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I've always been kind of a loner. I avoided people like they were zombies, even before they were zombies. Now that they are all zombies, I kind of miss people.
~ Columbus

The Zombies are fictional humanoid creatures and are the main antagonists in Zombieland and it's sequel, Zombieland: Double Tap. They are bent on feeding the non-zombies and attempt to devour Columbus and his band of survivors at every turn.

Difference from Typical Zombies

In the zombie comedy film Zombieland these are very unique types of zombies. These zombies are said to have started out as normal people, until a man (who the movie's main character, Columbus refers to has "patient zero") ate a contaminated hamburger at a resturant/gas station called "Gas n Gulp", made out of meat from cattle with the most advanced cases of mad cow disease. The "mad cow burger" infected the man and mutated the disease into "mad zombie disease", a disease which gives the victim a raging fever, a swollen brain, green skin, takes away their speech ability, and makes them into cannibals while turning their blood black. The disease spreads across America and infects almost everyone in just two months, leaving only a few people left alive to fend for themselves. The movie follows Columbus and his friends as they try to survive the zombies while also trying to find a way to "enjoy the little things" left in the now zombie-infested America.

Unlike how zombies are usually shown, these zombies are very fast, it is also worth noting that they are really not undead since they are merely humans infected with a disease, hence these zombies can actually be sympathized with. Unlike most zombie movies, here there are clearly both males and female zombies (one of which is named 406).

Notable Zombies


406 (real name unknown, portrayed by Amber Heard) was Columbus' apartment neighbor and he had a crush on her. One day when she was walking home, a zombie, who she thought was a homeless man, bit her. She came into Colombus' apartment looking for shelter but was eventually turned into a zombie, forcing Columbus to kill her with a toilet lid. This was Columbus' first encounter with a mad zombie.


Appearing during the climax of the film, this zombie confronts Columbus during his attempt to rescue Wichita and Little Rock. This zombie serves as a test of Columbus' character, as it is a symbol of his coulrophobia. But fortunately Columbus overcame his fears of clown and successfully killed the clown zombie by smashing its head with a mallet. Clown is portrayed by a stunt man Derek Graf.



  • Mad zombie disease is, of course, a parody of the real life mad cow disease.
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