a Glittery substance when a body part is dismembered.


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