The Zombies, or the Ghouls, are the non-playable characters in the mystery role-playing game Town of Salem.



Zombies are the deceased people that reanimated by the Necromancer. The Necromancer makes the zombies to use their own ability to the Necromancer's target. Depends on the reanimated person, the zombie can attack, heal, block or deceive their target. Each zombie can only be used once before it rots.

Despite there are the villainous zombie roles even if they are the villain before they become a zombie, when they become a zombie, they are not self-aware, they are amoral.

They appear in the Coven trailer, also they can be bought as a pet.


Unlike the Zombies, the Ghouls are not deceased people. They are the killers that summoned by the Necromancer. They deal basic attack to their target.


All Zombies have a role and they use their ability to their targets. There are the zombies and their abilities.

Attacker Zombies

  • Vigilante: Shoots the target.
  • Vampire Hunter: Stakes Vampire if they are a Vampire.
  • Godfather: Shoots the target.
  • Mafioso: Shoots the target.
  • Ambusher: Ambushes their target and stabs a visitor.
  • Poisoner: Poisons the target.
  • Serial Killer: Stabs the target.
  • Vampire: Bites the target, converts or kills them.
  • Werewolf: In full moon, they rampage attack the target.
  • Juggernaut: Rampage attacks the target, attack level varies of the kill count.
  • Pestilence: Rampage attacks the target, however, kills the Necromancer too.

Protector Zombies

  • Bodyguard: Protects the target and attacks the attacker.
  • Crusader: Protects the target and attacks a random visitor.
  • Doctor: Heals the target.
  • Guardian Angel: Watches over their own target.

Supporter/Deception Zombies

  • Escort: Role blocks the target.
  • Consort: Role blocks the target.
  • Blackmailer: Blackmails the target.
  • Forger: Forges the target's last will.
  • Janitor: Clean the target's body if the target dies.
  • Framer: Frames the target.
  • Hypnotist: Hypnotizes the target with the last selected message. If no message was selected, it will default to “You were transported to another location.”

Other Zombies

  • Arsonist: Douses the target, but won't ignite.
  • Hex Master: Hexes the target.
  • Plaguebearer: Infects the target.
  • Disguiser: Visits the target to disguise.
  • Amnesiac: The town notifies an Amnesiac has remembered to become themselves.
  • Consigliere/Town Investigative: Will visit and investigate the target, but the Necromancer won't get results.

Non-Action Zombies

These zombies won't use their ability;


  • Pestilence is the only zombie that attacks their master.


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The Mafia
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Mafia Deception: Disguiser | Forger | Framer | Hypnotist | Janitor
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The Coven
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