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First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz is an officer in the Millennium Organization serving as a commander of the Letzte Bataillon and a major antagonist in the Hellsing manga series and its OVA adaption Hellsing Ultimate.

Zorin was voiced by Yōko Sōmi in the Japanese version, and by Helena Taylor in OVA 4 and Rachel Robinson in OVA 5-7 in the English dubbed version.


Zorin was dispatched by the Major to survey the Hellsing manor. Commanding roughly 1/3 of the Letztes Battalion, Zorin led an attack on Hellsing manor though it was initially a disaster, with Seras Victoria easily shooting down Zorin's zeppelin with the Harkonnen II's AA cannons. The survivors then charged at the manor on foot, but were caught in a minefield set up by Captain Pip Bernadotte's Wild Geese troops. Eventually though, thanks to Zorin's illusions, the Millennium forces manage to get through the mine field and breach Hellsing Manor. Zorin led her battalion of troops against the Wild Geese, slaughtering most of the mercenaries.

Zorin eventually came across Seras and crippled her after gouging her eyes with her scythe, slicing left arm off her and leaving her paralyzed with a strike to her spine. Pip tries to save Seras, but Zorin mortally wounds him. However, as he is dying, Pip asks Seras to drink his blood. While Seras cries, mourning the death of the man she loves, Zorin mocks and calls him an "insect", making Seras infuriated. Fulfilling Pip's request, Seras drains his body of all his blood, absorbing his soul to herself, healing all her wounds with a shadowy mass replacing the arm Zorin had cut off, and awakening her full powers as a vampire. Seras then swears to destroy Zorin with Pip's help, and plows her way through Zorin's remaining forces.

Now alone against Seras, Zorin attempts to use her illusions against Seras again, but finds that Pip's soul is inside Seras' own and is protecting her from Zorin's powers. Schrödinger then appeared and delivers a message to Zorin from the Major, commenting that her eagerness to lead a spectacular charge is what led to her downfall as she never considered what would happen if she was defeated, as well as informing her that The Major and Doc are too busy working on converting Walter into a vampire to activate her the microchip, leaving Zorin to her fate at Seras' hands. Seras then overpowers Zorin and kills her by slamming her head onto a wall and dragging it across it until it's nothing but a splatter of blood.

At the end of Volume 10, Zorin's scythe is seen at a shrine alongside items from other characters killed in the series.


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