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Do you remember Sumeragi's Diva project? How they sought to use the Muse to control all Adepts? Not a bad plan... Which is why i took it up myself. I merely want to take the Muse's true power source and... Well, you've seen it. How the Muse amplifies an Adept's Septima? If i combine such a song with Sumeragi tech... I'll reach all Adepts! lead them to a new and better evolution! Even a few such Adepts could easily subjugate humanity.
~ Zonda explaining her scheme to Gunvolt.
Your innocence is almost charming... Adepts and Non-Adepts are already at war! They cannot coexist! We will show our enemies no love.
~ Zonda

Zonda (originally called Pantera in Japan) is a minor antagonist in the Inti Creates 2D action-platformer game Azure Striker Gunvolt and the main antagonist of its sequel Azure Striker Gunvolt 2.

Originally showed as a member of the Sumeragi Seven with control over a Septima called Phantasm Mirror (a superpower that allows her to create illusions through the use of mirrors), it is revealed that Zonda was working under disguise and is the true mastermind of Eden, being her main goal to wipe-out everyone without a Septima and create a world for Adepts only.

She is voiced by Kaori Nazuka in her true form and female fake form, and Sho Nogami in her male fake form.



Zonda's origins may be the most mysterious of all antagonists in the series, but at least some of it is known. She was a born-Adept that grew in an orphanage in China. There, she met an Adept with control over ice called Tenjian, that she came to see as a sibling-esqe figure. Unfortunately for them, the owner of the place passed away, leaving all of the kids in the streets. Eventually every orphaned child began to die one by one in the streets, a destiny that awaited both Zonda and Tenjian as no one wanted to adopt them for holding Septimas, superpowers that are feared among normal humans. Starving, the siblings were seemingly saved by a kind man that gave them food, but they were unaware that it was poisoned. Weakened, Tenjian sought to protect his sister with his few strength that he had left, and used his Septima to freeze the entire city they were in, killing everyone in it but them. After that moment, the brothers developed an intense hatred towards mankind, specifically those without a Septima. Zonda, who was the smartest of the two, eventually decided to found an organization aside her brother to save Adepts that were in similar conditions like them, and fight with them against humankind to create his perfect paradise of only Adepts, or her "Eden".

Infiltrating Sumeragi

Zonda's Septima is called Phantasm Mirror, a mysterious Septima that allows her to create almost real illusions with the use of mirrors. With this at her advantage and supported by Eden, Zonda infiltrated the lines of Sumeragi after Eden attacked Japan, disguised with her illusions as an androgynous person (this version is called Fake/False Zonda) Her Septima was so special that she easily scaled ranks among Sumeragi, eventually being part of its special Adept force, the Sumeragi Seven, leaded by the Mighty Nova. Her intentions was to steal a supposed program that Sumeragi used to track and control all Adepts that they called "The Muse" and use it for Eden's purposes (it is eventually revealed that it was actually a Septima from an artificial Adept restrained by Sumeragi called Joule), but thanks to Nova's position in power and his Septima being more powerful than hers, she failed each time.

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Despite her young age, Zonda has been shown to be a really stone cold person that rarely shows any true emotion at all, at least in appearance. She is shown to be calmed and relaxed the entirety of time, talking with an emotionless tone not proper of people of her age. It is a nod to say that Zonda is an extremely misanthropic person that views with cruel eyes to everyone without a Septima, not showing any remorse or compassion to whoever she has to hurt or kill to accomplish her dire goals. 

However, despite not showing emotions in appearance, Zonda is capable of feeling them, as she truly cares for her own people and views them as the family she never had, specially Tenjian. She does not obligate her comrades to fight for her goals, although she still highly encourages them to do so. She will do everything in her power to help those in need and bring them to a true family, outside of the hostility from the Non-Adepts. This truly affable nature has made Zonda in a beloved and almost deity-like figure inside Eden, a position that she uses for leadership instead of rejoicing in it. This affable nature and natural effect seems to have its limits though, as with humans, Zonda will not hesitate in fighting or killing other Adepts that stand in her way to create a perfect world, not even the ones that work for her, showing that she only truly cares for those with her twisted and xenophobic views of life.

Zonda has a complete shift in her Fake Zonda form with her times in Sumeragi, as she turns into an extremely melodramatic and joyful person that has sick views for the word 'love'. She trends to use this word at the point of obsession, combined with her eccentric personality makes her appear more like a living stereotype than a true person per se. The true reason for this changes are currently unknown, some theories say that is has to be with the psychological effect Sumeragi's blades has on Adepts. Others say that this is a complete facade personality made up by Zonda, which means that she is more of a psychopathic mastermind than she seems to appear.

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