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Villain Overview

"Rabid" Zombies are the main non-human antagonists of the 1977 body-horror film by Canadian filmmaker David Cronenberg, Rabid, and its 2019 remake of the same name, this time directed by the Canadian Soska Sisters, Jen and Sylvia.

They were portrayed by a varied list of actors including Howard Ryshpan as Dr. Dan Keloid, J. Roger Periard as Lloyd Walsh, Gary McKeehan as Smooth Eddy, Terence G. Ross as The Farmer, and Allan Moyle as the Lobby Goer in the 1977 original.

In the 2019 remake, they were also portrayed by a varied list of actors including Stephen Huszar as Dominic Danverse, Joel Labelle as Trent Taylor, and Hanneke Talbot as Chelsea.


Rabid (1977)

In the original, they were accidentally created after Dr. Dan Keloid's graft surgery on a very injured Rose seemingly went well but left her only being able to consume blood and with a stinger she could use to pierce her victims.

The new experimental surgery side effects led to Rose indirectly causing a new type of "rabies" epidemic in Montreal and Quebec while killed and infected many citizens including Dr. Keloid which would turn the infected into hostile and aggressive zombie like monsters.

Eventually Rose herself was killed by one of the infected effectively stopping her from spreading it anymore, although the infected still roamed violent and angry without any follow up ever being discovered about what happened in Montreal following the outbreak.

Rabid (2019)

In the remake, they were once again created due to the surgery on Rose having side effects, however, this time the whole thing was planned and organized by Dr. William Burroughs who performs the type of surgery he used on Rose on several others as he is attempting to show how he can play god by creating monsters through the surgeries to create genetic creations of mass destruction as part of his new ideas.

It is also revealed he had lost his moral after his wife died of cancer and he brought her back as a horrid and terrifying creature in agony and pain. He believes his actions to be right as he despises humanity for what it is and believes in something better.

His surgery on Rose causes her to become beautiful and more alive then ever, but she soon discovers she can only consume human or animal blood and she causes a epidemic just like in the original when infects others who in turn spread the disease forward causing a new chain of rabies similar to the original virus.

During the course of the movie, Rose attempts to reveal her cravings, actions, and pain to Burroughs on constant visits but he debuffs her and explains she is just suffering side effects from the surgery and to keep taking her pills and to rest when tired.

However, in the final scenes of the film, he reveals his true intentions to Rose and Brad Hart but Rose accidentally kills Brad with her tape worm like appendage Burroughs had created in her as she herself kills the creature in her and then kills Burroughs creation using his wife's body in a attempt to bring her back after he death from Cancer. Rose kills the creature and then herself as a horrified Burroughs watches on.

In the climax, it is revealed the virus was contained and that those infected were killed as a way to stop the infections. However, it is revealed Rose is alive and immortal from death due to Burroughs experiments as he keeps her locked up as she awakens in horror as he tells her his work is only getting started as the film ends signifying his plan to resurface the end of the humanity.

Symptoms of the "Rabid" Virus

  • Extreme paleness.
  • Snot like fluid around the eyes and mouth. 
  • Nausa.
  • Blue fomaing at the mouth.
  • Aggression.
  • Fever.
  • bags under eyes.
  • Hostility.
  • Craving for human blood and flesh.


Rabid (1977)

Prior to being infected, the citizens of Canada likely led their lives going about normal activities with the common life events of crimes and such still happening.

After being infected with the virus however, the infected became hostile, violent, and sadistic as they lured after only one thing, eating or drinking the flesh and blood of uninfected humans respectively.

They seemed to have however maintained some of their inteligance prior to their infection as made evident when the two construction workers used a jackhammer to unlock the car door allowing them to attack and eat the driver of the cab that was transporting two medical officials in the city and when a infected Smooth Eddy attempted to use a weapon to make eating his boss a easier mission by incapacitating him. 

Rabid (2019)

In the remake, the citizens were just normal modern day people including some good and bad. However, following their infection, those infected would appear more hostile and agressive to those they were around or came across.

They also became extremely violent and dangerous as seen when Dominic Danverse became fully rabid and attacked and infected a co-star while filming their show and when the infected co star later went berserk and brutally attacked a nurse and two strong male nurses who attempted to restrain him before he proceed to smash his head in a glass window.


Rabid (1977)

After Rose and her boyfriend, Hart Reed, crashed into a grass area in the countryside and Rose was badly burned and injured by their motorcycle's explosion, the pair were transported to the nearby Keloid Clinic for Plastic Surgery where head doctor Dan Keloid decides to perform a radical new procedure on Rose to save her life. Unknowingly, the new surgery would cause a horrid mutation in Rose that would have severe consequences.  He uses morphogentiacally neutral grafts to her chest and abdomen in the hope that it will replace the damaged skin and organs.

One month later, Hart is released while Rose remains in a coma. Soon after Hart was relased, Rose aburptly woke up one night in a panicked sweat and begin freaking out prompting a patient named Lloyd Walsh to comfort her and reassure her that everything was okay. However, as he comforted her, but in the process he pierces his skin as she holds him causing him to lose his conscious. 

When he awakened, he was being checked on and monitored by Dr. Keloid and a nurse who caught him when he passed out as they asked him what had happened. When he was asked, Lloyd stated he could not remember anything afterwards and the doctor does not know what caused the injury on his right arm; it is only known that his blood is not clotting from the wound and he cannot feel anything on his right side. 

While Dr. Keloid transfers him to Montreal Genaral Hospital for further evaluation, his experimental procedures on Rose are revealed to have caused a mutation in her body that made her able to only subsist on human blood. A new organ resembling a red phallic stinger emerges from a small orifice below Rose's armpit, which pierces her victims and draws their blood as it is revealed to be what stabbed Lloyd.

One night, Rose leaves the clinic to feed upon a nearby cow's blood which makes her vomit. A drunken farmer tries to attack and rape her, but she pierces and feeds on him before calling Hart to pick her up. Soon after Rose infected Lloyd and the farmer, they both suddenly become hostile and sick as the next day, the farmer turns into a pale zombie-like monster and attacks and infects a waitress at a nearby diner before he is subdued by the cook and dinersan and Lloyd discharges himself from the clinic. 

While taking a taxi to the airport, he begins foaming at the mouth and appears deathly ill as he attacks the driver causing the pair to crash off into the freeway as a oncoming truck totals the car killing both the infected Lloyd and the driver of the taxi. The night prior, Rose attacks a young nurse in a hot tub once returning from the farm, and then hides her dead body in a freezer.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Keloid is comforting Rose as she appears distressed. He notices and examines the strange opening under her arm, but Rose's phallic syringe suddenly emerges and strikes him in the hand as she grabs and holds him down while she drinks his blood also causing him to suddenly pass out. 

At the clinic, Rose phones Hart to come to her aid, for she feels that she's in trouble. Hart calls Murray Cypher to tag along with him. Later that day, Dr. Keloid who appears like he also forgot what happened goes into the O.R. to operate on a patient when he suddenly begins foaming at the mouth and also transforms into a green-eyed zombie who proceeds to hack off a nurse's finger with surgical scissors and drinks her blood.A few orderlies attack back at the vicious Dr. Keloid, as Rose takes advantage of the chaos and confusion to make her escape from the clinic.

She hitches a ride to Montreal from a passing truck driver named Smooth Eddy, who has food in the cab of his truck. After he offers some to the famished Rose, she eats it and it seems to satisfy her momentarily, but she then vomits it back up, eventually feeding on the driver as she has done to the others. He is later woken by a patrol officer as he fails to recall what happened and goes on his way. 

Hart and Murray pass the diner where the infected farmer attacked the waitress, and then arrive at the clinic to find more police cars and a rabid and vicious looking Dr. Keloid in the back of a police van, growling and foaming at the mouth. The police tell Murray and Hart that they think it's a new strain of rabies. Hart panics when he learns that a body was found in a freezer, but to his slight relief, it's the nurse that Rose killed in the hot tub.

At the police station, the chief of police, Claude LePointe, meets with Hart, Murray and a few public health officials who talk of an epidemic.

Just then, as Hart and Murray watch a TV broadcast of various other reports of attacks, an officer, who was apparently bitten by the infected Dr. Keloid at the clinic, appears growling and foaming at the mouth. The infected officer attacks Hart only to be shot dead by the other officers.

To stop the disease from progressing, everyone at the scene, including Hart and Murray, are to be held at the police station for 48 hours. Hart calls Mindy Kent who is Rose's best friend, and is pleased to hear that Rose has been in touch with her. Over the phone, Hart tells Mindy to keep Rose at her apartment until he can get there.

During this time, the virus finally arrives in the city as Smooth Eddy returns to his station and attempts to attack his boss but is attempted to be stopped by nearby colleagues who possibly also get infected. Elsewhere, Mindy is riding on a subway when she notices a extremely ill and pale looking woman who appears to be sick with a cold, however, she soon foams blue foam at the mouth and infects a nearby man causing panic on the train as Mindy and the others scurry to escape the scene. 

The next day, Claude LePointe is riding in a limo with a local health official to inform the mayor that the situation is getting out of control. Just then, the limo is blocked at a construction sight, and two infected crewmen attack, putting a jackhammer through the limo door and dragging the shocked driver, whose thigh was injured by the jackhammer, out to feed on him, while the official and LePointe are forced to leave their driver for dead as they barely escape by driving themselves away in reverse.

On TV, Dr. Royce Gentry talks about the dozens of rabies cases popping up all over the city, and advises a "shoot-to-kill" policy to prevent the infected from infecting others. Rose goes out to a local shopping mall filled with Christmas shoppers. Another leering man approaches her to make small talk, and to try to pick her up.

As Rose agrees to walk with him, he asks her for a light, but she tells him that she doesn't smoke. The man asks another man standing nearby for a light, and the man turns around revealing the now infected man who was bitten by the woman on the train and then proceeds to bite and infect the man Rose is with as well. Panic breaks out in the mall as two armed security guards appear and shoot the infected man dead, as well as an unfortunate man dressed as Santa. The guards shoot the wounded man who tried to pick up Rose as well, since he is now infected. Rose again slips away unnoticed.

Meanwhile, extreme martial law is declared in Montreal and all the surrounding areas. Dr. Royce Gentry makes another TV appearance to announce that the current rabies shots don't appear to be working. But he and his men have developed a vaccine to administer to those not infected with the virus.

Those already infected, however, must be killed to prevent the epidemic from spreading any further. It also revealed that sometime after a person has become feral and infected, they will eventually fall into a coma and eventually fully die sometime shortly after. 

At a National Guard road block to check for people infected, Hart and Murray view a long convoy of soldiers in NBC suits and riding on garbage trucks heading into the city to assist the local authorities with the body disposal. Hart then takes Murray home and drives off in Murray's car to look for Rose. When Murray walks in his house, he finds his baby dead and is attacked by his now-infected wife. Whether Murray is killed or survives albeit ending up infected himself is unknown.

As Hart drives through the deserted city, a infected maniac jumps on the car, but is shot dead by a militia marksman. Soldiers in bio-warfare suits remove the infected man's body to dump it into the nearby garbage truck and spray disinfectant on the windshield and permit him to carry on his way.

At Mindy's apartment, she watches a news report about a possible "carrier" of this lethal disease which has now been traced back to the Keloid Clinic, who is possibly immune. Rose walks into the room.

A little later, Hart arrives to find Rose feasting on Mindy's body. Hart finally realizes that Rose is the carrier of the virus and tries to reason with her to seek treatment, but Rose refuses to believe him. She is in denial that she is feasting on blood and the one responsible for the city-wide epidemic that has now claimed thousands of people. She tries to run, but he chases after her. In a struggle, Hart falls down a fire escape ladder and is knocked out.

Rose runs into the apartment building lobby, where she picks up another man in the lobby and has him take her back to his apartment. To see if Hart's accusations are true, Rose infects the guy with her phallic piece and then locks herself in the man's apartment and intends to stay there until she can see whether or not he becomes sick.

Rose dials Mindy's phone number, and Hart stumbles back into the apartment to answer it. Rose tells Hart what she is doing, but he knows what will happen and frantically tells her to get out of the man's apartment. Hart sits helplessly at the receiver, which he smashes, as the infected man in his apartment wakes up, growling and foaming at the mouth, and approaches Rose killing her off-screen. 

The next morning, Montreal is nearly deserted. The streets are quiet except for distant gunfire and the sound of police and ambulance sirens. Soldiers in bio-ware suits find Rose's stiff, open-eyed body, laying next to some garbage cans in an alley. The body collectors pick up her body, toss it in the back of a garbage truck, and drive away, not realizing that she is the carrier of the virus and possibly the only possible solution and antidote to the mayhem that continues to plague the city.

As the movie ends here, it is unknown what became of the infected and whether or not the solders could fully eliminate them in order to save themselves and the uninfected civilians leaving everyone's fates unknown. However, it can be assumed that martial law and enough quarantine could have allowed the solders to eventually stop the infection from spreading and take out any of the zombies. 

Rabid (2019)

In the remake, Rose is a assistant to famed fashion designer Gunter and desires to be respected and have her designs viewed and appreciated. She works alongside her adoptive sister and best friend Chelsea who is a model as the pair get along greatly despite Rose's treatment from Gunter and the other models and staff for being shy and quiet.

She is asked by Gunter's sweet, kindhearted, and attractive photographer Brad Hart to attend that nights after party with him following the fashion show. Although initially skeptical, Rose happily agrees and tells her sister who appears happy for her.

At the party, Rose is let in but after the bouncer first makes sure she is on the list despite letting two attractive twin models for Gunter in without a second look. Inside, Rose meets up with Brad as the pair flirt when the two have a discussion as why Rose is waiting her time working with someone like Gunter and she admits her love for fashion and how clothes make her feel comfortable with herself. Intrigued and happy with her positive outlook, he kisses her but she appears shocked and pulls back as he apologizes and asks her if she wants a drink and she agrees as he goes off while she uses the nearby bathroom.

In the bathroom, Rose hides in a stall when the twin models from earlier enter to freshen up when they start trash talking shit on Rose for her scars from a accident that killed her family which led to her being adopted in Chelsea's family and for her weird nature in general proclaiming their pity for Chelsea and Brad who they reveal was asked by Chelsea to take Rose.

Rose becomes upset and furious and when confronting Chelsea, she apologizes and tells her she just wants her to be happy since she knew how much she liked Brad and how he felt the same a little, but she lashes out for her invading her life and leaves the club in a hurry with Chelsea behind her.

As Rose leaves on her motorcycle, Chelsea indirectly distracts Rose causing her to get hit by a passing truck driver and she is injured severely as Chelsea screams in horror and rushes to her friends side. Rose awakens in the hospital along with Chelsea by her side when it's revealed Rose's left cheek and jaw was mangled in the accident and that she had lost some intestines during the accident as well. Rose sees her wounds and appears emotionally upset as Chelsea apologizes and informs her that she cannot return to work.

Rose soon moves in with Chelsea who happily accepts her into the home even stocking the fridge with vegetables and fruits since she knows of Rose being a vegan and informs her that Brad was worried and sent his blessings although she ignores this and thanks Chelsea using her chalkboard to communicate by writing her messages. Soon after Chelsea returns to work, Rose breaks down without being able to talk due to her jaw being closed shut and struggles to drink a smoothie through her mouth gape as she regains her composure.

As she scrolls through her emails, she ignores Brad's emails asking if she okay and that he would like to see her as she spots a email from the local research and medical facility, The Burroughs Clinic, as they send a video explaining their recent new experiments than can expand the limits of the regular human and offer Rose a chance to not only get better, but better than what she was.

Along with Chelsea, Rose travels to the clinic where she is watched and later meets with the owner and lead doctor named William Burroughs who explains how he opened the clinic along with his late wife Cynthia and are attempting to expand human genetics past what they thought was initially the limit.

Although skeptical of the costs and affects, Rose is assure by Burroughs who says since Rose meets the qualifications, she is able to get the surgery for free and with some conniving one on one with Chelsea, she agrees as the two embrace as Burroughs watched from the hallway window.

The surgery is successful and Rose is completely fixed of her injuries and looks better than ever also now noticing she does not need her glasses anymore. However, she feels queasy on her stomach from hunger and hears a man whistling from down the hall as she follows the noise. In the clinic pool, well known actor Dominic Danverse is swimming as he suddenly notices Rose near the entrance to the pool as the pair stare at each other as she enters the pool and he questions her on her well being and compliments her appearance as she says he looks familiar.

The two continue to grow closer when they embrace and begin to make out aggressively when suddenly Dominic pulls back realizing Rose had bitten his tongue. Rose suddenly and seemingly returns to her right mindset and flees after realizing what she did as Dominic calls out to her as he curses out loud.

The following day, Rose informs him of the incident but leaves out Dominic and the biting and she fears something is wrong but Dr. Burroughs calms her and reassures she is just dreaming and warns her to get sleep as the delusional dream must have been a cause as he also informs her of the side effects of the procedure and gives her medicine to help complete her transformation and a bunch of 'protein' drinks to consume if she finds herself unable to consume regular foods as she gets ready to leave.

Chelsea is seen in the waiting room when Rose appears and at first, she does not recognize her but after she realizes its her, Chelsea is stunned at Rose's beauty and the two embrace as they leave together. Back at the house, Chelsea and Rose talk as Rose wants to return to work when Chelsea gives her the idea to work with her desires as she begins to paint new designs she will show Gunter.

Later on, she hears a knock at the door and answers to find Brad who is also stunned at her surgery success and apologizes for what happened as she accepts it and appears upset at the fact that Chelsea had to ask him to take her. Brad appears sorry and tells her he is glad she is okay and that he would like to take her out, but she rebuffs his advances and closes the door on him as he says she is gonna make him work for it.

That night, Chelsea and Rose are attending the nightclub as they talk about her rejecting Brad and she reveals she hadn't talked to him. As the duo enter the club, the bouncer this time immediately lets them in shocking Rose but she accepts it after Chelsea said her looks have changed and she is completely hot now.

Also leaving the club at the same time is Gunter and two of his friends as he realizes Rose is Rose and he also compliments her beauty and appears stunned by her as he asks her about her dress she designed. He loves the dress and quickly tells her she is able to come back to work and is happy to work with her ideas as she agrees. He also then puts down Chelsea warning her not to get fat as Rose appears more surprised by the change of people's actions to her as they enter.

In the club, Rose and Chelsea drink as they dance with two individual men and drink together. Eventually Rose leads the man alone and begins to make out with him before suddenly ripping his shirt and scratching his stomach leaving claw marks before suddenly pouncing at his neck and biting him. However, she wakes up apparently revealing it to be a dream even though it was later revealed to be real.

Meanwhile, in a filming studio as he is getting applied makeup, Dominic is seen but is shown to be easily agitated and is suffering from a fever as he appears angry at everyone and more hyper then usual. He insults his female co star before the shoot and agressively grabs her during the scene as he becomes angry at her for ruining the scene as the director comforts him and tells him hes doing good but to keep it back.

Things seem fine until they bring another actor on the stage named Trent Taylor who will be a new doctor on the show. Dominic appears aggressive at the newbie who seemingly disrespects him as Dominic then becomes furious and curses out as he suddenly lunges and tackles Taylor to the ground before proceeding to rip chunks of his flesh off as he is restrained by on-set security as the director and others appear in horror and shock.

Back home, Rose appears ill feeling and attempts to take her medicine as she cowers over from apparent hunger pains. Before she can take her pills, she collapses and passes out from pain. She later awakens and consumes a bottle of the drink Burroughs gave her. She then becomes hungry again and instead of eating the food she use to prefer her, she in a sudden urge swallows the blood from the raw meat in the fridge eventually snapping out and realizing what she had done as she appears shocked but remains hungry.

Meanwhile, a man named Billy is thrown out of a club as he curses at the two security guards and threatens to kick their asses before he storms off. He proceeds to flirt with a woman on the sidewalk but she ignores him and walks off as he begins to fire rude and insulting words at her while a emotionless Rose is now seen slowly following him to his car.

At his car, he appears suddenly shocked at her but quickly cools down as he flirts with her as she asks him for a ride. Looking to get lucky with her, he happily agrees and tells her to get in. In the car, she begins to kiss his hands and puts his fingers in her mouth as he proclaims he knew she was nasty before she suddenly bites his finger as he appears initially shocked before becoming turned on and aggressively kissing her as suddenly she begins to tear into his neck taking him down to the seat she suddenly wakes up and thinks it was just a dream until she notices the blood on her fingers and mouth.

That night, at the hospital, a nurse hears a patient and goes to check on them. In the room, it is revealed to be Trent Taylor, the actor that was attacked and bitten by Dominic. She initially tries to comfort him and playfully says he was not suppose to remove his bandages before he suddenly turns around revealing his mangled face and revealing he is now fully "rabid". He attacks and bites off the nurses finger and tackles her to the ground before slamming her head on the floor twice before two male stronger nurses appear to restrain him but they are also infected as the hostile Taylor slams his head into a glass window breaking it.

Rose returns to the clinic to talk with Dr. Burroughs about her apparent nightmares concerning her drinking blood as he explains she is just desiring something and she tries to explain her lack of control almost as if it is not her attacking the people in the dreams but something controlling. She tries to refer to them as nightmares but he corrects and tells her they are allusions. She tries to say she is a monster but he tells her that her inner demon is the true monster and that the human being is the creator of their own destiny.

Rose soon returns to work and is welcomed back by Gunther who examines the paintings she had been working on as he appears pleased and very happy with the results and tells her they are ready to designed despite her initial suspicious, he praises her and she happily thanks him as they get to work.

Back at the hospital, Dr. Riley from the CDC meets with Dr. Beverley to discuss the recent strings of the hostile disease. As they walk and talk, he questions the new disease as he states it seems to be similar to that of the rabies virus as Dr. Beverley says it's a variant it seems but the symptoms seem to be far worse and more aggressive.

She then informs him of the first reported case as they approach Dominic who was the first infected and is seen restrained to a bed as he shakes violently. The duo apply gloves and safety masks as they approach the bed to find Dominic now with bloodshot eyes and foaming intensely at the mouth as he lunges at the pair but is stopped by his restraints. Dr. Riley then expresses a need to examine Dominic to further evaluate the disease.

Back at work, Rose is confronted by Brad who appears happy to see her and she informs him of her recent visits to Dr. Burroughs as he questions on what she had been doing there as she exclaims just checkups as he eventually is able to smooth talk and convince her to a date.

At the small restaurant, the two talk as Rose expresses her worries about the recent nightmares as he asks her about them and she explains the realness. Brad expresses that he truly does care about her and attempts to reveal a secret but she suddenly feels a sharp pain in her mouth as she excuses herself to the the bathroom where she discovers a tape work like creature under her mouth that must have been the cause of the recent attacks on the men.

She returns to the table and is preparing to leave as Brad asks if she okay and needs a ride when suddenly a infected man breaks through the glass window next to the pair and tackles both to the ground. Brad regains his composure and throws the man away from Rose but another patron is then bitten by the infected man as Brad suddenly lunges into action and beats the infected feral man to death with a nearby fire extinguisher as he suddenly realizes Rose is gone and calls out for her.

Dr. Riley and Dr. Beverley analyze the infected Dane who is contained inside a small chamber to avoid her causing damage to anyone else. They note that the person infected is no longer any of themselves after they succumb to their infection noting that the disease has conflicted the nerve system turning them insane and making them dangerous to themselves and everyone else.

They also note the importance of getting a vaccine as soon as possible as they talk about that within 48 hours, the mutant strain has already spread like crazy and could cause a potential horrific epidemic if not terminated sooner than later.

The pair are seen walking in a seemingly quarantined area containing workers with safety precautions and many ill looking patients who are infected with the virus. Dr. Riley begins to put the pieces together and realizes their must be a common denominator in all this as he believes something or someone has been in close contact with all the people and if not stopped or contained, could in turn spread to more.

Dr. Beverly proclaims of a local news announcement but Dr. Riley refuses not wanting to cause panic within the city, instead telling them to quarantine those infected within the city as he expresses the dangers of the rabies virus when suddenly they hear nearby screaming as they turn to see a infected man in a Santa suit who broke free of his restraints and is shot down by two local officers.

During the same time, Rose is seen screaming in horror after observing the creature in her mouth which had enlarged to something in her mouth larger with sharp and pointy teeth and she screams and scurries around in a alley way when a kind man notices and tries to get her out of the alley worrying for her health. She tries to run him off but his kindness causes his death when the creature in her mouth grabs and devours him without her being able to do anything about it.

Rose awakens the following morning and soon discovers the liquid she had been drinking is seemingly blood like. She appears shocked and skips taking her medication as she heads to work. At work, Brad and Rose talk about what happened last night and she excuses it mentioning the medication she had been taking and he tells her that he took her home despite what she can recall being real with the man.

While Gunter wants Rose to observe a dress on Chelsea, she uses a pair of scissors to make the design more open and vibrant which in turn impresses Gunter enough to proclaim the dress and Chelsea to close the upcoming show much to her happiness.

The night of the show finally arrives and Rose is seen looking for Chelsea who is late as the people start to arrive and the models are seen getting ready. Soon after, Rose is called by Dr. Burroughs who reveals that he needs her to stay the clinic for a extended stay after looking through her results and asks if she can come tonight, but she reveals she cannot until tomorrow, he accepts this but appears blank and stares off.

Chelsea finally arrives upset and crying revealing to her friend Kira that she was attacked and bitten by a crazy woman on the train and she appears sick after trying to drink some water as she begins to get prepped.

Outside, Rose unaware that Chelsea had arrived tries to call her outside when the stomach pains suddenly return and she soon passes out as two men hear her and laugh in amusement at her struggles as they try to record the video of what they think is just a drunken and crazy women as she calls for help from them when suddenly the tapeworm creature stabs the black man in the neck killing him seemingly as Brad suddenly arrives and knocks the other man out for laughing at Rose. He is able to contain the tape worm creature and takes her back inside. However, soon after leaving, the black man suddenly and quickly rises as one of the "rabid" zombies from his infection.

Inside, Rose awakens initially dazed but remembers the incident outside when she is confronted by Brad who says he found her outside and needs to take her to the clinic immediately but she refuses wanting to see Chelsea and her dress close the show which he unwillingly but eventually accepts as the show soon begins but Chelsea appears more paler. Rose and Chelsea comfort each other before Chelsea tells her she is fine and would not change anything for the world as she leaves her backstage. Rose takes a front seat next to Gunter.

During the show, a male model and performer appears to gag but seems fine until he collapses walking back to the back and falls off the stage but regains his composure and returns back staggering. Brad then appears next to Rose and tries to tell her he knows what is going on and they need to go now when suddenly model screams and a now "rabid" Chelsea is seen attacking her before walking out on stage as she suddenly pounces on and infects Gunter.

Suddenly the place is a panic as people flee and the black man from earlier who is now severely infected gets shot down and soon after so does Chelsea as Rose screams.

Brad and Rose arrive at the clinic as Rose appears emotional and distraught over Chelsea's death as Dr. Burroughs quickly apologizes and tells her he never meant for it to stress her and rush things. Brad insults Burroughs who exclaims angrily they he has everything under control and Rose exclaims she knows she is behind what has been happening.

As the doctor leads her down the hallway, she tells him that the nightmares were real and she was causing the outbreak and was the sickness. He refuses this and tells her that maybe there is a sickness that is killing hundreds of thousands of people and that their could be a cure to it if she would comply with listening to him.

He tells her it is already with them and it is named "Death". He then leads her and Brad into a red room before suddenly slamming the door behind them as he appears in the next room over with a glass protector between the rooms as they realize they are locked in.

Burroughs appears grim and eerie as he expresses to Brad that it might be time to finally come clean with poor little Rose about what has been going. Brad tries to stop him, but he reveals he had hired Brad to keep a eye on Rose outside the clinic showing he knew about and created what Rose had became on purpose using the surgery and that the talk he had with Brad when he came to visit Rose following her surgery.

He then proclaims that he is a journalist and couldn't resist to cover a story like Rose's as Rose appears betrayed and shocked. Rose confronts Brad but he tells her he never meant to harm her and was doing this to protect her. He expresses that Burroughs had told him to apparently revealing he had no ideas of the end result.

Brad admits his love to Rose who pushes him away in anger as Dr. Burroughs throws a smart mouthed comment at him as he tries to break through the glass while cursing at him for his actions. Suddenly, he releases a hatch from the roof covering Brad in blood as he edges on Rose to conquer her hunger for blood by killing Brad and not ignoring the predator inside her.

He expresses he only allowed her to release her untapped potential for the better of humanity. He expresses his meaning of "death" and that if you could discover the key to immortality although it kills people instead as she calls him insane as he proclaims his actions right.

Brad is suddenly grabbed by a creature that was against the wall which a noticeable emotionless explains to be his wife Cynthia revealing she was his first patient of experimental surgery and that she donated her body after her death for the greater cause of reviving her and reveals the cancer became immortal and expresses the beauty of the human shell and the endless results that could come from his research as suddenly Rose's tapeworm attacks and stabs Brad in the neck as she takes a nearby knife and cuts it off killing it.

However, Brad dies and collapses from his injuries as Rose refuses to consume or danger Brad as she proceeds to stab Dr. Burroughs wife to death killing the monster and Burroughs first creation. In a list ditch effort to spite him and knowing she is screwed no matter what, she slits her throat not wanting him to use her for anymore harm then what she had already caused as she collapses and seemingly dies from blood loss.

In a aftermath news report, it was revealed with extreme measures and the apparent source neutralized that the city was able to end the new "rabies" virus but sadly had to kill those infected to avoid it continuing to spread. The vaccines were ineffective but the quarantine was lifted by the CDC.

Back at the clinic, Dr. Burroughs along with his seemingly pet dogs is seen examining his plans on the wall for what will happen next as he fixes a blood smoothie and tray full of cooked raw human meat as several tape worm like creatures that were seen in Rose are locked up nearby.

The dogs around him try to eat the food but he tells them it is not for them as he puts the tray in the red room as Rose wakes up and realizes she is still alive revealing Burroughs is immortal due to the experiment and grafts as she screams in terror and anger at the glass as a heartless Dr. Burroughs says it is time to get back to where they were as the film end.

In this film, the virus was eliminated unlike the original, however, due to the doctors cold nature unlike the original, the virus might possibly resurface when he gets patients out in the open. Dr. Burroughs had discovered how to play god on earth and he is willing to spread his cause no matter the cause.


-As they themselves were victims of the virus that plagued the city, their deaths will be included in their victims list. It is also noted that the zombies would eventually fall into a coma and die fully afterwards, therefore all of them would eventually die or be killed to prevent the spread. Also, since Rose was still patient zero of the virus and the main cause of it, her victims will also be the victims of the zombies.

Rabid (1977)

  1. - Lloyd Walsh | Infected by Rose and later succumbed to his infection. He later fully died after being totaled by a truck that was driving on the freeway and hit the cab he was in.
  2. - Unnamed Cab Driver | Infected by Lloyd Walsh and died shortly after after being totalled by a truck that was driving on the freeway and hit the cab he was driving.
  3. - Unnamed Farmer | Infected by Rose and later succumbed to his infection.
  4. - Unnamed Waitress | Infected by the Farmer and later succumbed to her infection. It was unknown if she was put down before or after becoming feral.
  5. - Judy Glasberg | Infected by Rose and later froze to death before she could reanimate.
  6. - Dr. Dan Keloid | Infected by Rose and later succumbed to his infection. rse | Infected by Dr. Keloid and eventually succumbed to her infection. It was unknown if she was put down before or after becoming feral.
  7. - Unnamed Police Officer | Infected by Dr. Keloid and eventually succumbed to his infection. He was eventually shot down by his fellow officers at the police station.
  8. - Smooth Eddy | Infected by Rose and and later succumbed to his infection.
  9. - Unnamed Colleague | Infected by Smooth Eddy and eventually succumbed to his infection. It was unknown if he was put down before or after becoming feral.
  10. - Unnamed Movie-goer | Infected by Rose and later succumbed to his infection. If was unknown if he was put down before or after becoming feral.
  11. - Two Unnamed Construction Workers | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to their infection.
  12. - Unnamed Limousin Driver | Attacked and devoured by the two unnamed construction workers.
  13. - Unnamed Woman on the Train | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to her infection.
  14. - Unnamed Bald Man | Infected by Woman on the Train and later succumbed to his infection. He was shot down by a police officer in the mall after biting and infection another man.
  15. - Unnamed Young Man | Infected by Bald Man and was later shot in the head by the nearby police officer to prevent reanimating.
  16. - Murry Cypher's Wife | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to her infection.
  17. - Murry Cypher's infant son | Devoured by his infected mother.
  18. - Murry Cypher | Infected by his infected wife. Most likely succumbed to his infection or was put down before he could reanimate.
  19. - Unnamed Civilian | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to his infection. He was later shot down by bio-suited soldiers
  20. - Mindy Kent | Infected by Rose and later died from her infection.
  21. - Unnamed Lobby-goer | Infected by Rose and later succumbed to his infection.
  22. - Rose | Killed off-screen by the unnamed lobby goer.
  23. - Many unnamed citizens of Montreal, Quebec, and areas alike | Infected with the virus and most likely all succumbed to their infections respectively.

Rabid (2019)

  1. - Dominic Danverse | Infected by Rose Miller and later succumbed to his infection. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  2. - Trent Taylor | Infected by Dominic Danverse and later succumbed to his infection. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  3. - Unnamed Female Nurse | Infected by Trent Taylor and later succumbed to her infection or injuries sustained from Trent. Possibly put down or died from complications from the virus.
  4. - Unnamed Male Nurse #1 | Infected by Trent Taylor and later succumbed to his infection. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  5. - Unnamed Male Nurse #2 | Infected by Trent Taylor and later succumbed to his infected. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  6. - Unnamed Male Club-goer | Infected by Rose Miller and later succumbed to his infection. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  7. - Billy | Infected by Rose Miller and later succumbed to his infection. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  8. - Unnamed "Rabid" Male #1 | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to his infection. Beaten to death with a fire extinguisher by Brad after his transformation.
  9. - Dana | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to her infection. She was either put down or died from from the virus.
  10. - Unnamed Santa Man | Infected by a unknown source and succumbed to his infection. He was shot down by two police officers shortly after turning "Rabid".
  11. - Unnamed Nice Man | Devoured by Rose Miller.
  12. - Unnamed "Rabid" Man #2 | Infected by Rose Miller and quickly succumbed to his infection. He was shot down by police officers at Gunter's talent show.
  13. - Unnamed Woman on the Train | Infected by a unknown source and succumbed to her infection. She was shot down by police officers.
  14. - Chelsea | Infected by the woman on the train and later succumbed to her infection. She was shot down by police officers at the fashion show.
  15. - Unnamed Male Model | Infected by a unknown source and later succumbed to his infection. He was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  16. - Unnamed Female Model | Infected by Chelsea and later succumbed to her infection. She was either put down or died from complications from the virus.
  17. - Gunter | Infected by Chelsea and later died from his infection. He was either put down or died from complication from the virus.
  18. - Brad | Bitten by Rose's creature in her mouth and died from blood loss. He was put down by Dr. William Burroughs off screen.
  19. - Possibly Thousands or Hundred Thousands of People (Male and Female) | Infected by the "Rabid" Virus. All of the infected were eventually put down to avoid the spread to continue.
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