Hunter Zolomon, also known as Zoom, is the main antagonist in the second season of the TV series, The Flash and a major antagonist in the Arrowverse.



Hunter Zolomon (child)

Hunter as a child witnesses his mother's death.

Hunter Zolomon was born to James and Ashley Zolomon on Earth-2. When Hunter was 11, he saw his father abusing his mother for trying to leave him and after giving Hunter his soldier helmet, Hunter watched as James executed Ashley and James was arrested for the murder. With no other relatives (at least any who wanted him), Hunter was sent to the foster care system where he grew up an embittered and lonely child. He was also left deeply disturbed and with a bloodlust that would eventually get the better of him. As an adult Hunter apparently became a scientist/chemist with a respectable solo operation working to purify heavy water without residual radiation, though given his deceptive nature it’s unknown if this is true. However given his ability to create the Velocity serum later in life it's possible that he at least possessed some level of chemistry knowledge, indicating some truth to his statement. What is known however is that by 2010 Hunter became a serial killer who was eventually found guilty on 23 charges and was sent to the Saint Perez Mental Asylum for the Criminally Insane, receiving regular shock therapy to cure him of his urges. 

Becoming Zoom

Hunter's early killings

Hunter's arrest in the newspaper.

Around December 2013, whilst enduring another treatment of shock therapy, repeatedly yelling at his doctors the he's "not a monster!" Hunter was affected by dark matter released from Harrison Wells’ particle accelerator, giving him the power of super speed. Still afflicted by an incurable blood-lust, Hunter decided to use these powers to become a criminal. He designed a full black suit with a mask resembling a demonic creature, made from the mask he was forced to wear while enduring shock therapy, which he used to conceal his identity and use in his crusade. Soon after, Hunter began to terrorize Central City.

Hunter becomes Zoom

Hunter is affected by the accelerator, and gains super speed.

Despite being so fast, Hunter was dissatisfied with his speed and sought to increase it further and created his own version of the Velocity drug Harrison Wells had been creating to stop him, and his speed increased immensely and he was able to run fast enough to breach the Multiverse itself. The Velocity drug also caused his lightning to turn blue, though it's assumed given conflicting events if not, that Hunter can still change it back to yellow if he desires. However, he also discovered there were other speedsters in the Multiverse and became obsessed with ensuring that he was the only speedster in any reality. However, since the Multiverse contained an infinite amount of Earths, Hunter was forced to bid his time, and find a more effective way to kill all the other speedsters. In his first major act of terrorism on Earth-2, known to the media since obtaining blue lightning that is, Hunter lured in 15 police officers into a supposed hostage situation, only when they discovered no hostages Hunter appeared and slaughtered them all. To strike fear into the C.C.P.D. Hunter deliberately left one officer alive to tell them of his experience and that officer described the attack as blue lightning, zooming around the room. However, later that same night, Hunter went to that officer’s house and killed him too. This demonstration earned him the moniker “Zoom”. 

Zoom subsequently begun to terrorize the entire city and citizens quickly became terrified of him. Eventually, not just Central City came to fear him, but the entire world too. Zoom also forcefully employed other metahuman criminals under his rule to enforce his will in the city; these include Killer Frost, Reverb, Deathstorm (Ronnie Raymond + Martin Stein), King Shark, Atom-Smasher, Sand Demon , Rupture and Black Siren. However, other metahuman criminals such as Dr. Light were so terrified of Zoom they’d do anything to avoid him. He was also the prime target in a massive manhunt throughout the city by the police lead by Detective Iris West-Allen. 

Hunter as Flash

Hunter falsely operates as "Jay Garrick/The Flash"

Eventually, Hunter discovered that an overuse of the Velocity drugs afflicted him with an illness. The only way to replenish his health and save himself was by harnessing more Speed Force to flush the disease out of his systems, and begun searching for a way to heal himself. Hunter tried to manipulate the Speed Force, only to have it's Time Wraiths pursue him, though he managed to avoid them, but still feared them like most speedsters. To find the answer to his illness, Zoom begun searching other worlds and eventually found Earth-3, where he encountered another speedster named Jay Garrick/The Flash. Seeking to use Jay's Speed Force to replenish his own, Zoom abducted and imprisoned him in his lair on Earth-2, forcing him to wear a mask with a chemical that prevented him from using his speed or speaking. However, on his own, Hunter was unable to harness Jay's speed but was inspired to not just be the villain, as he'd grown tired of being so, but to be the hero too to give the people of Central City false hope. Hunter then used Jay's name and mantle for himself, designed a suit based on Jay's and used his father's helmet, and operated as "Jay Garrick/The Flash". As "Jay", he was presented as an underdog hero against the threats of the metahumans and Zoom's archenemy, and was praised as Central City's hero and even had a statue built in his honor. As The Flash he encountered several foes, including several of his henchmen as Zoom, including Atom-Smasher, Sand Demon and Dr. Light. While operating as The Flash, he continued to operate as Zoom and maintained the image of both through the use of time remnant clones of himself, allowing him to be both hero and villain. However this new sense of hope was a misdirection which Hunter always intended to take away. Jay himself was aware of all of this and became consumed with grief and anger to see Hunter tarnish his name in such a way.

Hunter confronts Harrison

Flash publicly accuses Harry for the existence of metahumans.

Eventually Hunter learned the source of his powers from Harrison Wells' particle accelerator and suspected he may have the key to curing him. When Harry was giving a demonstration to a new metahuman alert app at S.T.A.R. Labs Flash arrived and publicly accused him of being responsible for the existence of metahumans, though Harry quickly denied any involvement. However, Flash was disgusted to see Wells’ lack of responsibility for his actions, and pleaded for him to do what's right and help him stop Zoom. However, Wells’ coldly retorted that everyone would be safe if he would simply stop Zoom and Flash sped away in disgust.

Arrival on Earth-1

Jay vs Zoom

Flash fights Zoom, a time remnant, as the singularity emerges above Central City.

On May 19, 2015 Flash and Zoom fought each other, their biggest battle to date, but Zoom go the upper hand on Flash and was about to kill him. Suddenly, a singularity opened in the sky which pulled Flash into it and he was marooned in Central City on another Earth. While investigating Hunter discovered this Earth was Earth-1, the center Earth of the Multiverse from which all other Earths branch from. With this, Hunter finally knew how to succeed in destroying all the other Earths in the Multiverse, and leave Earth-1 for himself to conquer. Furthermore, he also discovered the existence of another Flash and knew his speed held the key to restoring his health. Hunter plotted to steal his speed but sought to increase it to ensure he'd have enough to cure himself, by bringing metahuman villains from Earth-2 to Earth-1 to fight him to push Flash to his limits, refusing them passage home unless they killed Flash. However Zoom never intended on letting anyone else kill Flash but himself. He also plotted to infiltrate the Flash's team by posing as Jay to gain their trust. Unable to do both, Hunter had his time remnant remain on Earth-2 to pose as Zoom and bring the Earth-2 metahumans over to Earth-1 with the terms he'd made, while the real Hunter would infiltrate the team as "Jay". To physically steal Barry's speed Zoom attacked Central City College while also having a remnant as Flash fight him and kidnapped Jesse Wells, Harry's daughter, to force Harry to steal Flash's speed.  

Sending Earth-2 Metahumans / Aiding Team Flash 

Hunter confronts Barry

Hunter introduces himself to the team as "Jay Garrick"

In October 2015 Hunter discovered Barry's identity, as well as the other members of Team Flash which included the Earth-1 versions of Caitlin Snow, Cisco Ramon, Iris West, Iris' father Joe and Martin Stein, and brought Atom-Smasher over from Earth-2 to Earth-1 to kill Barry, promising him safe passage back if he succeeded. Hunter was present in the crowd when Atom-Smasher attacked Flash at the "Flash Day" festival. After Atom-Smasher’s defeat Hunter approached Team Flash, bypassing their newly installed security, and introduced himself as "Jay Garrick". To gain Barry’s trust Hunter told a tale himself and Zoom being archenemies on Earth-2 who the night of the singularity, was attacked and drained of his speed by Zoom before being marooned on Earth-1. Understandably, Barry was skeptical of Hunter’s claims but asked they let him run tests to see if he’s telling the truth and Hunter agreed. While Caitlin was testing him he told a story of himself being a scientist working on purifying heavy water without radiation, but was struck by lightning and became “The Flash” and Caitlin seemed to develop an attraction towards Hunter.

Tf202 2196

Barry and Hunter team up.

Meanwhile in light of Atom-Smasher’s defeat a remnant of Zoom brought over Sand Demon and made him the same offer as Atom-Smasher to which the terrified Sand Demon accepted. For security reasons Hunter was placed into the pipeline by Barry but sometime later was released by Caitlin to run more tests on, including a full body scan. After Sand Demon’s first attack Hunter tried to offer aid but Barry refused and placed him back in the pipeline. Much later Barry eventually let Hunter out of his cell when his friend Patty Spivot was abducted by Sand Demon and Hunter revealed the key to Sand Demon’s defeat was lightning. To achieve this Hunter begun coaching Barry on how to hurl the lightning he creates when he runs, though with little result. Amidst his frustration however Barry admitted he didn’t trust Hunter because the last person who taught him these skills (Eobard Thawne/Reverse-Flash) was his idol and mentor, who he later discovered was also the same man who murdered his mother as a child. Hunter offered his sympathies but insisted that he wasn’t like his previous tutor. When Cisco and Professor Stein found Sand Demon’s location Barry came up with the plan to use Hunter as bait, posing as The Flash to distract Sand Demon while Barry finishes him with lightning. Hunter agreed to the plan as he did still have his suit, minus his helmet, to which Cisco picked up on and revealed he had his helmet, which came through the initial portal. After being shown the helmet, the team was able to confirm his status as the Earth-2 Flash.

The Flash from Two Worlds

Both Flashes tend to Patty after defeating Sand Demon.

After suiting up Flash (Barry) sped Flash (Hunter) into the warehouse where Sand Demon was keeping Patty and physically engaged Sand Demon without his speed, but Sand Demon quickly caught on that Flash didn’t have his speed. However before he could finish him off the other Flash arrived and save Patty but not before Sand Demon’s concussive bomb knocked down both Flashes. As Sand Demon held Flash (Hunter) by his throat Flash (Barry) sped around Sand Demon and eventually hurled a lightning bolt towards him and crystallized him before both Flashes tended to Patty. Afterward Hunter was tended to by Caitlin and confessed that “losing his speed” was harder than he thought and Caitlin admitted that he lost something precious to her also (Earth-1 Ronnie), but after enough time it gets easier. Barry soon talked to Hunter and apologized for not trusting him and helping him defeat Sand Demon and Hunter accepted the apology, but also reminded him that fighting Zoom would be a much harder challenge. Hunter was present as Professor Stein informed the team of the discovery of the 52 breaches, but suddenly collapsed from a heart attack.

Hunter falls for Caitlin

Hunter starts to fall for Caitlin.

After Stein stabilized, Hunter begun working on the main breach inside the S.T.A.R. Labs building but was unable to fix it alone. Hunter admitted to Caitlin that he missed his speed, missed making a difference and the rush itself, but Caitlin told Hunter that he didn’t need his speed to be a hero and could aid in other ways. Hunter was seemingly moved by Caitlin’s words upon hearing this and asked Caitlin to work on the breach with him, and she (once Captain Cold was dealt with) agreed and together they fixed the breach. Hunter seemingly prepared to go home to find Zoom but Caitlin convinced him that he could help them on Earth-1, displaying obvious signs of having a crush on him which he noticed, and Hunter agreed. After leaving Zoom then brought over King Shark with the same terms he made his previous candidates. After King Shark’s defeat and imprisonment by A.R.G.U.S., Zoom adjusted his tactics and gathered personal details on Barry’s personal life including his previous romantic attachment to Linda Park, and brought over her Earth-2 doppelganger Linda Park/Dr. Light with the same terms. Zoom was confident that Barry would hesitate because of his previous romantic attachment to Linda’s Earth-1 counterpart despite Linda being a small time thief who’d never taken a life before.
Hunter confronts Harry

Hunter confronts Harry after arriving on Earth-1.

After Caitlin informed Hunter of Harry’s presence on Earth-1 he went to S.T.A.R. Labs and confronted him upon hearing of his plan to use Dr. Light as bait to lure out Zoom, though Hunter opposed his plan believing Barry wasn’t ready. Hunter and Harrison instantly resorted to bickering with each other over “his” disappearance and Harrison’s plan, but Hunter tried to plead to the team that they weren’t ready and didn’t even know why Zoom brought over Light as she’s never killed anyone before. After Dr. Light was found Hunter pleaded with Barry that Dr. Light wasn’t a killer and could be reasoned with, but upon Barry learning that Light was the Earth-2 version of his ex-girlfriend she became startled and blinded him.

Hunter and Caitlin nearly kiss

Hunter and Caitlin nearly share an intimate moment.

After Barry revealed that during their confrontation Barry accidentally clued Linda in on the existence of her Earth-1 counterpart, Hunter and Caitlin went to watch over Earth-1 Linda in case her Earth-2 double showed up to kill her like Atom-Smasher did his double. While staking out Linda’s work place Hunter and Caitlin discussed Earth-2 and their worlds differences but this discussion quickly turned intimate and they nearly kissed, only for Dr. Light to blast the van they were in. After waking up, Hunter confronted Earth-2 Linda as she was about to kill Earth-1 Linda and at the sight of “Flash”, Earth-2 Linda fled.

Hunter fights Harry

Hunter comes to blows with Harry.

While tended to by Caitlin, Hunter apologized to Barry for misleading him, believing Dr. Light could be reasoned with, but Harrison quickly scolds Hunter and blames him for Barry doubting himself as he believes he can stop Zoom. However Hunter claimed to have spent 2 years hunting Zoom but Harrison quickly retorted that he spent 2 years running from Zoom, and Hunter admitted that he “ran” from Zoom out of fear but knows that Barry will die if he goes after him now. However Harrison called Hunter a coward and the two came to physical blows which was only broken up by Barry. When confronting Dr. Light Hunter had little advice to offer Barry on how to defeat her but Harrison did, by using speed mirages, but Barry was unable to keep up but Hunter motivated him and told him that he’s a better Flash than he ever was, and could defeat Light and Barry did.

Zoom taunts Jesse

Zoom taunts Jesse.

However Barry decided to go ahead with his plan to lure out Zoom anyway but Hunter refused to be part of it, not wanting to see Barry die but before leaving warned them all that Harrison was not to be trusted due to never admitting his role in the Earth-2 metahumans' existence. Returning to Earth-2 Zoom returned to taunt Jesse that Harry had abandoned her but she still believed in him, and promised that he’d find her and kill him. However, Zoom simply scoffed at her beliefs and reminded her that the fates of her and her father were still undecided and sped off. Fearing Harry may have brought over the means to defeat him, Zoom later interrogated Jesse as to why Harrison had traveled to Earth-1 but she claimed to not know, though Zoom didn’t believe her, but complemented her loyalty before torturing her. 

Battle with the Flash

Zoom fights Flash

Zoom fights Flash.

Zoom’s plans took a surprise turn when Dr. Light contacted her and told him that she’d killed Flash and sent his emblem through the portal. However Zoom quickly realized that it was Earth-1 Linda posing as Earth-2 Linda as part Barry's plan to trap him and Zoom didn’t take the bait, instead choosing the bide his time. Zoom waited until Team Flash had dropped their guard then really did show up at Central City Picture News and kidnapped Linda, and took her to S.T.A.R. Labs to confront Flash, and to use Linda against them like Flash tried to use her against him.

Zoom displays Flash to News

Zoom displays the broken Flash to Central City Picture News.

Flash confronted Zoom who mocked his attempt to catch him and employing his own tactic against him, and dropped Linda off the rooftop but Flash was able to catch her and Zoom raced to the S.T.A.R. Labs entrance where he waited for Flash to make his move. Flash attempted to use a thunderbolt against Zoom only for Zoom to grab the bolt itself and toss it back at Flash, then both speedsters ran around S.T.A.R. Labs. Flash attempted to even the playing field by forcing them to run into the air, cutting off both their speeds, but even powerless Zoom was the superior combatant gained the upper hand when they landed and obtained his speed dampening dart. Zoom proceeded to brutally beat Flash sped his fist into his back snapping his spine and paralyzing him from the waist down. Harrison attempted to intervene by shooting another dart at him but Zoom caught it, and used both darts on Flash and warned Harrison that he would die next and Zoom kidnapped Flash. 

Zoom defeats Flash

Zoom about to kill Barry.

Zoom took his broken body to Central City Picture News and displayed it in front of all the reporters there calling him a false god, then took it to Central City Police Department and declared the days of the Flash over. Captain Singh ordered his men to fire on Zoom but he caught every bullet fired at him and sped Flash back to S.T.A.R. Labs and mocked Harrison’s attempts to stop him, unmasking Barry in front of them and stabbed him in the chest. As Zoom declared his victory, he prepared to kill Barry only for Cisco to fire a dart at him and cause him to lose balance, but Zoom was able to speed away in time before the dart could take full effect. 

Falling in Love with Caitlin / Extorting Wells 

Hunter after saving Harry

Hunter after being reluctantly forced to use Velocity-6 to save Harry's life.

Hunter was called back to S.T.A.R. Labs when Harrison and Caitlin designed their own version of Velocity-6 but Hunter was appalled that Harrison wanted him to test it on him, and outright refused and begged Caitlin not to let Barry know about it, as this would give him the same illness that is killing him. Hunter later returned when Harry was accidentally shot by Patty and reluctantly agreed to use the Velocity-6 to get the bullet out of Harry’s chest, and succeeded, but worsened his condition. After Harrison woke up, he thanked Hunter but Hunter told Harry he’d never take the drug again, and that he could thank him by keeping Velocity-6 away from Barry.

Zoom chases Wells

Zoom chases after Harry.

Around Christmas, Zoom returned to S.T.A.R. Labs and attacked Harrison but rather than kill him he simply wished him “Marry Christmas”, and made him an offer. In exchange for stealing Barry’s speed he would return Jesse to him but Harrison needed time to decide and Zoom left. Hunter later discussed how to close the breaches with Caitlin and the two begun to flirt with each other, Hunter even jokingly asking what Christmas is and waited until Caitlin was finished with her very awkward response before admitting they did have Christmas on Earth-2.

Hunter flirts with Caitlin

Hunter flirts with Caitlin.

When Captain Cold, The Trickster and Weather Wizard broke out of prison, Hunter joined the team as they discussed how to defeat them, and Cisco admitted an idea to design a rod capable of literally sucking out the moisture in the air to cut off Weather Wizard’s powers. Hunter and Caitlin designed the rod and listened to Barry talk about his relationship troubles with Patty, and her grudge against Weather Wizard. Meanwhile a remnant of Zoom from Earth-2 briefly met with Harrison for an answer but Harrison didn’t have one and Zoom impatiently considered killing Harrison’s friends, but agreed to give him one more day and returned to Earth-2.
Hunter and Caitlin kiss

Hunter and Caitlin share their first kiss.

Hunter later aided the team in disabling the Trickster’s bombs by using one of Cisco's drones to fly it through a breach, and have it emit a signal which would lure the other bombs to it and through the breach and prevent them from killing over 100 families. Hunter later attended Barry’s Christmas party and helped Caitlin pin up mistletoe, jokingly asking what's mistletoe which Caitlin save another awkward explanation only for Hunter to admit there is mistletoe on Earth-2. After pinning it up for her he mentioned a tradition they have too and kissed her under it, Caitlin revealing that was a tradition on Earth-1 too, and the two started a relationship.

Zoom forces Harry's co-operation

Zoom forces Harry to help him.

At the same time Zoom's remnant also meet with Harrison in secret near the docks for Harrison's answer but Harrison told Zoom he knew his plan to force Barry to increase his speed, and Zoom admitted the truth and told Wells he was going to help him. Harrison however refused to give an answer until he saw Jesse and Zoom brought Jesse to Earth-1 for a few moments to confirm her survival, but returned her back to Earth-2 in a matter of seconds. With little other choice, Harrison agreed to Zoom’s offer. Over the next few weeks Barry had nightmares of Zoom killing Patty forcing him to break up with her to ensure her safety.

Hunter and Caitlin drink together

Hunter and Caitlin share a moment together.

After the emergence of the Turtle, Hunter begun to feel bad for not being able to help but Caitlin reminded him there were other ways to help, but also asked why they couldn’t just restored his speed but Hunter assured Caitlin that he’d tried everything already. Hunter aided the team in taking down Turtle by going to an art gallery party with the team, and managed to treat it like a date to Caitlin too, but Turtle was able to outsmart Barry by using Patty against him and stole the painting. When Barry was knocked out by a falling chandelier, Hunter carried him to safety.

Hunter admits he's dying

Hunter admits that he's dying.

Later Hunter made up for the party’s interruption by pouring a drink for himself and Caitlin at S.T.A.R. Labs, but after they kissed Hunter went to aid Barry but Caitlin secretly studied the DNA Hunter left on his glass and learned he was dying. After Turtle was defeated Caitlin confronted Hunter about his illness and he claimed that Zoom stealing his speed caused it. Caitlin expresses anger towards him for not telling her, reminded him how she lost her husband Ronnie and how hard it was to move on and will now lose him too. Hunter however admitted he ever expected to develop feelings for her but Caitlin but there is no way to restore his speed, unless they capture Zoom.

Hunter and Caitlin meet Earth-1 Hunter

Hunter shows Caitlin his Earth-1 counterpart, to explain why there's no "Jay Garrick" on Earth-1.

The next day Hunter and Caitlin discovered that Turtle had been murdered and Hunter immediately implicated Harrison, but he denied his involvement in Turtle’s death but Hunter was unconvinced. He expressed his skepticism to Caitlin who also seemed to be somewhat believing of Hunter's claim. Hunter was later approached by Caitlin who told him that she had tried to find his Earth-1 counterpart to replace his dying cells with his healthy ones, but Hunter simply told her to meet him at the park and she'd understand. In an attempt to sway Caitlin away from trying to cure him and potentially exposing his identity the following day Hunter took Caitlin to the park and explained that upon his arrival he too tried to find his Earth-1 counterpart but couldn’t, until eventually he did and showed her the Earth-1 Hunter Zolomon. Hunter claimed that Hunter-1 had a different name than "Jay Garrick" because he was adopted by the Zolomons after his mother died in childbirth. Hunter also claimed that Hunter-1 would be unable to help him as his cells were mutated and are incompatible with Hunter-1's. 

Zoom steals Barry's speed

Zoom steals 2% of Barry's Speed Force.

Zoom met with Harrison in secret when Harrison obtained 2% of Barry’s Speed Force and Zoom injected it into himself and made himself even faster but Harrison demanded Zoom give him back Jesse before he gets the rest, trying to argue that if he or she were to die he’d never get what he want. Zoom however reminded Harrison that had no power to negotiate over him and phased his hand into Harry's shoulder, reminding him that he didn’t need to kill Jesse but could torture her for days instead. Zoom told Harrison to take the rest of Barry’s speed and sped off.

Earth-2 Arrivals / Fake Death

Hunter Zolomon Flash vs Geomancer

The Flash fights Geomancer.

After Barry decided to travel to Earth-2 to rescue Jesse with Cisco and Harrison, Hunter helped them make the jump between dimensions but warned him not to get emotionally sucked in to what he sees. However after their departure, the Speed Cannon failed and the breach became unstable behind them. Meanwhile while trying to repair the breach Joe informed them of a metahuman attack and Hunter recognized him as Geomancer, his Earth-1 doppelganger but with no Flash there was no one to oppose him. Joe however pointed out the Velocity-6 worked but Hunter told Joe not to make him take it and admitted to Caitlin he has taken it before, and that was the true reason for the loss of his speed in a selfish attempt to make himself faster. However Caitlin promised to figure out how to stabilize it and was able to design another version, Velocity-7, which could last longer and Hunter agreed to take it sot stop Geomancer. Later as Geomancer attacked Joe and the cops Flash confronted Geomancer and used his helmet to repel one of his earthquakes but before he could defeat him the Velocity-7 wore off. Geomancer grabbed Flash and tried to crush his head in but Joe shot at him and scared him off and Flash was okay, minus his pride. Hunter was tended to by Caitlin who promised to make Velocity-8 better but was worried for Barry and Cisco’s safety, but Hunter assured her they still had 24 hours left.

Zoom kills Reverb

Zoom kills Reverb for his betrayal.

Meanwhile on Earth-2 a remnant of Zoom, expecting the trio's arrival set up a trap using Killer Frost, Deathstorm and Reverb as bait and observed as Iris-2, Floyd Lawton and Vibe approach them. However he also saw Reverb offer Vibe a place at his side to overthrow Zoom but Flash interfered and fought the three, but was overpowered and knocked out. However when knocked out Deathstorm and Reverb continued to impulsively attack Flash while Killer Frost tried to convince them to stop, reminding them of their orders.

Zoom hesitates to kill Killer Frost

Zoom hesitates to kill Killer Frost, being in love with Caitlin.

Frost desperately tried to remind them what would happen if they disobeyed but as she finished speaking, Zoom finally showed himself and murdered Deathstorm, killing Ronnie-2 and Stein-2, simply saying in response to Killer Frost's words "That!" Zoom then Reverb and reminded him what his orders were if he encounters a speedster, to leave him unharmed. Zoom then viciously asks if Flash looks unharmed then phases his hand through Reverb's chest and kills him too. Zoom then grabs Frost and almost chocked her to death but pleased that she obeyed him, and because Zoom was in love with her Earth-1 counterpart, and let her go but took Flash back to his lair. Later Zoom returned when Barry woke up as he promised Jesse he’d rescue her but Zoom sadistically reminded Barry not to make promises he couldn’t make and that his lair is the last place he’d ever see. 

Zoom holds Barry captive

Zoom taunts a captive Barry.

Zoom then went on a rampage throughout Central City leaving a wave of explosions in his wake as he gave fliers of Harrison to every police officer he encountered reading “Bring me Wells”, and left those same words on every building in a blaze of flames. Zoom eventually stormed S.T.A.R. Labs and attacked scientist Henry Hewitt and demanded he tell them where Harry and his friends were. In search of Harry and found his secret room but couldn’t find any signs of Harrison and moved on; unaware he’d been fooled by a fake wall. Zoom returned to his lair to remind a fearful Jesse that she was only alive so he could kill her in front of Harrison, and only after he’s stolen Barry’s speed after which he would die also.

Hunter Zolomon Flash rescues people

The Flash races to save people from a collapsing hospital.

Back on Earth-1 the real Hunter was informed by Caitlin that she’d succeeded in creating Velocity-9 and was approached by Iris-1, asking for an interview to help calm people down and assure them there is a Flash protecting them. Though hesitant they were soon distracted by a city wide alarm and saw Geomancer on the news cause an earthquake at a nearby building, and immediately asked Caitlin to give him the V-9. After receiving it, Flash sped to the hospital without running out of Speed Force and saved it’s occupants. Returning to S.T.A.R. Labs proud of his achievement he agreed to Iris' interview, though she now claimed to have everything she needed.

Zoom vicously beats up Barry

Zoom angrily attacks Barry out of frustration after worsening his condition.

Hunter insisted on having a nap but in reality sped back to Earth-2 to take out his anger on Barry as Zoom, as injecting himself with the drug accelerated his condition. Zoom returned to his lair in time to see Jay communicating via 5 by 5 tap code with Barry, but angrily reminded Jay not to speak to them then proceeded to brutally beat down Barry in a fit of rage. Planning to fake his death in order to motivate Barry to increase his speed further after closing the last breach Zoom had his time remnant take his place back on Earth-1 as "Jay", in order to be used as a sacrifice. Though it took some convincing the remnant eventually agreed to it after being told the full extent of his plan. This also prevented either Hunters from being present for Geomancer's attack on S.T.A.R. Labs, though Hunter probably let Geomancer into the building to distract them while away.

Team Flash waits for Barry's return

Team Flash awaits Barry's return.

On Earth-1 Hunter's remnant returned in time to hear Caitlin inform him that the effects of Velocity-9 were starting to heal him. Hunter was speechless and tried to thank Caitlin but was lost for words, so she simply embraced him in a kiss but they were distracted by the Speed Cannon malfunctioning. Hunter realized he needed to use his speed to stabilize the breach but couldn't rest the system at the same time. However Joe decided to aid him and while Flash sped around the portal to keep it open Joe rebooted the stabilizers on each ring. However Joe had trouble with the fourth ring and Flash almost ran out of Velocity-9, but Joe was able to activate the final reset switch and stabilize the breach before Flash ran of out Velocity-9.

Zoom tries to kill Jesse

Zoom tries to kill Jesse.

On Earth-2 the real Zoom was later contacted by Killer Frost who’d brought Harrison, Cisco, Iris-2 and Barry-2 to his lair as they were trying to rescued Jesse and Barry-1 and returned to confront them as Barry-1 escaped his cell. Zoom thanked Frost for her help but Barry-1 pleaded with Zoom to let everyone else go, and Harry further insisted that all he needed was himself and Barry-1. Zoom acknowledged that he couldn't kill the two of them yet, but also acknowledged that he could kill everyone else. Zoom then grabbed Jesse and prepared to execute her as planned only for Killer Frost to double cross Zoom and blast him with ice beams that kept him down long enough for the others to escape.

Zoom kills Jay

Zoom kills his time remnant.

As Cisco and Jesse escaped to Earth-1 through the breach, Zoom arrives at S.T.A.R. Labs and grabs Harrison, but he is able to stab Zoom with a dart as Flash takes Harrison back to Earth-1. After returning, Hunter's remnant throws a device to close the last breach at the S.T.A.R. Labs breach; however, before it closes for good, Zoom reaches through and drives his arm through his double’s body, and drags him back to Earth-2 making it appear as if Zoom murdered "Jay" in front of them. Zoom brings his double’s corpse back to his lair on Earth-2, and drops it to the ground, terrifying the real Jay. He then pulls off his mask and declares his double’s death as a complication. Now effectively trapped on Earth-2 until Cisco discovers how to open breaches, Zoom also abducted and imprisoned Killer Frost as a reminder of the Caitlin he is in love with. 

Obtaining the Flash's Speed

Flash vs Zoom round 2

Zoom's second fight with Flash.

When Cisco tries opening a portal to Earth-2 using his powers, Hunter senses it; he runs over to an abandoned hospital, where the breach was opening, but is disappointed when it shuts after a few seconds. Later on, Cisco re-opened the breach fully, and Zoom jumped out of it. Zoom remarks that Vibe is almost as strong as Reverb now but tells Flash he was unwise to reopen the breach. Flash tells Zoom he's done terrorizing Earths and fights him but, much to Zoom's surprise, is significantly faster than he is now and Flash and Zoom fight around Central City until ending up in S.T.A.R. Labs. Zoom is pleased to see Flash is faster than him now and they continue fighting in the S.T.A.R. Labs hanger. However as Zoom moves in on Flash he is caught off guard when cardboard cut outs of his father appear in front of him. Seeing his father causes him to flashback to the night his father murdered his mother, and Flash takes advantage and attacks him. Coming back to reality Zoom chases after him again but is caught off guard again, this time worse, when images of his mother appear causing him to flashback to her crying for mercy from his father and being shot in front of him. Zoom regained his grip on reality too late as Flash fired the B.O.O.T. at him rendering his powers useless and trapping him, where Flash tore his mask off.

Barry confronts Hunter

Hunter is confronted by Barry.

Surprised to see that Barry knew who he was asked how he figured it out and Barry explained that he made a mistake in telling Caitlin about his doppelganger, which Hunter admits was an attempt to get her to stop looking for a cure. As Zoom, Barry discovered the Velocity-9 when used too many times turns a speedster's lightning blue. Barry tells Hunter that he would've helped him get better had he simply asked and reminded Hunter that Caitlin already did find a cure, that it was temporary and that harnessing his Speed Force is the only way to save himself, remarking that he doesn't care how many people have to die to make it happen.

Hunter demon eyes

"You can't lock up the darkness!"

Hunter tries to convince Barry they're not so different because of what happened to them as kids, reasoning that Barry could have easily become him, which Barry refuses to believe. Hunter does, however, compliment Barry's thinking in using his parents against him since family is such a weakness and decides it's time to steal his speed. As Barry scoffs at his claims, convinced he's trapped, Hunter quietly says "you can't lock up the darkness". As Barry asks him to repeat Hunter's eyes turn black and he, in his demonic voice cries "YOU CAN'T LOCK UP THE DARKNESS!" and phases out of the B.O.O.T. and races away.

Hunter explains his plan

Hunter explains his use of time remnants, and posing as The Flash.

Zoom speeds into the West house and abducts Wally West, leaving the message carved into the walls; "YOUR SPEED FOR WALLY", and brings him to his hideout on Earth-2. As Wally cries for help Zoom tells the terrified Wally the only person she can save him is The Flash, as someone (Joe) he cares about cares about Wally. Zoom is later contacted by Vibe saying Barry will agree to his terms. At S.T.A.R. Labs Earth-1, Zoom brings Wally over and Flash agrees to Zoom's terms: his speed for Wally's life. After Cisco gets Wally to safety Zoom unmasks in front of them letting them finally see him in person for who he really is.

Hunter harnesses Barry's Speed Force

Hunter harnesses Barry's Speed Force.

As Harry, promising to kill him someday, works on a way to take Barry's speed they ask Hunter how he's still alive and Hunter explains that the "Jay" they knew was a "time remnant" of himself. The remnant served as a sacrifice in order to motivate Barry into increasing his speed further to avenge his "old pal". He is then asked by Barry about the man in the iron mask, and Hunter, not wanting to reveal the real Jay, says "you wouldn't believe me if I told you". When Joe asks why he masqueraded as The Flash on Earth-2 he replied it was the give people hope, to take away from them. As Caitlin calls him a monster Hunter flashes back to his childhood again but is interrupted when Harry is ready to harness Barry's speed. When Harry successfully does Hunter harnesses it and cures himself, and tries to kill Barry but is stopped by a heartbroken Caitlin pleading to whatever humanity he has left. Reluctantly and angrily Hunter does so but, after realizing he truly in love he is with Caitlin, abducts her. 

Hunter tells Caitlin he loves her

Hunter admits his love to Caitlin, much to her horror.

Hunter brings Caitlin back to his lair on Earth-2 admitting he loves her and acknowledges that shes upset with him for lying to her, but expresses hope that one day he'll start to love him again too. However, Caitlin is unconvinced, believing Hunter only cares about himself and when Hunter tries to reassure her, she nudges away his attempt to touch her. Undaunted, Hunter allowed her to roam freely in the lair knowing that she couldn't escape while he attended to other business, presumably rounding up meta-humans to recruit for his future invasion plan of Earth-1.

Zoom saves Caitlin

Zoom saves Caitlin from Killer Frost, before killing her.

However Zoom senses that Caitlin was in trouble and sped back in time to see Killer Frost trying to kill her, after Caitlin freed her hoping Frost would get her to safety. Wasting no time, Zoom literally ran in 'through' Caitlin (using his speed to become temporarily intangible), grabbed the icicle Frost had fired at Caitlin out of the air and ruthlessly stabbed Frost in the stomach with it, killing her instantly while sadistically remarking that he did not need her anymore. Turning to Caitlin, he warned her that if she tried to escape again, he would kill Jay too.

Hunter reasons with Caitlin

Hunter explains his plans to invade Earth-1.

Hunter subsequently chained Caitlin to a bed and tried again to reason with her but she would not listen, tearfully beginning him to let her leave. When she did Hunter experienced more visions back to his childhood. He was also surprised when Caitlin refused to express gratitude for saving her from Frost. However Hunter revealed his true planet to no longer count victories by victims but by conquered Earths and agreed to take her back to Earth-1, so she could watch him bring it to it's knees and took Caitlin back to Earth-1, sadistically laughing while he does so.

Assault on Earth-1

Hunter manipulates Caitlin

Hunter manipulates Caitlin into believing she has an inner darkness like Killer Frost.

Arriving back on Earth 1, Zoom went to CCPD, mocking Joe by greeting him as an "old friend" and declaring this city now under his control. When the cops were about to retaliate, he reminded them that their guns are useless against him. Caitlin managed to convince Zoom not to kill them and he agreed, warning that if they tried anything, they would all meet their end. Afterwards, he chained Caitlin to a desk within the Police department. When she questioned if his plan was to kill everyone, he said not everyone as he wants to spare Caitlin due to his love for her. When she asks why he needs her, he gets a flashback of his mother's death and everything that followed and states he needs her because he doesn't want to be alone ever again. Disturbed, Caitlin tells him she's never going to be with him but Hunter tries to convince her that she has an inner darkness just like Killer Frost did, and urges her to unlock it. 

Zoom and Rupture

Zoom sends Rupture to kill the Central City Police Department.

Zoom also sent Rupture to kill Vibe, lying to him by claiming that Vibe killed Reverb. Rupture failed but when he said would find him and get justice, Zoom told him to wait for now as he needed him to set an example and ordered him to go to Jitters and kill people. After he left, Hunter sensed Caitlin's disapproval with his plan and she then asked if he wore the mask to scare people. This prompted another flashback of his rehabilitation back on his Earth and his desperation to convince his doctors that he wasn't a monster. However, it appears he moved past that as he coldly reminded Caitlin in his demonic voice that she said he was "nothing but a monster", frightening Caitlin, then sped off.

Hunter angry with Caitlin

Hunter learns Caitlin tipped off the police about Rupture's attack.

Caitlin managed to get a phone and warn Team Flash of what is to come at Jitters. Utilizing that information, they set up trap for Rupture, using the Flash hologram to distract him and then depowering him with the Boot. The victory was short lived as Hunter saw the news report of Rupture's failure and quickly deduced that Caitlin had betrayed him by telling Team Flash his plan. She reminded him that he didn't keep his promise of sparing lives, and Zoom declared darkly that they were even then and speed off to Jitters.

Zoom adresses city

Zoom, after massacring dozens of police officers, addressing Central City.

Once arriving there, he demonstrated his immense speed by snapping the neck of every camera man and cop in the vicinity in mere seconds, sparing only Joe and Captain Singh due to his affection to Caitlin. When Barry came in as Zoom throttled Singh for going against their agreement of not trying anything against him, Barry told him he proved enough. Hunter wasn't done however and after tossing Singh aside, he fatally stabbed Dante with his claws and declared him just as worthless as his brother. Taking a camera, he told everyone watching that there was no Flash, just a hologram and that nothing can save them now from him taking over the city. Having made his point, he speed off. 

Zoom mocks Harry for seemingly killing Barry

Zoom mocks Harry after seemingly killing Barry, attempting to restore his speed.

When Barry was trying to get his speed back by recreating the particle accelerator explosion, Hunter watched a bolt of lightning strike Star Labs and grew angry at the possibility his enemy would return. He quickly ran off to try to stop the return of The Flash. However, when he arrived, it appeared that Barry had died. He mocked Team Flash for trying to bring back their beloved hero, instead killing him. Satisfied, Hunter speed off. Shortly after this, he started bringing meta-humans from Earth-2 over to Earth-1 for his plans in conquering this world. He gathers them all up at the Central City Police Department, and talks to Caitlin, who is still angry with him. He gives her a choice; stay here and live, or run away to Team Flash, which would force him to kill them and would show her no mercy either. Zoom then gives a speech to the meta-humans, as this is now their world. He expressed satisfaction in hearing them chanting "Our world!" over and over. 

Hunter tells Barry he's just like him

Hunter points out to Barry the similarities between them.

Once the city was in the ‘Metapocalypse’ Zoom watched the chaos ensure. However he was surprised to see Flash return in the midst of the chaos, realizing he somehow pulled off his own resurrection. Seeking to obtain the prototype Magnatar Mercury Labs had been working on, Hunter sent Laurel Lance / Black Siren to destroy Mercury Labs and various other random buildings to distract Flash so he could convert the Magnatar to act as a Pulsar. This was also a taunting tactic as her Earth-1 double, Laurel Lance / Black Canary, was a friend of Barry's who'd recently died. With this Hunter will have what he needs to destroy every other planet in the Multiverse, once his speed and Barry's power it. Hunter left a sign for Barry to find on the Police department building, of his lightning bolt insignia. After Barry’s arrival, Hunter mentions how naive Barry is, not seeing his mother’s murder. He continues to point out the similarities between them, same tragic background, reason for running, reason for wanting to be better, but asked why he does save people and if it gets exhausting, admitting he found it tiresome playing "Jay". He told Barry that he won't beat him, because he had to save innocent people, and that was his weakness. To prove his point, Hunter has a building collapse across the street, and Barry goes to save all the people in the building.

Hunter talks to Laurel

Hunter speaks with Black Siren on his plan.

Later, Hunter was visited by Laurel, who mentioned she saw and fought The Flash. Hunter urges her to knock down more building, as previously ordered but questioned why. Hunter explained that she was a distraction so Team Flash wouldn't see his real plan coming and when Laurel asked what he is planning, he replies "no good" leaving Laurel somewhat disturbed. After Team Flash turned on their Pulse weapon, Zoom, along with all his minions, felt the effects of it. However, Zoom was able to quickly make a portal in order to escape to Earth-2.

Hunter kills Henry

Hunter kills Henry.

Shortly after, Zoom came back to Earth-1 and kidnapped Henry, though Barry quickly chased after him, bringing him to his childhood home. Despite Barry efforts to make him let Henry go, Hunter expressed annoyance that Barry still won't admit they're the same wishes for Barry to be "like him". Ignoring Barry's pleas Hunter kills Henry in front of Barry by driving his arm through Henry's back just like he did with his younger self, similar to how Reverse-Flash killed his mother. With Henry dead on the ground, Barry furiously attacks Hunter and encourages him to embrace his anger just like he did. Zoom then fled with Flash chasing after him but Zoom briefly outran him and created another time remnant which Flash chased after. Flash grabbed Hunter's remnant and came close to killing him but the real Zoom killed him instead as a display of force, telling Barry he could have two of him also if he is willing to kill himself and tells Barry he's "almost ready" and speeds off.

Caitlin pleads with Hunter

Hunter approached by Caitlin, trying to deceive him so he can be pushed back into Earth-2.

The next day, as everyone mourns Henry, Hunter confronts Barry and challenges him to a race to determine who's the fastest; Barry has to accept or else Zoom will kill more of Barry's friends. The next night Caitlin gets Zoom's attention as he tweaks around with the pulsar machine, and admits she was wrong for leaving him but Hunter declares that she's too late and phases his hand through her. However to his shock the Caitlin he was speaking to was a hologram and he was blasted by Harry, while Vibe opened a portal and Joe stabbed darts into him. As Harry leaps in front of the portal to blast Hunter through it he grabs Joe and pulls him back to Earth-2. Having Joe is chained-up in Hunter's lair back on Earth-2, as he patiently waits for Barry and Cisco to re-open the portal; though Joe laughed at the thought that Hunter was so confident in his plan to defeat Barry, Hunter insisted that he's stubborn enough to let him through now that Joe's here. 

Hunter explains Jay's story

Hunter reveals Jay Garrick is the man in the iron mask to Joe.

Joe asks him about his prisoner though Hunter states it would just confuse Joe but he still asks, and Hunter explains his backstory. After becoming Zoom he desired to be faster and created the Velocity serum and became fast enough to travel to other Earths, but discovered the serum was killing him and needed a cure. He initially tried to manipulate the Speed Force but only succeeded in drawing the attention of it's enforcers. Instead he searched the Multiverse and one day found another speedster, the iron mask who was The Flash of Earth-3, and tried to steal his speed with no luck, but instead kept him as a "trophy" and as an idea he had to inspire false hope by being the Flash of Earth-2 also and even borrowed his name: Jay Garrick. He also declares that when Barry loses he is going to be in a cage just like Jay and he'll have a Flash from two worlds to keep him company. Barry gets a message to Hunter through Cisco that he'll race him, and Hunter is pleased to hear it. Cisco re-opens the portal at the pulsar device, and Hunter and Joe come through it.

Zoom races Flash

Zoom races the Flash to try and destroy the Multiverse.

Hunter explains the rules of the race they both run around it to power it up, if Barry wins he saves the Multiverse it not then Hunter destroys the Multiverse, save for Earth-1. However he warns him if at any point he decides not to race anymore than Joe and soon after his friends are all dead. When Flash and Zoom are ready they proceed to run around the pulsar device to power it up. During the fight Flash makes a time remnant of himself allowing Flash to fight Zoom, while the remnant disables the device at the cost of his own life, and the real Flash fights Zoom and eventually beats him harshly and tears his mask off.

Zoom becomes Black Flash

Zoom is turned into the Black Flash and imprisoned in the Speed Force.

As Flash has Hunter pinned down he tauntingly reminds him he wouldn't kill him before and won't kill him now. However two Time Wraiths appear arriving to apprehend Barry for creating a time remnant, but upon seeing Hunter they target him instead for his crimes against the timeline. Hunter yells in agony as they surround him and physically mutate him into a creature just like them, turning his blue lightning turned red and his costume becomes blacker, turning him into the Black Flash. He is taken by the Time Wraiths through the portal they came in from and is imprisoned in the Speed Force. As revealed by actor John Wesley Shipp (Henry Allen and Jay Garrick), Zoom has become the Black Flash and now has to spend eternity enforcing the rules he sought to break for so long. 


Zoom finally came out of the Speed Force and became a kind of wild beast, (and an enforcer of Time Wraiths), hunting Eobard Thawne ever since he and Barry Allen returned to 2017 after Flashpoint to kill them. At some point, he was able to track Eobard Thawne and his associates, Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn, to a bank in Zurich in January 2025. Fortunately, they were able to lock him up in a safe, though it is believed that he managed to escape eventually.

Eventually, Black Flash escaped from the bank vault and continued his hunt for Thawne but was unexpectedly recalled back to the Speed Force by his masters. Endeavoring to save Wally West, Barry Allen had entered the Speed Force to rescue him. The Speed Force refused to let him do so and unleashed Hunter against him. The demonic speedster viciously battled the Flash throughout the Speed Force version of Star Labs during which Barry attempted to escape in an elevator. Hunter grabbed Barry before he could and hurled him back out, pinning him to the ground. The Speed Force representative argued with Barry what he needed to do to save West and gave him a final ultimatum, whereupon Hunter began draining Barry's life-force. Understanding what he needed to do, Barry severed his tether to the real world by removing his chest emblem and slamming it onto Hunter's chest, banishing him temporarily in a blast of white light.

Later, after Thawne escaped the Waverider's brig and was about to go search for the fourth piece of the Spear of Destiny, Ray Palmer showed up and was able to distract Thawne long enough for Hunter get close enough for Thawne's watch to detect him. Having no time to look for the fragment, Thawne fled before Hunter showed up.

After Thawne managed to change reality with help of the Spear of Destiny, he has Zoom locked up in a cage he cannot escape. Despite Zoom's angry barges against the cell doors, he is unable to escape, much to Thawne's amusement. Zoom is currently held captive at S.T.A.R. Labs, which is Thawne's main base in the new reality.

Eobard's Last Stand

Black Flash was later released by Sara Lance as she used the Spear of Destiny to neutralize it's own powers erasing Doomworld in the process. He then appeared during Reverse Flash's final battle. Eobard immediately tries to escape but Black Flash manages to stab Eobard in the chest thus erasing Eobard for good. Soon after he briefly stops in front of Sara before returning to the Speed Force dimension.

Savitar's Ascension to Godhood

To prevent being erased by Black Flash, Savitar recruited Killer Frost to join him. Due to cold being a Speedster's natural weakness Savitar knew that her powers would stop Black Flash from interfering with his plan. Savitar opens a portal in which Black Flash emerges from to stop Savitar from messing with time. Killer Frost then freezes Black Flash and shatters him into pieces. It's unknown if Black Flash actallly died or if the Speed Force was able to save his life.

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