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Zor is the principal villain of the movie Cave Dwellers (AKA Ator the Invincible 2, Ator, The Blade Master, The Blade Master, the Return and Ator I'Invincibile 2), and the mortal eniemy of Ator.

He was portrayed by David Brandon (credited as David Cain Haughton in the film).

Like Ator, Zor was a former student of Akronas, aka The Great One who had a castle either in 17th century Bulgaria or 19th century Japan. Unlike Ator, Zor decided to use his power and knowledge for evil ends, and set about conquering peaceful peoples. He eventually became aware that Akronas had discovered the Geometric Nucleus and decided that he just had to have that item.

Zor was easily able to overrun the castle and take Akronas prisoner, however Akronas's daughter Mila escaped to bring Ator back to defeat Zor and set her father free. Zor brought in the magician Sander, who conjured up invisible warriors and a bunch of smoke, however that only slowed Ator, his Oriental companion Thong, and Mila down for a few minutes. Angry, Zor had Sander put in prison, however Zor was talked out of having his guards beat the stuffing out of Sander by Akronas. Zor's next idea, which was to use the people of Ator's home village to lure him into a trap set by him and his allies was much more successful, and nearly got Ator and Mila sacrificed to a giant snake.

After defeating the giant snake, Ator, Thong, and Mila made their way to the castle of Akronas. While Thong and Mila used the super secret entrance, Ator took to the skies in a hang glider to distract and then kill Zor's guards. Reaching the cave where Akronas did most of his work, Ator confronted Zor in a pitched battle. Using mockery, Zor was able to get a hole of one of Ator's swords and use it against him. Despite this Ator was able to disarm Zor and prepared to deliver the coup de grâce, however Akronas told Ator to stop because to strike down an unarmed fellow would be murder.

Ator allowed Zor to get up and walked away from him towards Akronas. Zor saw his chance, and grabbed one of the discarded swords and started to move towards Ator. Before he got two feet, Zor wound up with a rather large sword in his back that had been thrown by Thong.

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