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Rise, rise from your graves!
~ Merasmus summoning the zombies

The Team Fortress Zombies, or Zombie Mercenaries or just Zombies, are recurring antagonists in Team Fortress 2. They play major roles in custom gamemodes such as Zombie Fortress, Super Zombie Fortress, Zombie mod and Zombie Survival.


Zombies where added in October 2012 apart of Scream Fortress as cosmetic items for all of the classes named Voodoo-Cursed Soul. The item would turn the classes into decaying green zombies. The soldier and scout had unique voice lines when the Voodoo-Cursed Soul was equipped. Players could also spawn zombies by entering a console command in-game.


Zombie Mod

Zombiemod is a gamemode where the red team is the zombies and the blue team are the humans. The blue team must survive the Zombies trying to infect them. The Red Team plays the role as the zombies.

Their goal is to infect all of the humans. Zombies get many perks to make up for their restrictions. An example is that zombies can see the humans through walls. They can run faster than the humans. The Zombies infect humans by hitting them with their melee weapons. Sometimes it requires 2 hits to infect a human but most of the time it takes only one. Zombies can also passively regenerate their health over time.

Zombie Fortress, Super Zombie Fortress

Zombies in Zombie Fortress and Super Zombie Fortress have different abilities, The zombies can only consist of The Scout, Heavy and Spy. The Scout can throw sandman balls that deal damage through a green gas that can damage multiple humans at once. Heavies have major resistance towards damage, They can also eat the Buffalo Steak Sandvich for a speed boost and extra damage. Spy's can backstab humans to stun them for a few seconds and reduce there health.

Like in Left 4 dead there are special infected that players can spawn in as such as, Smoker Spies they can fire a Laser that deals damage to humans, Charger Heavies like the Charger form left 4 dead they can charge at humans and deal damage. Tank Heavies they have a'lot of health and can deal huge damage they spawn when a last control point is being captured by the humans.

Zombie Survival

Zombie Survival sometimes called Medics vs Engineers is a game mode where Medics play the role as the zombies and the engineers play the role as the humans. The goal of the medics is to kill all of the engineers before the time runs out.


Grass grows, sun shines, birds fly, and brother...I come back from the dead!
~ Zombie Scout
I have returned from the grave to give the living haircuts!
~ Zombie Soldier
It's not original but it's true I love brains.
~ Zombie Scout
Alright! you know what would hit the spot brains! their delicious!
~ Zombie Scout

Hey I love brains!
~ Zombie Scout

~ Zombie Soldier

Brains haircuts hippies brains!!
~ Zombie Soldier



  • In zombiemod the zombies make the sounds of the zombies form Half-Life 2.
  • The soundtrack used in the gamemodes is used form Left 4 Dead.
  • Scout and Soldier are the only two classes given zombie voice lines.


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