Zora De Facto (normally shortened simply to "Zora") is the central antagonist of the Androzon comic books as well a recurring antagonist in the Extinctioners - she is the leader of a terrorist organization known as the E.C.S. (Evil Cat Sisters), which consist of herself and her two "sisters" as well as Chekari II and an army of limitless androids and super-weapons.

Although Zora is the primary threat in most of Androzon lore she is subservient to her "mother", the super-villain known as Doctor Van Burden - who created Zora and her "sisters" to aid in conquering the universe.

Zora's personality varies considerably from her original origins in the largely comical Androzon series and her involvement in the more mature Extinctioners, though in both incarnations she is a proud and insane terrorist with goals of conquest and a hatred of the titular Androzons (especially their leader, Merry).

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