How could Zanu give me such fools to work with?!
~ Zord complaining about Darah and Khyber's incompetence in Episode 8: "Puppy Love".

Zord is the secondary antagonist of Joe Camp's 1983 short-lived TV series Benji, Zax & the Alien Prince. He is a level 10 droid led by an extraterrestial tyrant named Zanu from a distant planet called Antars and is sent to Earth to help Darah and Khyber capture Prince Yubi. He is also Zax's archenemy.

He was voiced by Ken Miller, who also played Zanu.



When Darah and Khyber learn that a pair of outlaw brothers have Yubi, they have hired Zord to help them capture Yubi. Khyber calls B.J. and offers him $200,000 if he brings them Yubi and B.J. agrees. When the pair arrive at their location, Benji breaks out and Zord shoots lasers at him. Benji warns Zax about Zord and they come up with a plan to defeat him. As Zord patrols the area, Benji leaps in on him and Zax destroys him.

Puppy Love

After they capture Benji, he manipulates them by pretending to be on their side after their attempt to brainwash him. When Darah tells Benji to take them to Yubi, he runs away from them and they get caught by a police officer after they accidentally crash into his car while chasing Benji.

Double Trouble

Prince Yubi is arrested for stealing when he's mistaken for a local boy named TJ Parker. While the pair kidnap TJ thinking he's the prince. It's up to Benji & Zax to set things right and free both boys.

The Flying Lesson

When the pair arrive in response to Yubi's radio test and a beloved horse is injured, only a risky flight to Dallas in a thunderstorm can save Sugarfoot's life.

Decoy Droid

Zax is captured by the pair and is replaced by an evil duplicate named Circon. Benji sees through the droid and tries to protect Yubi from falling into the trap that the droid is trying to lure him into.


  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, he made his first appearance in the 6th episode, "Ghostown".
  • Although Benji described him as being gray with a purple stripe and talking with an accent in "Ghostown", Zord never had any speaking lines in that very episode.


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